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Time for post number 2 in my new skincare series – if you haven’t read the post on Cleansers and Makeup Removers, then you can read it HERE.  Today we’re here to talk about my favourite Toners.

Once again, I don’t necessarily have all of this in my collection at the moment, but I am an absolute toner and face mist addict, and need to try and NOT have every single toner and face mist that exists at any one time.

I also mention a lot of face mists that aren’t necessarily labelled as a toner, but they can be used as one.


Toner – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Pixi Glow Tonic*

There is a good reason why this is a global favourite!

Glow Tonic is a very gentle exfoliating toner that can be used every day.  It contains 5% glycolic acid, as well as ginseng, aloe vera and other botanical extracts.  The tonic gently exfoliates, brightens and smooths skin, as well as helping to keep the skin hydrated.  Used consistently, I’ve noticed a definite improvement in overall skin smoothness and glow, but as it’s so gentle, this means you need to use it daily.

If you’ve never used acids to exfoliate before, I’d definitely suggest starting here and gradually building up to proper chemical exfoliants, but as an overall glow-enhancer I cannot recommend it enough.  It’s one of those products that you may feel at first that you don’t see much difference – until you stop using it and realise just how beneficial it is for the skin!

Since I started using Glow Tonic, I no longer use it daily, as I do use a strong chemical exfoliant once or twice a week.  So I probably only reach for my Glow Tonic now every other night, or every 3 nights.  But trust me – I can tell when my skin isn’t getting it.

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Toner – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Pixi Milky Tonic*

While on the topic of the Pixi brand, I thought I’d discuss their newer Milky Tonic.  I was sent this a couple of months back as part of a press drop of their Milky collection, and it’s been one of the standout products from the range for me.

Not only is it incredibly hydrating, it’s also very soothing and comforting.  I find it’s something I reach for post exfoliation or when my skin is feeling a bit more sensitive than usual.  It’s been a godsend for the seasonal change we’re currently experiencing!

Oat Extract soothes and comforts irritable skin, while Jojoba Milk and other botanicals help to hydrate the skin.  The toner feels beautiful on skin – I alternate between applying it with a cotton round or simply just splashing a few drops into my hands and pressing it into my skin.  My skin instantly feels calm and hydrated!

Pixi have been KILLING it with their Hydrating Milky range, I cannot get enough of so many of these products!

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Toner – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Strivectin Tri-Phase Daily Glow Toner*

You know I love an acid toner, so when I was sent this gorgeous tri-phase one from Metropolitan Cosmetics, I was VERY excited.

This is basically a glow-enhancing toner like the Pixi one, but using different acids to exfoliate and hydrate.  I know that some people aren’t as partial to glycolic acid and find it to be a little irritating (even in smaller doses, although I’ve never had a problem not even from the beginning, and I have sensitive skin).  For those of you that prefer something without glycolic acid, this is for you!

The Strivectin toner contains a blend of lactic acid (moisturising, stimulates collagen renewal, fades hyperpigmentation, firms skin), hyaluronic acid (hydration) and mandelic acid (removes dead skin cells, accelerates cell turnover, brightens skin), as well as squalane, aloe leaf, calendula and the patented Strivectin NIA-114™ (a form of Niacin/Vitamin B3 that’s been proven to strengthen the skin barrier and increase the performance of other ingredients).

You have to give the toner a really good shake to mix the 3 layers together, and shake out onto a cotton round.  I LOVE how this has a slightly oily consistency to it, as it feels beautifully nourishing when I apply it.  Having combination skin, it’s not ideal for me to apply during the day in summer (night time was best), but with the weather changing now, I’ve been reaching for it a fair amount during the day now.  I feel it definitely soothes my skin and has helped my barrier to stay happy as well!

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Toner – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Beaucience Botanicals Toning Lotion*

A newbie to my collection (like the cleansing gel that I mentioned in my previous post), I’m happy to include this as a favourite toner.  I don’t often jump to such conclusions without testing a product extensively, yet I’ve found myself reaching for this as soon as I’m out of the shower or I’ve cleansed.

It’s incredibly soothing and hydrating, as most facial mists will be, however it’s just so much more than that.

