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These skincare posts seem to be a hit with you guys – I’ve had such great feedback!  I’m so glad, as I often talk about the products I’m currently enjoying, but it isn’t often I get to go back to a product I’ve used, finished (and often repurchased) and wholeheartedly loved.  True – the oldies aren’t being shown off in the best photos, as my photo game has improved over the last few years.  However, I like being able to bring you guys honest feedback on products I’d spend my own hard earned money on!  So, with that being said – read on for my latest installment, my top moisturisers!


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Clinique Moisture Surge 72-hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

I figured I’d start with this gem from Clinique, because I have spoken about this at length and so often that you must be sick of me talking about it!

INTENSELY hydrating, INCREDIBLY comforting, and generally like a gigantic class of water for your skin, this is my ultimate choice when it comes to finding something hydrating for my skin.  You would never believe that something so delicately-textured would melt into your skin and provide the level of hydation that this does.  But it does exactly that.  Hyaluronic acid and activated aloe water are what make this product so killer, and I love to use this on a daily basis throughout winter, as it’s the one product I trust to do a consistent job.

Not only does it provide immediate and long-lasting hydration, it also seals that moisture into the skin and works to reduce water loss.  Plus, as with other Clinique products, it’s allergy tested, 100% fragrance free, non-acnegenic and oil-free.

I make a plan to buy a jar of this at least once a year, always around this time as we head into winter.  As soon as I can, you can trust that I’ll be making that purchase.

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream

I know that the Clinique Moisture Surge doesn’t suit all budgets.  If it suited even mine completely (enough for me to use it every single day, FOREVER) I would keep it in constant rotation.  So, this product (and the next one) are options for lower budgets, that work in the most similar way.

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost range is fabulous if you suffer with dehydrated skin.  Their moisturiser comes in 2 offerings, the Water Gel and the Gel Cream.  To be very honest I don’t find that the Water Gel is enough for my skin, and always gravitate towards the Gel Cream.  It’s closer in consistency to the Clinique Moisture Surge and more intensively hydrating than it’s thinner-formulated counterpart.

Beautifully light and very hydrating, I would happily use this all year round.  I’ve gone through many pots of it, and plan to go through more – in fact I want to buy a pot for my Hubby, as he also likes the lighter texture of a gel cream.

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Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Replenishing HydraGel Complex

Another beautiful gel-cream product, this offering from Elizabeth Arden provides incredible hydration, along with a few other great properties.

Not only does it give your skin 24 hour hydration, but it also feels cooling and calming on the skin, it minimises pores and leaves my skin looking airbrushes.  Basically, to me it felt like I was always prepping my skin for the most flawless makeup application ever – and it’s packed with skincare goodness like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and tree mushroom extract.

It’s placed in between the Neutrogena (drugstore price) and Clinique (higher end price), but don’t forget you’re not getting a regular 50ml jar – this is a whopping 75ml of product in a beautiful, luxe glass jar!

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo SPF30

Only the second product I’ve ever tried from the brand, it left me super duper impressed.

I have combination skin – it needs hydration, but I still battle with breakouts, blackheads and oiliness on my T-zone.  I opted for this version of the infamous Effaclar Duo so I’d have the added SPF and not have to pop another product on top.  And boy did I enjoy it – so much so, I’d like to purchase the original one so I can use it at night too if the need strikes!

I worried it may be not hydrating enough, as it’s designed for skin that’s congested or breakout prone, but it was superbly hydrating without being greasy at all.  The formula is silky smooth and feels really lovely to apply, most definitely improved the appearance of blackheads and clogged pores, I had very little in the way of breakouts while using it, and any breakouts I did have didn’t leave behind marks.  My skin felt so smooth and soft and happy!

It’s packed with ingredients like Niacinamide (anti bacterial and anti inflammatory), Salicylic Acid (exfoliate skin and helps to unclog pores) and Linoleic Acid (helps prevent breakouts and improve the quality of sebum produced by the skin).

NEED to repurchase.  My skin just looked so much better while using it.

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Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream*

This is one of my newer skincare products, as I received it earlier this year.

Ceramides are incredibly important in skincare products, particularly when it comes to drier, colder weather.  They help to form the skin’s barrier and maintain the skin retain moisture, as well as protect against environmental aggressors.

This Rose Ceramide Cream from Pixi is an intensive moisturiser packed with ceramides, rose oil and probiotics to provide deeper hydration while ensuring the barrier is comfortable and happy.  It has the most divine, delicate fragrance that makes it feel super luxurious too.  Even though the formula is super rich, it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky at all.  It sinks in, yet the feeling of comfort and nourishment lasts.

I can feel my skin thanking me each time I use this, and when it’s finished I’ll most definitely have to replace it.  I started out using it at night while the weather was warmer, and will most probably continue to do so, however as the weather gets drier I’ll possibly reach for it on days when my skin feels tight.

You can purchase this in South Africa from Betty online HERE or Muse Beauty HERE.  I just hope that their stocks will last long enough for me to buy a new tube!

