Best of Skincare 2019

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It's crazy how quickly these annual favourites posts are over.  This is my third and final favourites post, and it's always the most read of the three!  My Best of…

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Best of Body & Hair Care 2019

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Did you catch yesterday's post on the Best of Makeup 2019?  If not, check it out HERE!  Today, however, I have the Best of Body & Hair Care 2019, all…

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Best of Makeup 2019

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Happy New Year and welcome back my lovelies!  I can't believe that we're in a brand-spanking new decade.  However, with the beginning of a new year comes my annual favourites…

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May Favourites 2019

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This month has really just gotten away with me!  I had big plans for a May Favourites post, and then all of a sudden we're halfway through June and I…

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February Favourites 2019

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I must apologise - I had 3 posts planned to go up this week, and I'm only getting one up, and on a FRIDAY!  We had no internet at work…

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September Favourites 2018

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My favourites posts are going up later and later as the months go by - I am SO sorry!  Unfortunately life is running away with me, and I needed to…

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August Favourites 2018

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As much as I enjoy sunny days, with pretty dresses and glasses of chilled white wine by the pool, I’m a little sad that the end of August has brought…

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Another month comes and goes.  Why do I feel like time is just passing me by?  I have so much to do, and only a certain number of hours in…

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June Favourites 2018

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I have to apologise to everyone - my favourites posts are usually more prompt than this, but I've been a bit backlogged this month.  So, even though it's late, here…

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May Favourites

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I was going to leave this post until next week, as my April Favourites were late.  However, I've decided putting my May Favourites up a little early won't be a…

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March Favourites

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I cannot handle how I'm getting my March favourites up so late.  I'm so sorry, but things have been insane my side!  I've had reviews backlogged, assignments to get in…

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February Favourites

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  Generic muttering about time flying aside, it's already March!  I can't believe that on the first of the month, I'd already been married for 8 months.  It feels like…

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January Favourites – Beauty & more!

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Can you even handle that the first month of 2018 is finished? The products I decided upon as favourites for this post were things that I picked up during the…

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August Favourites

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Time has been getting away with me so badly, that it's pretty much mid-September, and my August favourites are only now going up. I'm so sorry it's going up late,…

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July Favourites

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This month has gone by in an absolute whirlwind. On the first of the month, we got married, the week after that was a bit of a mini honeymoon, and…

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