The formula contains a beautiful blend of witch hazel, chamomile, aloe vera and peach, and is said to provide soothing, moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties.  I couldn’t agree more, as my skin feels soothed (it’s amazing spritzed on freshly shaved legs too) and calmed, but most importantly when it dries down, it doesn’t just disappear.  It leaves behind this lovely, light, hydrating layer on the skin that doesn’t seem me quickly reaching for a serum to add hydration.

Once again, I’m also so impressed with the price, as it’s R99,99, so not only really effective but also affordable.

Toner – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Sukin Original Hydrating Mist Toner*

I received this facial mist toner in the Clicks Beauty Box last year at Christmas time.  Of course I was thrilled, as I’ve been keen on trying some of the Sukin products, and as I mentioned I’m a facial mist addict.

It has a very subtle, natural scent to it, and is lovely and soothing on the skin.  Containing rosewater and chamomile, I’d imagine it’s perfect for any skin type, even sensitive skin.

On top of this, the mister on the bottle is lovely and fine.  No big splotches of liquid thrown with force onto your skin – it’s a gentle, fine mist.

Great misted onto freshly cleansed skin, to prep for makeup, to finish makeup and settle powder, and to refresh skin during the course of the day.

Toner – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Nikel Alpine Rose Tonic*

One of my top products that Nikel has to offer, this stuff is superb.  It contains Alpine Rose stem cells which help to repair the skin and protect it against different climates and changes in weather.

Personally I suffer with each seasonal change.  My skin tends to freak out and go red, irritated and breakout.  Same goes for whenever I fly – the air on the plane does it’s own damage, but travelling to a different climate adds further irritation.

I took this toner with me to Cape Town in 2018, when we had a holiday and attended my sister-in-law’s wedding in Stanford, and you have to know that not only did my skin NOT feel irritated or breakout – it looked BETTER than when I’d left!

Supremely soothing, very hydrating and just generally wonderful, it’s a treatment and a toner in one.  It also smells like freshly cut roses, which is beautiful.  I highly recommend if you suffer from easily irritated or sensitive skin.

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Toner – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Mario Badescu Facial Sprays*

I have spoken about these Mario Badescu face mists so many times I’m practically blue in the face.  There are 3 variations, the Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater (my personal favourite that smells like Turkish Delight), the Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea (that also contains a little peppermint essential water, making it super soothing and cooling on sun kissed skin) and the Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender (soothing for bed time and also containing vitamin C).

All of these have lovely, fine misters on them, and they all work as a toner, a refreshing and hydrating face mist, a makeup finisher and a mist that you can use to refresh skin during the day.  I like to use the Rosewater variant in the mornings, the Lavender one at night and a great hack for the Cucumber one is to keep it in the fridge in summer, and mist skin post sun-exposure with it.

Plus – the packaging is so Pinterest-worthy, and looks gorgeous on your skincare shelf!

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Toner – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Novexpert Smoothing Toning Mist*

When this landed on my desk, I thought it would just be another toner in face mist form.  How wrong I was!

The incredibly fine mist contains micronized droplets of hyaluronic acid – so it’s incredibly concentrated in how much hydration your skin will receive.  It has a lovely, light, floral fragrance and a couple of sprays of this across the face and it feels like your skin has taken a long drink of water.

I have to admit that even though this is a pricey product for it’s small size, a little goes a long way and the results you get are proof that it’s worth it.  Perfect for use in winter and most definitely if you’re planning a long haul flight to a much drier climate.

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Toner – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Avene Thermal Spring Water

I would mention this thermal water spray from Avene above most facial mists, purely because it’s perfect for delicate, sensitive and reactive skins.  Sadly, I’ve not owned a bottle of this in quite some time, but that’s not because I don’t love it.  It’s purely because I feel guilty buying a product when I have a handful of others like it at home – it feels wasteful and excessive.  I keep saying to myself ‘as soon as I’ve worked through half of the face mists I own, I’ll go and repurchase that Avene spray’ and then another product arrives for me to test.  Yes – first world problems, and I am beyond grateful, but am DYING to own my beloved Avene once more!

This is the best product to go for if your skin is irritated, sensitive and dry.  The thermal water is amazing for spritzing on during/after a flight, calming sunburns and INCREDIBLE for post shaving as I suffer with sensitive skin that reacts each time I shave.

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What is your favourite toner?


*DISCLAIMER – while these were all gifted to me in PR, I have repurchased a few myself and would repurchase all of them.  All opinions are honest and my own.


















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