EMPTIES: Bodycare

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice
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EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

It hasn’t been TOO long since I did an empties post, but I’ve had some photos backed up.  I figured, what the hell – lets throw out a body care one!

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice


EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

Lush Snow Fairy shower gel

This is a Christmas limited edition item, and I buy it every single year.  It smells like candy floss, is bright pink and has a bit of shimmer to it.  You can also use this as both a shower gel and a bubble bath or even a shampoo!  What’s not to love?!

Will I repurchase?  Yes at Christmas time!

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

Nivea Irresistibly Smooth shower cream

This is a lovely basic shower cream for winter, with a nice gentle scent to it.  Does a great job, but no bells and whistles.

Will I repurchase?  I have already.


EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution with Eucalyptus and Spearmint

I’ve seen a few Youtubers talk about these Epsom salts, and decided to give them a go.  They’re super pricey for just bath salts though, if you consider how much the regular version costs.  I ended up using a handful of these and a couple of handfuls of the plain ones, and this made the packet last a lot longer.  These smell absolutely DIVINE though!

Will I repurchase?  Perhaps!  I’ve been using up different bath products that I already own, or mixing essential oils with regular Epsom salts, but when they’re all done, maybe I’ll get some more of these!

I can’t find a South African link for you, but I found these at Dischem.


EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

Palmer’s Firming Butter

I’d had this before, and remembered that it was super nourishing on my skin without being greasy.  Either my skin has become a lot drier in the last 5 years, or this is not as rich as it once was.  I’d apply this to my skin and within a few hours my skin would feel dry again.  It also didn’t make a difference in firming my skin.

Will I repurchase?  Probably not.

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

Palmers Olive Butter body lotion

This was a product of my sister’s that she left behind after a trip home from Cape Town.  She said she wasn’t using it, so I grabbed the bottle one day when my body lotion was finished.

Not only does this smell divine (nothing like olive oil!), but it was lovely and rich and creamy, and made a big difference to the moisture levels in my skin.

Will I repurchase?  Possibly!

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

TBS Early Harvest Raspberry body butter

My all time favourite body lotion, this stuff makes you smell like a delicious dessert.  My hubby even checks in on random TBS stores to see if they have stock, and if they do, he gets me one, as they were a limited edition scent.

Will I repurchase?  This may have been my 4th tub.  I have a problem.

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

Vaseline Intensive Care Dry Skin Repair

I bought this for my other half when he was complaining about dry skin.  It’s very lightly fragranced, and rich enough to make a big difference.  Towards the end of the tub we were both using it!

Will I repurchase?  Maybe, when we finish the current lotions we’re using.

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

Coppertone Oil Free Sunscreen Lotion SPF15

I bought this many years ago when I was in the States.  I haven’t even remotely finished it, but it was very much past it’s use by date, so it was time to part ways.

Will I repurchase?  I’m not even sure if we get this here in South Africa.  It was a great sunscreen for sensitive skin though!

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Double Creme Body Lotion

I ordered this on Superdrug sometime last year and absolutely loved the almond macaron scent.  I had the matching fragrance, but sadly the bottle got smashed on the tiles, so I really made this tube of lotion last for ages.

It was lovely and rich, and the fragrance stays on your skin until you shower again.

Will I repurchase?  YES!  It’s just not available here in South Africa.

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

Fake Bake 60 Minutes Self Tan liquid

This brand isn’t easily available here in South Africa – I battle to find places that stock it, and then they don’t often have a lot of the variants.  My favourite is Flawless or Flawless Darker, but this was the only liquid tanner I could get my hands on.

This stuff is marvellous – not only is it a more olive toned tanner (no Oompa Loompa orange here), but you can leave this on for between 1 or 3 hours, depending on how deep you want your tan to be.  Super convenient and easy.

Will I repurchase?  In summer definitely!

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

Healing Hands Original Formula Hand Créme

I bought this, as I’d used another variant from the brand and loved it.  I did not enjoy this at all though – it actually left my hands drier than before!  I wondered what was drying my hands out, and as soon as I stopped using it, they went back to normal again.

Will I repurchase?  No.  Perhaps I got a dud one, or there was some problem with the batch, but I threw out an almost full tube as I wasn’t even prepared to pass it on to someone else.

The other variant I tried is the Hand, Nail and Cuticle cream, which was amazing!  Give that one a bash instead.

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

Palmer’s Raw Shea Hand Cream

I bought this as I love the smell of the Shea Butter body lotion from Palmer’s.  This little tube of hand cream is an absolute power house!  It’s rich and creamy without leaving your hands greasy, and it smells absolutely heavenly.

Will I repurchase?  Yes!

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

Himalaya Herbals Age Defying Hand Cream

I bought this when I was battling with my hands from the Healing Hands tube, and just couldn’t get past the smell of it.  You can’t smell the tubes in store as they’re sealed!  This smells offensively of talc powder and old lady’s perfume, in a bad way.  No nostalgia here!

Will I repurchase?  No.  I’m sad that I’ve tossed 2 almost full hand creams, but I offered this to my Mom and she wouldn’t even use it due to the smell.

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

Caribbean Tan Tan In A Can Instant in B

My sister bought this and it ended up being too dark for her.  I usually use the spritz version and love that, yet this was notably darker in shade than the spritz.  Still really good, but I’d use shade A in the Tan In A Can, and shades B or C in the spritz instead.

Will I repurchase?  I liked it but I still prefer the spritz as I get more uses out of a bottle, so I think I stick with those instead.

EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

African Extracts Rooibos Tissue Oil*

I was sent this by Beauty Bulletin a while back, and I loved it.  A really great quality tissue oil, this had so many uses, but my favourites were to either spritz a bit in my bath water, or apply it to damp skin straight out of the shower.  It definitely helped a burn scar (from taking a tray of crumbed chicken breasts out of the oven) heal up much quicker than usual!

Will I repurchase?  I prefer lotions and butters to oils, so probably not.


EMPTIES: Bodycare, Sugar & Spice

A+ Personal Care & Beauty Teeth Whitening Strips

I bought this from another blogger, Leigh from Lipgloss Is My Life.  She’s used her fair share of teeth whitening strips, and knows what a MISSION it is to get Crest strips here in South Africa, and how expensive they turn out to be.

These were much more affordable, and they worked amazingly well.  I even used one the morning of my wedding day, so my teeth were camera ready.

Will I repurchase?  Right now I have quite a few strips left, and only use them for special occasions, but when they run out?  Quite possibly, yes!


*product received for review purposes.

What products have you used up recently?


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    1. I have absolutely no clue. I just know my friend Cam from Jane Wonder saw she was advertising on her personal Facebook page about them, and that they were the closest formula and result wise, to the Crest ones. Perhaps pop Leigh a message? xxx

  1. leighvdb

    Hi hun! So glad you enjoyed using the strips. I got them from overseas and bought a bunch of them as buying in bulk worked out less expensive. I think I still have three sets left. Will check when I’m home. Just point anyone who wants in my direccie. R400 to collect, R450 to post x x

  2. makeitrayne

    GUUURL I love an empties post and this was like Christmas! 😀 I adore that TBS Body Butter (that scent in particular) and that Nivea lotion! I am so not a fan of body lotions in general but those two are suuuuch winners.

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