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I have a rather long and somewhat personal Currently post for you lovelies today!  There haven’t been any real standout series, movies or books that I’ve been interested in lately.  The books I’ve been reading the last couple of weeks are just super easy reading novels and nothing exceptional, as I have so much going on right now that my brain couldn’t handle a deeply intellectual plot.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful February!





Vitaforce Tranquilyt

I suffer with anxiety.  Granted, it used to be much worse in previous year, but it always seems to just simmer beneath the surface, waiting to rear it’s ugly head.  I can be 100% fine for days, weeks even, and suddenly I’ll feel overwhelmed and on the verge of a panic attack for absolutely no reason.  I’ve experienced these attacks over the years so many times, always out of the blue.  My worst was on one occasion about 5/6 years ago.  I was driving my mom to the airport and suddenly I was just taken by this feeling of terror and completely consumed by it.  My heart started beating faster and faster, I couldn’t breathe properly and I started shaking all over.  I was driving, and I started feeling darkness creeping in from the edges of my vision.  I managed to pull over on the freeway (not ideal) as I kept repeating to my mom what was happening, and trying failing to remain calm.  It’s always easier said than done to just take repeated deep breaths and repeat to  yourself that everything is fine.  I completely gave in to the awful feeling once I realised that I’d managed to pull over and put the car in neutral, and just sobbed and sobbed while my poor mom had no idea what to do.

That was one of the worst moments of my life.  My mom was paranoid at first that I’d had an extreme sugar low, but it was in fact a panic or anxiety attack.  The thoughts on what could have happened, had I not managed to pull the car over in time are terrifying.

I was put on a range of anxiety meds over the years, but hate that numb feeling that a lot of them leave you with.  I managed to find Vitaforce Tranquilyt one day at my local pharmacy.  I hated the feeling I got from Rescue tablets, I felt they either did nothing or put me to sleep.  The pharmacist suggested that I try Tranquilyt, as she found it was a more efficient natural alternative for anxiety.  They’re tiny little soft-gel capsules, which I also find a lot more palatable than the white chalky tablets that you dissolve under your tongue.

These capsules manage to help with not only anxiety, but also when I’ve felt I’ve been having a very blue day (I was also treated for depression at one point).  They manage to take the edge off and just relax you without making you numb or feel zoned out.

I’ve always carried a small bottle of them in my handbag, and kept one in my bedside drawer, but I haven’t felt the need to reach for them in a while.  However, I was recently put on a very aggressive treatment to attack my endometriosis, and this has involved a lot of hormonal fluctuations and up and down mood swings.  I can’t explain the details of the why and how (I’m not 100% comfortable discussing it just yet with everyone, but I hope to feel able to do a post dedicated to this at some point), but I sometimes feel I just need an extra bit of help.  The side effects of this treatment can include anxiety and depression, and I have noticed an increase of my anxiety definitely.  This Tranquilyt is my saving grace.  As soon as I notice the anxiety start to creep up, I take 2 to 3 of the capsules, and make myself a cup of tea.  Crisis averted!

You can buy Tranquilyt from Dischem or Clicks stores, or most pharmacies.

P.S. One of the lovely ladies on Instagram @sheer.empowderment started a #selflovesa movement, to increase awareness of mental health and self love.  Check out the hashtag if you get a chance.  You can also find my contributing post HERE where I created a Valentine’s makeup look.






Pixi Glow Tonic

I had this on my wishlist for YEARS.  I finally decided to take the plunge and see which of the online stores here in South Africa might offer it.  Imported goods end up being far more expensive here in SA, as the stores have to include shipping and customs fees.  I finally found a 250ml bottle on Fashion Police Online that was over R200 cheaper than some of the other online stores, and I snapped it up.

I’ve been using this daily ever since, and the difference in my skin has been amazing.  I’m no stranger to glycolic acid, so have had no irritation whatsoever, and I’ve noticed a lot of marks I had left over from blemishes have either faded completely or to almost nothing.  My skin feels a lot smoother and softer, and isn’t as textured as it used to be.

I find this is a great starting point for someone who hasn’t used glycolic acid before.  However, for me, I think I’d like to keep this as a daily staple, and once a week maybe up the glycolic by using one of my beloved dr.dermal Texture Correction Pads which I actually MUST repurchase ASAP.  They contain professional strength glycolic acid, so much stronger.  I can use this as an extra boost just to keep my skin in excellent condition!





All of the Too Faced products

Apparently owning 3 palettes, a foundation, a lippie and a primer is just not enough.  I have so much love for this brand, with it’s great quality products and it’s cutesy packaging.  I own the Chocolate Bar palette, the Natural Eyes palette and a limited edition Merry Macarons palette, as well as a La Crème lipstick (in a colour that is no longer available, a bright fuchsia), the Born This Way Foundation and the HangoveRX primer in a travel size.  All amazing and I’d repurchase all of them.

