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Generic muttering about time flying aside, it’s already March!  I can’t believe that on the first of the month, I’d already been married for 8 months.  It feels like just yesterday that Hubs got down on one knee and proposed, yet I’m now already an old married lady.

I have been enjoying SO MANY products lately, that it was difficult to narrow them down.  I hope you don’t mind this post including so many!





Biosilk Silk Therapy 17 Miracle Leave In Conditioner

I gave this product a bash, as I’d been battling to comb out my wet, highlighted hair.  I still wash and condition my hair as I normally do, but I spritz some of this onto the palm of my hand and run it through my wet hair before I comb through.  It makes a huge difference, my comb slides through with ease.  It doesn’t leave my hair greasy or sticky or heavy with product.  My hair is just shiny and soft and smells delicious.  Really loving this product!





SBR Skin Barrier Repair Cream

I was sent this, along with the SBR Lipocream in a press drop, and no word of a lie, I’ve loved them both!  I’ve actually cut open the other tube already!  This one is my favourite of the two, but I only use it for when I’m really battling with dry and/or irritated skin, as it’s a bit pricier than the other version.  I suffer with very sensitive skin on my calves and shins, and when I shave I always get shaving rash.  I’ve started rubbing some of this onto my legs after shaving, and it’s worked like a charm!  I also use a bit around my nose and on my chin when the skin there is irritated and sensitive, as this helps to repair the barrier.  You can buy it in 30g and 100g tubes at both Dischem and Clicks.




Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II

I didn’t have any eye cream left, and my Mum had a spare deluxe sample size of this gem that she wasn’t using, so I figured I’d give it a go.  I never really enjoyed the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair face serum, as I didn’t feel it did too much for my skin.

This eye cream version, however, is wonderful!  It’s incredibly lightweight, sinks into the skin marvellously, and I have even been using it in the morning under makeup.  I’ve seen such a difference in the skin around my eyes, that I really would repurchase this – it’s just so sickeningly expensive, and right now won’t fit into my budget.  Perhaps a spoil item at a later time?



The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA

You already know my love affair with The Ordinary products.  I’ve done one post solely dedicated to them already (HERE), and have another in the pipeline.

I decided to give this product a go as a basic moisturiser – to be used either day or night.  I find it to be a little too much for my skin now in the summer as a day time moisturiser, but it’s fabulous at night if I’m using active serums and want something basic on top.  When winter comes along, this will most definitely become a day time favourite too.  It basically does what it says – it’s a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid, that hydrates and nourishes beautifully.

You can find it at Muse Beauty in the link above – HERE it is again.




Essence Luminous Matt Bronzer in both Lighter Skin and Darker Skin

This is just about the only bronzer I’ve been using recently.  I stuck to the one for Lighter Skin as I haven’t been self tanning that much this year.  When I did self tan, it still showed up, just not as much as I liked, so I decided to give the one for Darker Skin a go.  PERFECTION for my self tanned skin!  This gives you the most natural, non-orange warmth to  your face.  It truly is luminous, but not glittery or shimmery.  This is all down to the centre part that looks like it has the slightest satin sheen to it.  I’m on my second one for Lighter Skin, and will be repurchasing soon as you can see it’s pretty well loved.


From Left to Right: Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Powder in Aura; Essence Luminous Matt Bronzer for Darker Skin; Essence Luminous Matt Bronzer for Lighter Skin; Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in Lunch Money


I know in that swatch above, the bronzers look VERY warm, but in reality they’re really not.  A little birdie also told me that the bronzer for Darker Skin is being discontinued.  Not sure if it’s true, but just in case it is, get your hands on one now!



Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Powder in ‘Aura’

My sweet, dear mum made a trip to Cape Town recently.  I had asked her to pop into the Urban Decay store and pick up a setting spray for me, and she came back with this highlighter as well.  It is SO glowy and intense, but can be applied gently for a more subtle sheen.  What I really love is that it looks peachy in the pan and in a swatch on the skin, but once on your face, you can catch almost a duo-chrome pinky glow in certain lights.

It really is so unique and I’ve been loving using it!  However, if you don’t like your highlight to be super sparkly or have any glitters in, this one may not be for you.




