About Me & The Blog

Hi there!

Back in 2015, I was seriously lacking a creative outlet, and believe me, I’d tried to find one – I’d pursued singing, theater shows, musical instruments, a small part-time catering business, baking cakes for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.  Something was still missing.  A good group of friends hassled me into starting the blog, and my love for it grew from there… and so began Sugar & Spice!

I’d long loved all of the beautiful things in life – travel, amazing food, and all beauty-related topics.  I loved my makeup and skincare, I had seen some places and yearned to experience others, and boy did I love to eat delicious food!  I was often asked by friends for restaurant recommendations, what makeup I was using, and what products to use to fix certain skincare ailments.

Here on Sugar & Spice, you’ll find honest reviews, great tips and recommendations, as well as the occasional deep-hearted post on my aspirations, loves and life.