L’Oreal Botanicals Hair Care

L’Oreal Botanicals Hair Care, Sugar & Spice

I was sent one of the new L’Oreal Botanicals ranges to trial a few months back, and I’ve been putting it to the test ever since then.

The L’Oreal Botanicals line is 100% vegan, contains no silicones and is made up of at least 97% natural ingredients.  The packaging is also made from recycled materials AND is recyclable.  Locally we can choose from 4 variants in the range – Argan & Safflower to nourish dry hair, Ginger & Coriander to strengthen fragile hair, Lavender to soothe a sensitive scalp and Rose & Geranium to give radiance to dull and coloured hair.

I received the Rose & Geranium range – I have highlighted hair, and blonde can often look dull, so it does need a little help sometimes.

L’Oreal Botanicals Hair Care, Sugar & Spice

The L’Oreal Botanicals Rose & Geranium contains rose petal oil and geranium essential oil to boost radiance and shine.  Here in South Africa there are three products in the line – a Radiance Shampoo, a Radiance Conditioner and a Radiance Mask.  I do see that internationally that there is also a Radiance Vinegar, a spray for dry and dull ends to provide instant shine.

L’Oreal Botanicals Hair Care, Sugar & Spice

L’Oreal Botanicals Rose & Geranium Radiance Shampoo (R149.95 for 400ml)

I love the smell of this shampoo – it smells super luxurious.  It foams up beautifully (this is thanks to the addition of SLS, but I don’t have a big issue with this, although I know some people do), and leaves your hair feeling clean and soft, without that squeaky stripped feeling.

The value is fantastic too, as it’s a big bottle of shampoo, and even after using it for over 2 months, I’m only halfway through it.

L’Oreal Botanicals Hair Care, Sugar & Spice

L’Oreal Botanicals Rose & Geranium Radiance Conditioner (R129.95 for 200ml)

I LOVE this conditioner – it’s light enough to not weigh my fine hair down, yet it’s nourishing enough to leave my hair soft and manageable, and oh so shiny.  I don’t think it would suit those with oilier or very fine hair, but it’s lovely on mine.

Once again, the smell is gorgeous and leaves me feeling pampered – it’s almost spa-like!   A small amount is all you need, and as with the shampoo, I still have about half the tube left, even after all this time.

L’Oreal Botanicals Hair Care, Sugar & Spice

L’Oreal Botanicals Rose & Geranium Radiance Mask (R169.95 for 200ml)

This mask is just lovely, it’s rich and buttery, my hair ALWAYS looks shinier when I use it, and like with the other two products, a little goes a long way.

I only have one issue with it.  While the scent from the rose petal and geranium is gorgeous – bewitching even – it’s much stronger in the mask than in the shampoo and conditioner.  Due to this, it does irritate the skin around my ears and neck.  It is definitely only the mask, as I only get this reaction when I use the mask, not the shampoo and conditioner.  I do have sensitive skin, so if you don’t have a problem with fragrance then you shouldn’t have any issue with it.

Due to this, as much as I love the shiny hair it gives, I’d probably not repurchase this, although I would definitely go back for more shampoo and conditioner.  In fact, I’d love to try the Ginger & Coriander variant, to help strengthen my hair!



Which of the variants would you try from the L’Oreal Botanicals range?



*DISCLAIMER – while this range was sent to me to review, all opinions are honest and my own.


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  1. Nina b

    Thanks for the review! The packaging is so pretty butI was waiting for a review before spending on them, specially since its 400ml. I’ ve had my eye on the Ginger & Coriander 😁

    1. Siobhan

      Nina it is truly lovely! I was also eyeing up the Ginger & Coriander, but was worried I’d smell like a salad haha – I need to go and sniff it in store, but it sounds perfect for my hair too!

  2. Prettiful Blog

    I really want to try this range, but I am so weary because of my sensitive scalp!

    1. Siobhan

      Maybe go for the Lavender one then from the range, for sensitive scalps? I know Kiss Blush Tell mentioned how much she liked it on her Stories the other day? xx

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