Here are some of the items I’d love to add to my collection: –

Glow Job Radiance Boosting Glitter Face Mask (I know that this is purely to look fun and cute, and possibly not beneficial to the skin.  Not to mention the horrific name.  But GLITTER.)

Chocolate Soleil bronzer (A chocolate scented bronzer. ‘Nuff said.)

Natural Love palette (A huge 30-shadow palette, with all the most beautiful shades.  I’d selfishly want to keep this for myself, but it would be ideal in my professional kit for weddings.)

Born This Way concealer (I love the foundation so much that I really want to try the matching concealer.)

Just Peachy Mattes palette (I love a good matte shadow, so a whole palette of beautiful warm-toned mattes would be amazing – this will be my next eyeshadow purchase from Too Faced for sure.)

Love Flush Blush (Aside from the super cute packaging, I’ve heard great things about these blushes.)

Sweet Peach palette (Jules from All Dolled Up raves about this palette, and I think I’d love it just as much.)

Peach Perfect foundation (A ‘comfort matte’ formula.  What’s not to like about the sound of that?)

Born This Way ethereal setting powder (A setting powder that contains hyaluronic acid and sets your makeup while still giving you some radiance sounds to die for.)







I’ve always liked oats, but I’ve never loved them.  I don’t make much of an effort most days with breakfast, as I’m really not a morning person.  Sure, I’ll be up and walking around and functioning in the morning, but I’m not really AWAKE until about 9am.

Nowadays, I find I’m making these delicious gluten free rolled oats from Wholesome Earth.  I saw them on special in Dischem and decided to give them a try.  Suffice it to say that I’ve had oats every single morning for breakfast since then.



I make them with half water and half almond milk.  Sometimes I use all almond milk if I’m feeling naughty.  I then cook them for 5 minutes in the microwave, and let them stand for a minute or too.  I then add a basic combo of a dash of cinnamon, a splash of vanilla essence, and a little brown sugar or honey.  This is absolutely delicious and I can eat it just like this, but I’ve grated an apple in before, added some chia and sunflower seeds, and even thrown in blueberries and strawberries before.  I actually want to try using coconut milk to make these too!




Please excuse the shocking photo – I haven’t taken any piccies of my hair done nicely since the chop, so this was it drying naturally on the day it was done!


My new hair!

This awful treatment I’m on has also had my hair thinning.  I’ve had hair breakage and a lot of fallout.  So bad that my hair stylist was worried!  Eventually, I decided it was time to cut off the ends that were looking wispy and yuck, and just embrace it with a change.  I’ve not had my hair shorter than my mid back in more years than I can remember – at least in over 15 years.  In fact, at the time when it was cut, it was halfway between the middle of my back and my bum.

It was terrifying, but now I’m rocking a just-below-my-shoulders length.  And I love it!  It’s a lot easier and quicker to style, and it feels so much thicker and healthier.  Only problem is, I have a lot of new hair growing in (thanks to the Prosana supplements I’ve been pumping and Prosana shampoo I’ve been using), so my hair feels quite wispy around my hair line.  This hair also doesn’t deal well with being left to dry naturally and left.  It’s not as easy to style that way, so I have found I’ve been heat styling a lot more.  Before, I’d run some leave-in conditioner through my hair and just leave it to air-dry and it was beautiful and wavy.  Now it goes fluffy much quicker!  If you have any tips on styling air-dried shorter hair, please pass them my way!






Pink Peonies (@pinkpeoniesblog)

Luzanne was my first big South African blogger that I loved.  In fact, if I’m honest, when I got into blogging it was partly due to the way her attitude to blogging and her talent inspired me.  Since then, I’ve followed so many other wonderful ladies, but I always keep coming back to Pink Peonies.  Her blog is just perfection – beautiful, easy to navigate and filled with excellent content.  And her Instagram is the same.  She has a combination of beautiful flatlays, product shots and selfies (she’s freaking gorgeous), so if you haven’t seen her Insta, go and check it out!


What are your current loves and hates this month?  Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Simone Cameron

    Your hair looks lovely! I cannot wait to try something from Pixi…this sounds like a winner.

    Pretty much same re: Luzanne…She’s like the OG beauty blogger in my world…so relate-able and real. Her pictures are breathtaking…and I apprecaite the effort she’s put into her blog.I just wish she’d post a bit more, but I know life is crazy for her at the moment.

    1. Siobhan

      Aaah thank you!
      That Glow Tonic is just beautiful and I’m loving my skin more and more.

      Shame her posting has slowed down, but there is so much work she puts into each post I can see why. I miss her YouTube vids too!

  2. Ayesha

    How could i not have heard of Fashion Police???? Thanks for the introduction

    1. Siobhan

      Hahahaha you’re welcome – happy shopping 😉

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