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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Great 8 Daily Defense Moisturiser*

I love a good multi-tasking product, something that has many different benefits in one easy tube like this one!

When I saw that Elizabeth Arden had released this moisturiser (I first heard about it from Fleur de Force’s YouTube channel before it even landed here in SA), I KNEW I’d have to try it.  It promises 8 benefits – protects against sunlight, blue light, infrared and pollution, plus it hydrates, it purifies, it brightens skin and fights excess oil production.  I mean, it almost sounds too good to be true, right??

I have combination skin, so I need something that will help control oil, yet still hydrate my skin.  This moisturiser does both of these with the most beautiful silky texture.  The more I use it, the clearer and brighter my skin looks too!  I love that it protects my skin from all sorts of environmental damage, as well as sun damage, and damage from too much screen time (we all know I’m constantly on my phone).  Not only this, but it has a kind of translucent, pale creamy colour to it, so it leaves ZERO white caste, and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the skin either.

Another bonus – it works almost like a primer too, as makeup glides effortlessly over the top.

Great 8?  I think so!


Optiphi Complexion Control*

This is probably one of (if not THE) star product find of 2019.  Optiphi just GETS me.  Honestly.  They can do no wrong in my eyes!

I have a full blog post dedicated to a review of this (you’ll find it below), so I don’t want to waffle on too much, but I have NEVER seen such impressive results from one product.  I battle with both melasma (hormonal pigmentation from years on the pill, and various periods of hormonal fluctuation due to aggressive treatments for my endometriosis) and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Not only has this drastically reduced the size and darkness of my hormonal pigmentation (the bigger, paler patches have either disappeared or are much smaller, and the darker, smaller patches are very much faded), it’s also improved my post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (marks left behind have faded away to nothing or have faded dramatically, and it’s improved marks left behind from breakouts while I used the moisturiser – in fact I feel like my breakouts now don’t leave behind such intense marks either).

While I was using it (and I didn’t use it daily, either every second or third night, so the container lasted me over 5 months easily), my skin also looked overall healthier, glowier, more even in both tone and texture, and brighter.  Fine lines were plumped and you would barely see a line around my eyes.  The fine lines in my forehead and from smiling around my mouth were softer.

I know a lot of people battle justifying a bigger spend like this, but if it’s something that interests you, please read my full post as I have before and after pictures that have not been edited and have no filters whatsoever.  You’ll see the proof in the pudding there.  I plan on budgeting and putting money aside to buy this product every 6 months, to fade any pigmentation remaining even more, and keep my skin looking the way it did while I used it.

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Filorga Time-Filler Night*

As you can see in the mentions below, I used this for a while, then stopped for some reason, then started using it again.  You can tell from that break in between that I truly did see just how good it is!  That I could genuinely see a change in my skin when I was using it.

The Time-Filler Night is designed to target multiple types of wrinkles, including dehydration wrinkles, surface wrinkles, contraction wrinkles (from facial expressions, and if you’ve watched my videos before, you’ll know I have an expressive face) and deeper wrinkles.  It even promises to help with lines caused by sleeping hard on your pillow case (although we know I don’t get as many of these thanks to my beautiful Dear Deer satin pillow slips, but I sometimes sleep on my arm or hand)  and puffiness when you wake up.

The biggest difference I found was that I didn’t have lines on my face from sleeping (from either lying on my pillowcase or my hand.  My face wasn’t as puffy either.  I also noticed dehydration lines didn’t exist while I used this, and those pesky lines in my forehead and between my eyes, as well as around either side of my mouth were much softer and less noticeable.

On top of this, I loved the gel-cream texture.  One would think that something that is so powerfully anti-ageing would be a rich, oily consisitency, but it’s lightweight and sinks into the skin beautifully.  Absolutely incredible for those of us looking for great anti-ageing products, but worried that they’ll cause our combination/oily skins to break out or look/feel like an oil slick.

Truly a good night’s sleep in a jar!

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Dr Dermal MicroRetinal 5 Rich Repair*

It has been a LONG time since I spoke about this goodie from Dr Dermal.  In fact, it’s been some time since I mentioned the brand in general!  Not due to falling out of love with it, just with the influx of so many other brands and new products to try.

This is an incredibly gentle retinol treatment (in my eyes at least, and I have sensitive skin) that honestly didn’t give me any of the flaky, red irritation that retinol is known for.  Instead it left me with soft, plumped skin the morning after use!

The formula contains 5% microencapsulated retinol, but has a controlled time release to it, so even though it’s very high strength-wise, it will gradually be released, allowing your skin to absorb what it needs.  With the inclusion of ceramides and peptides, it’s a lovely nourishing night-time treat for your skin!

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What is your favourite moisturiser?  I know there are so many I have on my list to try, and a couple that I’ve only just started using.

*DISCLAIMER – while some of these products were PR gifts, all opinions are, as always, honest and my own.


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