September Favourites 2018

September Favourites 2018, Sugar & Spice

My favourites posts are going up later and later as the months go by – I am SO sorry!  Unfortunately life is running away with me, and I needed to take some photos before I could actually sit down and write this post.  My September favourites is going to be a goodie too – a lot of these products I took away to the Cape with me, and when travelling you really do put a product to the test properly.

Let’s get to it then, shall we?



September Favourites 2018, Sugar & Spice

Nikel Alpine Rose Tonic*

I have often raved about the Croatian-born skincare brand Nikel, particularly about the Evening Primrose Oil (check my Instagram feed for a mini-review) and the NIKELHIDRIS hydrating moisturiser.  I haven’t, however, mentioned this facial tonic.

Packed with rose water and Alpine rose stem cells, this isn’t just your average hydrating mist.  It hydrates, yes, but it also aids in skin repair, soothes and protects the skin against the influence of different weather conditions.

I packed it in my toiletry bag when we went to the Cape last month, and used it religiously morning and night (with a possibly spritz on the odd afternoon too).  Whenever I travel via plan I get dehydrated, my skin’s barrier gets compromised and my skin goes pretty red around my nose and my chin.  Add that to the fact that the Cape is much drier than Durbs, and you’ll get my skin playing up badly during and after trips.

This gem kept my skin happy and healthy while we were away, and ever since we’ve been back.  I’m just having to slow down on using it, as if I carry on this way, it won’t last much longer!


September Favourites 2018, Sugar & Spice

Mario Badescu Rose Hips Nourishing Oil*

I also took this oil away with me, as I’ve been finding it fabulously light, light enough that I can add a couple of drops to my day moisturiser and my skin won’t end up sticky or greasy at all.

I feel that this oil is fantastic for oil beginners, as it’s not really even ‘oily’, it’s more of a slightly oily serum.  It sinks in immediately, leaves skin feeling soothed, nourished and happy.

I even used it on my cuticles while we were away, and it provided the moisture they needed, without leaving my hands greasy and unusable.


September Favourites 2018, Sugar & Spice

Elizabeth Arden Visable Difference Replenishing Hydragel Complex

I bought this after reading the reviews by Rachel from Top Knotch and Simone from An Ordinary Gal.

Not only is it very good value for money, R299 for 75ml of product – that’s a lot of product! – but it’s SO FLIPPING GOOD.  I’ve long been a lover of gel-creams for my combo skin.  I can’t handle a rich product without looking like someone plans on frying their brekkie on my greasy face, but my skin is still dehydrated.

This product is cool and light, and leaves my skin feeling fresh, hydrated and smooth without the sticky or greasy residue.  It smells absolutely delicious too, and the scent doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin in the slightest.


September Favourites 2018, Sugar & Spice

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Awakening Gel Cream

Every time I’ve seen this eye cream in the shops I’ve looked, and then walked right past.  I eventually picked it up, and I am SO GLAD that I did.

It’s lightweight and not greasy at all, yet it hydrates like no other eye cream I’ve ever used!  My makeup sits on top just beautifully too.

I bought this just before our trip to the Cape and it was the only eye product I took along.  That should say enough.

This might actually be added to my 2018 Favourites.  That’s how impressed I am.


September Favourites 2018, Sugar & Spice

By Terry Baume de Rose

I found an amazing luxe sample pack on Fashion Police a while ago, and I won’t lie, one of the main reasons I bought it to begin with was the little pot of this Baume de Rose.

This lip balm is pretty darned pricey, and it’s something I’ve always had on my wishlist.  I just wish I could say that it didn’t live up to the hype, but it does in every single way possible.  It’s thick and luscious and just downright beautiful.

Even the little sample pot is frosted glass, and I was saving it for travel only.  It came with to the Cape where it saved my lips from being chapped and dry, and now I can’t stop using it.  I don’t think this pot will last much longer, but I no longer care – I get immense enjoyment out of using it, so I will probably have to put money aside and splurge on a full size at some point.  Christmas wishlist perhaps?

You can actually buy the By Terry products from Metropolitan Cosmetics right here in SA – right HERE.




September Favourites 2018, Sugar & Spice

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

This is actually the mini Hoola that came as part of the Bronzed ‘n’ Sculpted set I bought a while back.  It’s also not my first Hoola mini, it’s actually my third!

I think it’s definitely time to just invest and buy the full size, but I actually grabbed this for a reason.  The set comes with a mini Watt’s Up! cream highlighter, AND a mini Hoola Quickie Contour Stick.  I’ve been wanting to try out the contour stick for a while, but being that I’m not used to a cream contour, I was nervous to splurge on the full size.  This way I could try it out first, and get a new Hoola bronzer that I needed at the same time.  The mini bronzer retails for R215 and the kit was R295 (valued at R500), so throw in the Watt’s Up! and it was a pretty good deal, and a great way of trying out some products from Benefit.


September Favourites 2018, Sugar & Spice

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup

I have gone on and on about this foundation so much that I swear you must all think I’m sponsored by Estée Lauder (I wish!) but it is just that good.  It was the only foundation I took away with me to the Cape, as I can blend it out for a sheerer coverage for day time, and build it up for night time.

Holy grail foundation, one that I’ve used for over a decade, and one that I will continue to use for many years to come.


September Favourites 2018, Sugar & Spice

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette

Did you guess this was going to make it into my favourites?  It was an absolute given!  All of the hype surrounding this eyeshadow palette is totally and completely true.

I took about 6 or more eyeshadow palettes with me to the Cape, as I was doing my sister-in-law’s makeup for her wedding day, and the makeup for her bridesmaids too.  Yet I only used this palette the entire time for myself.

This is probably the most versatile palette I’ve ever owned.  You truly can create so many different looks with it – natural everyday, bridal, smokey night time or ultra glam.  The formula of the eyeshadows is also second to none.

September Favourites 2018, Sugar & Spice

Isn’t the palette gorgeous!?


September Favourites 2018, Sugar & Spice

MAC D for Danger matte lipstick

I have been living for red lipsticks lately!

This one I’d originally bought for my wedding day, but ended up deciding was ‘too red’.  In hindsight, I wish I’d gone ahead with this shade, as it was absolutely perfect and much better than the dark burgundy I opted for.

This is a cool-toned deep berry red that is just so gorgeous and classic.  I find myself reaching for it more often than not, particularly if we go out at night.  The lasting power on the MAC matte lippies is also incredible!

I actually paired this with a black and white polka dot dress for my sister-in-law’s wedding and felt so glam!


September Favourites 2018, Sugar & Spice




September Favourites 2018, Sugar & Spice

Neurobion vitamin B supplement

Since coming off my Zoladex treatment for my endometriosis, I’ve been suffering with bone-shattering exhaustion.  My iron levels are fine, but I was told I needed to up my vitamin B.

I went for a couple of vitamin B injections that helped, but apparently all vitamin B shots are now script-only!  I was under the impression it was only the Neurobion shot?  Absolutely ridiculous, and I don’t understand it at all.

I’ve been taking these for around 4 weeks now and have noticed a big difference.  My energy levels are not 100% yet but they’re hugely improved.  I actually missed the pill once or twice over this time, and trust me I can tell if I haven’t taken it.

Probably the best vitamin B supplement I’ve ever taken, and I’ve tried many!



What products did you love during the month of September?


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