Project Pan #2

If you’re not familiar with the idea of Project Pan, you can check out my first post on this here.  Basically it involves using up items I already have before purchasing new ones.  I have been something of a hoarder, and love trying new products, so I often will start using a product, use it for a couple of weeks, and then switch to another one.  I also do reviews for sites like Beauty Bulletin and Beauty South Africa, so I get products sent to review for them.  Due to this, I have a ton of similar types of product at home, and I am trying to get more into a minimalistic frame of mind in my room and bathroom.  I am trying to use up everything I have at home before I purchase new products.  These are all of the products I’ve finished up since the last post, and there are a HELL of a lot of products – most of them were products that were half full or less, so I haven’t used up this amount of FULL products.

My embarrassingly large round-up of empties.

I’ll start with my two empty hair products: –

Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume (R74.95 for 200ml at Clicks)

I love Batiste dry shampoos, but this was not a favourite – it feels tacky and heavy on my hair, and actually doesn’t make my hair feel any cleaner.  I only managed to finish this can up by using it to help hold my hair in a french braid or bun smoothly.  I won’t be repurchasing this one.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Deep Repair Treatment Mask (R64.95 for 200ml at Dischem)

I used this once a week, and it really smooths and nourishes the hair.  It was also very weightless and didn’t make my hair feel heavy or go flat, which masks usually tend to do.  So reasonable too, so I’ll be repurchasing this at some point.

I had quite a few body products that I’d used up: –

Nivea Creme Coconut shower cream (R21.95 for 250ml at Dischem)

A deliciously scented and softening shower cream that I’ll definitely repurchase.

Fennel Grape Seed Sugar Scrub (R34.95 for 200g at Dischem)

I have used Fennel body scrubs before, and love them – the coconut one and the papaya one are amazing, and they really smooth your skin and leave it feeling soft and moisturised.  However, with this being named ‘grape seed’, I didn’t expect it to smell like a grape-flavoured fizzpop.  The scent was just way too artificial, so next time I’ll stick to the other scents.  This is insanely good for the price.  I’ve only seen this at Dischem though.

Avene Eau Thermale cold cream body cleansing gel (100ml, the full size costs R179.95 for 200ml)

I got this in a gift set at Clicks, after purchasing two Avene products.  It isn’t a full size, more of a deluxe sample or travel size.  It’s a rich shower gel for dry, sensitive skin, and while it definitely did the job, I didn’t really like the scent of it.

L’Occitane Jasmin & Bergamote Body Milk (50ml, the full size costs R295 for 175ml)

This was another gift with purchase, so it wasn’t the full size.  It smells gorgeous and left my skin so soft, but at the rate that I go through body lotions, it’s too pricey for me to get the full size.  A lovely gift though.

Clarins Tonic Bath and Shower concentrate (100ml, the full size costs R275 for 200ml)

Yet another gift with purchase (and therefore not the full size), this shower gel was amazing.  It refreshes and revives you, and is amazing to use in the morning when you really need a wake up.

Soap and Glory Hand Food (£5.50 for 125ml tube)

My favourite hand cream of all time.  I ordered this last year November on the Boots website, and my dad brought it back for me the UK.  I got them on a 3 for 2 special which Boots has really often, and gave one to my mom, and kept the other two for myself.  I’ve only just finished my last one, and I cut open the tube and scraped out the very last remnants of product, so this tube is 100% empty.  It smells amazing and leaves your hands incredibly soft, but not greasy in the slightest.  I have to repurchase this as soon as I have the opportunity.

I also had quite a few face products to use up: –

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (around R79.95 for 400ml at either Clicks or Dischem)

I’ve used the Bioderma Micellar Water (R189.95 for 250ml) for ages, but this works even better for my skin, and it’s 400ml as opposed to 250ml, and ridiculously cheaper.  This is now a staple in my routine, and as soon as I’m finished up with  my older bottle of Bioderma, I’ll be repurchasing this.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-free Toner (40ml, full size is R385.50 for 250ml)

I received this as a sample toner when I bought some products at Kiehl’s.  It works really well, but I prefer my Lush toner (see below).

Lush Eau Roma Water (R135 for 250g, R85 for 100g)

My favourite toner, this contains lavender and rose waters.  It smells lovely and hydrates and soothes my skin so well.

Clarins HydraQuench cream for normal to dry skin (R550 for 500ml)

I love this cream, and it helped my dehydrated skin really well when it was at it’s worst.  However, I’ve since found something that works just as well and is cheaper, so I most probably won’t repurchase this.

Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water (50ml, full size R149.95 for 150ml)

I received this in the same gift as the body cleansing gel.  I actually have the full size of this too, and I love it.  It calms and hydrates sensitive and dehydrated skin exceptionally well.

Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Energy Serum (R149.95 40ml)

I love this serum, as it hydrates and brightens the skin, even when it’s dull.  I will be repurchasing this when the other serums I’m finishing up are done.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (R585 for 30ml)

This lasted me about 9 or 10 months, and I used it every single day, sometimes twice a day in winter.  It’s such a gorgeous skin treatment for night time, and the smell of lavender is also relaxing.  I luckily won another bottle of this in one of Pink Peonies Kiehl’s giveaways, as I was worried about how pricey it was to repurchase.  I would really love to try out the daytime version of this too – the Daily Reviving Concentrate.

Nivea Sun Light Feeling Daily Face Sun Fluid SPF50+ (around R75 for 50ml)

Just a really good sunscreen for your face, that didn’t irritate my skin or make me breakout, as a lot of sunscreens do.  However, I haven’t found this bottle again anywhere, so perhaps Nivea have stopped making it? It was quite an old bottle as I have a few other face sunscreens to use up.

Sorbet BB Cream in Light (R99.95 for 50ml from either Clicks or Sorbet salons)

I love this BB cream as it’s really light-feeling, and offers great coverage for just a BB cream.  I’ve tried so many and this is the only one I’ll use now.  I actually wear this most days instead of full foundation.  I’ve cut this poor tube up and scraped out the last bits of product, and I’ve already bought a new tube.

And finally two products that I really tried to give a fair chance, but are being thrown out instead.

The Body Shop Mango Body Sorbet (R120 for 200ml)

This smells so delicious, but I really just can’t get used to the ‘sorbet’ texture of it.  I’ve used this so many times, in so many ways, and even tried it after being in the sun, thinking that it would help cool my skin.  However, my skin feels so sticky and yuck for ages after using it, and then all of a sudden it’s gone,a nd I don’t feel like I applied anything at all.  I think I’ll stick to TBS lotions and butters instead.

Skin Strategy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips (R29.90 for a box of 10 at Dischem)

I’ve used the Clicks brand strips before, and they work really well, but these were just awful.  They actually pulled skin off the sides of my nose once, and left my skin irritated, red and dry.  Goodbye strips!


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  1. Sharon Tonkin

    Siobahn, what are you using instead of the Clarins HydraQuench?

  2. Siobhan Hughes

    Hi! I got sent a moisturiser to trial by a review site, called Dermafix Bio-Hydrating cream. It's specifically for dehydrated skin, which is lacking in water, rather than dry skin which is lacking in oils. You can buy it here –

    It's R430 for 57ml as opposed to R550 for 50ml. Still pricey for a face cream, but cheaper than the Clarins, and I actually think it works better.

    I've also been using up some Nivea anti-ageing products that work quite well, but nothing has ever compared to that Dermafix one!

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