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So, I’ve never done an empties post – I’ve done Project Pan posts (and many of them), but not just a regular empties one.  I figured it was about time, and so here we go with the products that I’ve used up in the last couple of months.  


I loved this scrub as it really left my skin feeling smooth and soft.  It was bright pink and smelled amazing too!


Freeman’s Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask R92.95

This wasn’t my favourite face mask, but it did a good job at exfoliating my skin.  It just left my skin feeling a bit stripped of any moisture.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask R170

I’ve had this mask for so long, that I even have the old packaging.  I felt that despite the fact that it was supposed to hydrate my skin, it always stung when I applied it, and left my skin a little red.  I haven’t finished it, as I’ve had it for far too long, and it was past it’s date.

WILL I REPURCHASE: No – I have tried other hydrating masks that do a better job.
Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Conditioner R395

I won this in a competition, and I loved it.  It smelled gorgeous, and when I left my hair to mostly air dry, and it had a natural wave to it, this would help to smooth it over and leave it shiny and soft.  

WILL I REPURCHASE: I wish, but I can’t justify R400 on a dry conditioner, when I can get a Batiste one for less than R100.
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent R99.95

My favourite powder, I buy this one before the current one has even run out, as I’m that scared of being without it.  It sets my foundation better than any other powder I’ve tried.

WILL I REPURCHASE: Yes, I already have and I will continue to do so.

I’ll be doing a post shortly on the site I ordered this baby from, as I made an order of around 5 masks.  I’m addicted to sheet masks, and these Korean ones from Shades of Mink are fab.  This mask is black, but the serum contains bits of gold leaf.  It left my skin super soft, plumped and it took away any redness.  

WILL I REPURCHASE: Most definitely.

Bioderma Sensibio Rich Soothing Cream R239.95

I bought this cream ages ago, when I was having serious issues with my skin.  Now that I have my skin routine sorted, I was just using it when my skin was particularly dry or irritated.  It worked wonders.

WILL I REPURCHASE: Probably not, as my skincare is working for me now, and I have other soothing products.
Skoon Moisture Now Serum Skin Sips R440

I bought this serum after hearing some really good things online.  I found it worked better in the morning, as my makeup would sit on it well.  It wasn’t greasy, but was more of a gel consistency.  I liked it, and it did work, but I’ve since found other serums that work as well for me, but are more affordable.

WILL I REPURCHASE: Not in the near future.
Bee Natural Living Clay Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask R93

I bought this on a trip to the Drakensberg, from the Peels Honey store.  This is the first clay-based mask I’ve used that didn’t leave my skin feeling dried out, and it smells gorgeous!  It left my skin feeling firm and plump, but very clean.

WILL I REPURCHASE: Perhaps sometime in the future.
YSL Black Opium perfume sample
Paco Rabanne Olympea perfume sample
Caribbean Tan Tanning Spritzer in C R99.95

This has been the one drugstore-priced self tanner that I’ve repurchased.  It doesn’t leave you carrot-coloured, and it does a decent job.

WILL I REPURCHASE: Yes, again and again.
Caribbean Tan Tanning Mousse in B R99.95

I bought this, thinking that a mousse would work really well.  It didn’t.  I gave it many opportunites, and tried different application methods, but it just wouldn’t work for me, and left me patchy and orange.

OGX Coconut Water Conditioner R162.95

I absolutely loved this conditioner, especially when paired with the shampoo.  It smells heavenly, is light enough to not weigh my hair down, but it hydrates my hair and leaves it soft and smooth and shiny.

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo R109.95

I bought this toning shampoo to use once a week, as my highlighted hair tends to go brassy.  It works like an absolute charm, and I need to get another.

WILL I REPURCHASE: Most definitely!
AA Collagen Hial + Moisturising and Smoothing Eye Contour Cream R275

I really enjoyed this eye cream, as it was a gel-type consistency, and therefore perfect to use in the mornings.  

Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask R160

These amazing fresh masks are only available for purchase in the Lush stores, and this is by far my favourite.  It exfoliates and nourishes my skin, leaving it soft, clear and radiant.

WILL I REPURCHASE: Yes – this is probably my 4th tub of this mask.

Maybelline Age Rewind The Eraser Eye Concealer £7.99

Sadly, these aren’t available in SA.  I got this in my international swop, and I have been so so in love with it.  It has decent coverage and doesn’t look cakey in the slightest.

WILL I REPURCHASE: I’m already thinking of how I can.

Woodwick Vanilla Bean Wax Melt R50

I bought this little baby on a trip up to the KZN Midlands, at one of the stores in the Piggly Wiggly complex.  It has the most insanely gorgeous vanilla scent, and it lasted for ages.  

WILL I REPURCHASE: Yes, as soon as I can find it again in SA.
Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Medium £10

My mom had bought this for my sister when she was in Dublin, however, my sister is as pale as pale can be.  We think she picked up the wrong shade, as this is even too dark for me.  It also doesn’t set, and creases and comes off so easily.


Sorbet BB Cream in Medium R120

This BB cream was hellishly old, and it was too dark even when I’m my most tanned.  I’ve been mixing it into the lighter BB cream to create my perfect summer shade, but since my light one finished, this was just sitting.  It had separated slightly so it was time to throw out.

WILL I REPURCHASE: Yes, in the Light shade.


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  1. Marné

    I loved your project pan posts and now I love this even more! Such a great post to feature A LOT of products, and obviously it says a lot if you finished something.

    I think I'm about the only girl alive who prefers the Caribbean Tan mousse to the sprays. But I have to add, I'm so pale I'm almost blue. I used to refuse using self tan because it just won't look natural on me, until I tried the mousse. So perhaps it doesn't work as well with more tanned skin, like yourself? Dunno, lol.

    I'm so glad you mentioned the Luch lettuce mask, it's the next one on my list. I don't live (comfortably) near a Lush store, but hubby goes to Durban every once in a while for business and he usually have an hour or two to kill before flying back. So I always ask nicely / beg / command / request that he visits Gateway and bring me back a fresh face mask, lol. So this will be my next one, thanks.

    Looking very forward to your post on the sheet masks, I'm quite intrigued 🙂 xx

  2. Siobhan Hughes

    If I'm self-tanned it's ok, and I've been viciously self-tanning. My sister came back from CT for a visit, and we all tease her for being so pale she's practically see-through. I WAS THE SAME COLOUR AS HER!!! I've never been, so I whipped out that Caribbean Tan and my Fake Bake as quickly as possible hahahahaha…

  3. Siobhan Hughes

    Aaaah you're always so lovely!

    I don't understand how that mousse is a lighter shade than my spritz, yet it turns me orange. It's so weird. Perhaps I just bought a dud one??

    That mask is amazing, and so is the oatmeal one, which smells like cookie dough. But I always go back to Love Lettuce.

    I LOVE sheet masks, and use the Skin Republic ones you can get in Dischem (the Brightening Vitamin C is the best) and the Sorbet ones you can get in Clicks/Sorbet. These were Korean ones, from the site Shades of Mink (you can get the link in this post), and she's JNB-based I think!!! So many lovely ones to try out, I also tried the Hyaluronon, the Hot Spring Water, the Rose Dew and the Intensive Hydrating Black eye mask, which made me feel like Bat-woman (SO COOL!) I loved them ALL, and am definitely making another online purchase come pay-day!

  4. Anonymous

    The Maybelline concealer is available online at I used them to purchase some Real Techniques brushes and the service was good

  5. Siobhan Hughes

    Thanks so much! I have actually seen it on there, so will check it out again when I'm due a new concealer!

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