Urban Decay packaging is always a win, and this one is no exception.  You even get a little brush in the box, to apply your highlight with.



Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in Lunch Money

I think I bought this in one of my very first Colourpop hauls ever.  It amazingly enough hasn’t dried out, possibly because I have barely reached for it, so it’s never been exposed to much air.  Yet I’ve now started picking it up and for some reason it works for me now so beautifully!

I don’t know what has changed in how I apply my makeup.  As far as I know, nothing.  But somehow, now when I apply this, instead of lifting my foundation off, it’s just buffs into the skin, leaving the most beautiful sheen.  This shade, Lunch Money is a gorgeous champagne/gold and I’m so in love.  Plus, I’ve now hit pan!



L’oreal Lash Paradise Extatic Mascara

My obsession with this mascara continues.  I’m so sorry to say that this is not available in South Africa yet, but I really hope it will be soon.  It plumps, lengthens and separates my lashes.  It does everything!  I am left with super fluttery, wispy lashes that I’ve been complimented on so many times.

I also like that the formula is SUPER pitch black.



Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer

This is my second tube of this miracle concealer.  It really brightens the skin under the eyes and disguises dark circles.  It’s a treatment for your under eye area too, with goji berry extract and hyaluronic acid.  I find that this provides me with perfect coverage under the eyes, but it’s definitely not a spot or blemish concealer as the coverage isn’t enough to disguise those.  Then again – it doesn’t advertise itself as such!  It also doesn’t crease at all – but I always set my under eyes with powder anyway.

Sadly this is also not available in South Africa, but you can find it on Muse Beauty, Samika and Fashion Police online.



Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray 

Second bottle of this remarkable setting spray.  I know that everyone goes on and on about the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray from Urban Decay, but to be really honest I haven’t tried it.  I find that the Chill spray hydrates my skin AND keeps my makeup locked in place all day or night.  As I’ve mentioned previously, I suffer with dehydration around my nose and on my chin, so the fact that this gives me a much-needed boost of hydration is the reason why I return to this.  The nozzle gives a super fine mist too, so you’re not left with splodges of spray on your face.

While I love the new packaging (my last one was in the original white packaging, and it got grubby so quickly), the new one has a different scent to it.  I don’t remember my first one smelling so ‘grassy’???  Has it been reformulated?  Either way, I’m happy to deal with it, as it isn’t altogether unpleasant, and the spray is just so darned good.


What beauty products were you loving during the month of February? 


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  1. Candice

    I love those matte bronzers from Essence I have been using it for quite some time now.

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

    1. Siobhan

      I was so meh about it when it first launched here… I wish I’d only tried it sooner!

    1. Siobhan

      Hahahahahahaha everytime I see someone’s monthly favourites, I go and check my budget to see how much I can afford to buy then and there

  2. Rachael Williams

    I feel the exact same about the Estee Lauder eye cream. I also received a large sample with a previous purchase and ADORE the product, but it’s just tooooo expensive. Whyy. Do you have any affordable eye cream recommendations?

    1. Siobhan

      I know it sucks! I battle to find a good all-rounder – one that hydrates enough, yet isn’t greasy and doesn’t cause creasing in my concealer.. I have found the Eucerin Hyaluron eye cream to be very good – I used a whole tube and was happy with it! I’m currently trying out a L’Oreal one which is nice, but doesn’t match up to the Estee Lauder. xx

    1. Siobhan

      They’re really amazing, and the price is outrageously good!

    1. Siobhan

      Let me know what you love when you do! x

  3. Loren

    I swear by the SBR Skin Barrier Cream especially during winter. It also works well on my dry psoriasis patches which is amazing because its not often you find anything that works on psoriasis! *sad face* 🙂

    1. Siobhan

      It’s magical! I actually keep it by my bed now, and slather it on any areas that need an extra boost.. it’s AMAZING on dry feet too! xx

  4. Aisha

    Now I really want to try the Essence bronzer! Need to put it on my shopping list next time I’m in Dischem. The Colourpop highlighters are incredible. I have Wisp, Off Tropic and Highly Waisted and their all oh so beautiful! Lovely picks! Xx

    1. Siobhan

      The Essence bronzer is amazing!!!!! I’ve always wanted to try Wisp and Highly Waisted… xxxxx

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