March Favourites

March Favourites, Sugar & Spice

March was a sickeningly busy month for me.  I unfortunately slacked on my blog posts, was bad with engaging with you all on social media, and it wasn’t a great month in general with excessive work stress.  Now that I feel like I’m climbing out of that pool of anxiety and mounting emails, I feel like I’m starting to finally get back into the swing of things – and you know I had to get my March Favourites up for you!

Being so focused on other things, I didn’t really have time to develop any particular passions for products.  Due to this, my list is shorter than normal for March, but there are some definite goodies in here – just keep on reading!


March Favourites, Sugar & Spice

Filorga Time-Filler Night*

I included this gem in my top 3 night time skincare products, and it is so deserving.  I have come to truly love Filorga products, as they always seem to come through on what they promise.

This multi-wrinkle anti-ageing cream is actually a gel-cream texture and therefore not too rich for my combo skin.  However, it packs a wonderful hydrating punch, and works on the different types of wrinkles.  The fine lines between my eyes have softened (except when I frown hard – I need to stop damn frowning!), and the small lines in my forehead, and my smile lines around my mouth definitely aren’t as pronounced.

The biggest proof though – the cream works to build up your skin’s elasticity, helping to prevent pillow marks.  When I sleep, I sleep hard, much to the enjoyment of my hubby when I wake up with marks on my face (even with satin pillow cases!).  So far, since I’ve started using this Time-Filler Night, I’ve had one mark on my face on waking – I’d slept on my Garmin fitness watch and the screen was imprinted under my cheek – and I don’t think any lotion or potion could have prevented that.  Other than that, my skin has been smooth and not even puffy on waking!


March Favourites, Sugar & Spice

La Roche-Posay Serozinc

I’ve been battling with slightly oilier skin and some congestion and hormonal breakouts – STILL after my final hormonal endo treatment finished up at the end of May 2018.  Hormones are so difficult to correct, and after years on the pill, things are still in the process of yo-yo-ing around.

This Serozinc spray from La Roche-Posay is unreal!  I knew it was good for problem skin, but I never knew just how much it would work and how quickly.

It contains Zinc Sulphate to reduce sebum secretion, calm skin and heal inflammation, as well as thermal spring water to soothe, purify and destroy free radicals.

I ordered this on Dermastore, and it came with a slip of paper instructing me to spray it on cleansed skin, wait 2-3 minutes and then go on with my skincare routine.  That way the zinc has time to absorb.  It’s also great to soothe and calm skin post-shave – I battle with shaving irritation on my legs, and I’ve been spritzing a little of this on my legs each time I shave.  I haven’t tried it on sunburn, as I’ve not gotten sunkissed since I bought it, but it’s apparently fab for that too!

I’ve officially found a must-have product that I will always use in my morning routine!  Next up from La Roche-Posay I want to try the Effaclar Duo SPF 30.


March Favourites, Sugar & Spice

Yardley Absolute Translucent Loose Powder

I have been hearing how good this loose powder is for such a long time, and eventually bit the bullet and bought it when I ran out of powder.  I’m on a low buy and trying to only repurchase items when all others have run out.  I’m doing pretty well too, and have taken some progress photos of items in my collection that I’m trying to power through for a post.

This setting powder has a light flesh tone to it, but doesn’t leave any additional colour to my skin.  It sets my makeup beautifully, leaves my skin looking like porcelain, and keeps my makeup in place all day.  Definitely worth the purchase, and I’ll repurchase once my current one is finished!


March Favourites, Sugar & Spice

Le Tan Self Tanning Foam Ultra Dark and Le Tan Application Mitt

I so enjoyed the Coconut Water tanning foam from Le Tan, but found that even leaving it on overnight wasn’t quite getting me as dark as I wanted to be.  So, when that bottle finished, I bought this Ultra Dark one in the hopes that it would do the job.

I’ve only left it on for an hour at a time so far, but it’s already slightly darker than a whole night with the Coconut Water one.  What’s even better about this?  The fact that I don’t have to spend long with tanner on!  I hate sleeping in self tanner, even with this one that doesn’t remain sticky on the skin.  It may be just a mental thing, but I always feel icky.  With this one, I can come home from work, make dinner, take a shower, slap on some self tan, and watch an episode or two of something, before rinsing it off before I climb under the covers and snooze.

The brand is gorgeous, in that the tone of their tanners is olive – you’ll see in the colour-guide in the mousse that it’s a greeny-brown as opposed to a red or orange – and this means NO Oompaloompa skin.  I’ve tried many brands of self-tanner, and always lean towards these with a green-tone in their colour guide.  Le Tan also fades naturally, doesn’t come out patchy and has only a very light self-tan smell.

This time around I also purchased the application mitt.  The mitts I had at home were all old Fake Bake ones (another brand I swear by, but one that isn’t as easy to find, and is a fair bit pricier) that were long past their time.  I’ve now binned them all, and have this lovely, lined mitt that doesn’t allow product to soak through to my fingers unawares.  It’s also very soft and buffs the product beautifully into the skin.

March Favourites, Sugar & Spice

Lush American Cream Shower Gel 

I nabbed this delightful shower gel on the Lush online store, as my nearest store is Gateway and it’s almost an hour away (when I DO go in-store, I plan it strategically – can’t have hubby with me, or he rushes me in and out, and a girl needs TIME in a Lush store, am I right?).

This smell is not quite the strawberry milkshake fragrance I was anticipating – it’s BETTER.  It smells like classic Lush, but creamier if that makes sense.  Fruity, sweet and creamy, just downright delicious.  It’s been making my shower experience each day infinitely better.  However, as far as I know this is a limited edition item, so I should probably slow down.


March Favourites, Sugar & Spice

Small Rose Gold hoops from YDE

I purchased a multi-pack of 3 different hoop sizes in rose gold on a trip to YDE months back, and have been reaching for this, the smallest size, constantly!

If you know me, you’ll know I don’t wear a heck of a lot of jewellery.  On a daily basis, it’s usually just my wedding and engagement rings, and perhaps a small pair of earrings, or a chain with a four-leaf clover that was the first gift hubby ever bought me when we were dating.  If we’re going out for the evening, I might wear a statement necklace or a big pair of bold earrings, but more often than not I let my makeup do the talking.

These hoops are small enough to not feel over the top, yet they always get noticed and complimented.  Absolutely love!


March Favourites, Sugar & Spice

USN Whey Speckled Eggs flavour

We’ve been getting more and more into our morning gym sessions, and on days we work out we like to have a protein shake as our breakfast.  We’ve also been adventurous in the flavours we’ve tried – when you’re cutting out sweets and sugar-laden snacks, it’s always great to find something that hits that sweet spot, as well as acts as a healthier meal.

This USN whey tastes EXACTLY like Speckled Eggs!  You can taste the chocolate as well as the jelly centre, and it is just all-round super delicious.  I have used this as a protein shake, added a teaspoon to plain yoghurt (this makes an epic dessert), and even used it in the Peanut Butter Protein Cookie recipe I tried from Le Famished Cat last week.  I also have a sneaking suspicion that using it with a nut butter and some other ingredients like dried berries would make a killer Chocolate PB & J flavoured energy ball!

We’ve also tried the Raspberry & White Chocolate (thanks to the single serving sachets you can buy), the Tex (we swopped servings with our friends) and the Buttermilk Toffee, which we bought when it was on promotion on the USN site.  So far, all are amazing.


What goodies did you love during the month of March?


March Favourites, Sugar & Spice


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