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Wow.  It has been a long time since I did an written Empties post, as I've really been enjoying doing them as videos - something you guys seem to love…

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Empties April 2020

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It's been AGES since I posted, and even longer since I posted a video - but, never fear, as I have an Empties video up on my YouTube channel for…

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Empties January 2020

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I have a brand new Empties video for you - a load of beauty (and one non-beauty) products that I've finished up over the last while.  I love watching these…

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Empties October 2019

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I have a new Empties video live - the first one in 9 whole months!     PRODUCTS MENTIONED: -   Dove Argan Oil Shower Mousse Nikel Cleansing Milk* Colgate…

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I’m on YouTube!

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So - I've had a YouTube channel for a few years now.  However, it's only had ONE video in it.  Cam from Jane Wonder and I filmed a video for…

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EMPTIES: Hair Care

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I haven't had a hair care empties post since March!  I've obviously used up a lot of hair products since then, the hubby uses the same shampoos as I do,…

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EMPTIES: Bodycare

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  It hasn't been TOO long since I did an empties post, but I've had some photos backed up.  I figured, what the hell - lets throw out a body…

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EMPTIES: Skincare

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I had the most wonderful photos of some skincare empties that I'd been hoarding, and after spending a morning doing a bit of a bulk photo shoot, I lost them…

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EMPTIES – Hair care

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And so another Empties post begins.  As you can see, my hair care empties aren't anything like my skincare, makeup or body care.  I've also been collecting these for a…

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EMPTIES – Body Care

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I hadn't planned on posting another Empties again, however my bag that I throw all of my empty products into was busting at the seams. I've collected this over a…

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Empties – Makeup

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It seems like it's been forever since my last empties post, but it was only in November!  I have a huge gift bag at home that I put empty products…

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Empties – Skincare

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It's about time for an empties post again.  I did a Hair and Body empties back at the beginning of October, and here is my skincare version.  Please keep in…

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Empties – Body and Hair

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I haven't done an Empties post in a while, and I have quite a stash of junk that I decided it was time to get rid of. I'll no longer…

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Beauty Empties July 2016

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So, I've never done an empties post - I've done Project Pan posts (and many of them), but not just a regular empties one.  I figured it was about time,…

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Project Pan #7 – the final one!

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So... I have FINALLY gotten through all of the semi-full/nearly empty products I had that were taking up room in my drawers/cupboards/shelves.  I'm now using products that are newer and…

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