Lush Christmas Haul

So, I popped into Lush in Gateway on Wednesday, as I knew that the Christmas goodies were out, and I really wanted to get some Snow Fairy shower gel before it was all sold out – I bought the middle sized bottle last year and loved it so much, and it was finished before I knew it.

Luckily the Gateway branch still had 2 of the bigger bottles left, and I grabbed one as if my life depended on it!  Aaaannnndddd cue the browsing of the other Christmas limited edition products, and other new delights that Lush has to offer.  What was literally me ‘popping in’ for one item, ended up in me leaving with 5…  I tried to reassure myself that I got only Christmas items, and that it was because they sell out so quickly, and I could maybe give one or two as gifts, but who am I kidding?! Of course I’m going to use them all myself, and love every single second of it!

Lush always has the most incredible Christmas items, and while I only got these 5, I will most probably definitely be going back in to grab a few more.  I mean, they didn’t even have any Golden Wonder on the shelves, and it’s at the top of my Lush Christmas list – it transforms me into a giggling 5 year old when I see the gorgeous bath bomb fizz and open up in the bath.  Only problem is that this isn’t only my favourite – it’s EVERYONE’S – so it’s already sold out online too.  PLEASE Lush, let me know when Gateway or the online store has some in stock again!!!!!!

So without further ado, here is my mini-haul of Christmas goodies, 2 whole months before Christmas hahaha!

Firstly, I grabbed my Snow Fairy shower gel.  This is the most incredible smelling shower gel ever.  It smells just like candy floss, is filled with iridescent sparkles and lathers up so beautifully.  You can actually use it as a bubble bath as well!  This and the Golden Wonder are my must-haves every Christmas now.  It doesn’t dry your skin out either, but leaves it super soft.  Snow Fairy retails for R75 for 100g, R135 for 250g and R225 for 500g.

After I laid my hands on the Snow Fairy, I breathed a sigh of relief (they’re also sold out of this online, so I was feeling a little desperate when I walked into Lush), and then figured I’d just ‘browse’ the other Christmas goodies.  I decided that, seeing as I was out of bath treats, that it was only right to splurge on a bubble bar or 2.  I’ve watched a few Lush Christmas hauls already online, as a lot of Youtubers have been raving about the new additions to the lineup.  I bought 2 of the new goodies and one older one.

Butterbear is the Christmas version of Butterball, a delicious vanilla-scented bath bomb that contains cocoa butter to leave your skin soft and nourished.  Butterball is surprisingly one of my favourite Lush bath bombs, as it is such a treat for your skin, despite it’s deceptively plain exterior.  Butterbear is R39.50 for a 60g bomb, and Butterball is R42.50 for a 90g bar.  Obviously you get more for what you’re paying for if you buy Butterball, but the cute teddy shape of Butterbear more than makes up for this.

The two newer goodies I bought were Bar Humbug and Peeping Santa.

Bar Humbug is a liquorice and berry scented bubble bar.  It looks like a smaller version of The Comforter bubble bar, but it’s a darker purple and has silver shimmer all over it.  Obviously if you’re not a fan of liquorice, then this won’t go down well, but I am and to me it smells so unique and tasty! It retails for R52.50 for a 100g bar, and you break this into two or even three pieces, depending on how bubbly you want your bath to be.

Peeping Santa is another bubble bar, and smells just like the Strawberry Feels massage bar – a creamy strawberry delight!  He actually looks like a strawberry sliced and piped with whipped cream, with chocolate dots for eyes (key note – his eyes actually ARE chocolate drops!)  He’s chock full of cocoa butter and shea butter, so your skin will be baby-butt soft after soaking in the bubbles.  This cutie retails for R56.50 for a 100g bar.

Just when I thought I was home-free, I saw a Christmas soap sliced up near the till.  One whiff, and I was sold! The Yog Nog soap smells like a spiced, fudgy crème brulee, completely addictive and you seriously want to take a big bite out of it!  I absolutely had to have some, and might need to buy another piece before Christmas is over, just to keep in stock to sniff at.  It’s filled with moisturising soya yoghurt and festive spices, and it’s patterned surface is also dusted with cocoa powder.  I won’t lie, as soon as I’d taken this photo, the soap went straight into my shower.  It’s R48.50 for 100g of soap, and totally and completely worth every cent.

A few of the other festive-themed goodies that I would love to get my hands on are Cinders (a spicy cinnamon ballistic), Stardust (fragranced with bergamot, rosewood and fair-trade vanilla, and filled with stars) and the Yog Nog Ballistic (that amazing soap in ballistic form).

If you haven’t been into Lush lately, or checked out their site, they’ve also got new products added to their regular stock – there are 4 that I REALLY want to test out ASAP.  Milky Bath (contains orange oil, skimmed milk and cocoa butter, and shaped like a milk bottle), Rub Rub Rub Solid (solid body scrub with sea salt, cherry blossom and illipe butter, this is blue with cherry blossoms all over it – so gorgeous you won’t even want to use it!), The Comforter shower cream (the most amazing bubble bar, in a shower cream form, this smells of blackcurrant and is bound to be amazing) and The Experimenter (brightly coloured, with popping candy and fair-trade vanilla, this is stated as ‘the most thrilling bath number ever staged’… NEED it in my life!)

Which products are you excited to get your hands on?


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