Even though we’re heading into winter now, SPF is just as important as every.  Not a day goes by that I do not wear SPF on my face.  Part of me wishes that I had learned this earlier on, and the rest of me is grateful that I got into this habit before I hit my 30’s.

I know that it can be so difficult to find an SPF that ticks all the boxes – non greasy, doesn’t leave a white caste on the face, sits nicely under makeup, truly does protect the skin, and doesn’t break you out.

So – read on to see the SPF products that I’ve used and loved!




Bioderma Photoderm Max Aquafluid SPF 50+

This was the very first sunscreen I found and loved!

I have sensitive skin, and sunscreens have often irritated it, left it feeling tight or overly greasy, or they’ve broken me out.  This Bioderma one was the first that legitimately didn’t do any of these things.

Bioderma is incredible for sensitive skins, and I love that this is a dry touch formula too – however, it’s not going to suck all the life out of your skin.  It goes on in a hydrating way, yet it doesn’t soak up all the oils, it just leaves your skin not looking shiny or greasy, and definitely decreases how much oil shows up over the course of the day.

Plus, makeup sits on top as if your’d applied a primer, so that’s yet another bonus, and it doesn’t leave a white caste on the skin!

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Nivea Sun UV Face Shine Control SPF 50*

This is one of my newer SPF’s that I received in a goodie bag some time last year.  I’ve always loved Nivea sunscreens, so was very chuffed to have one that would help control oil, as summer in Durban is just shine-central.

Not only does it really help keep excess glow at bay, it is also pretty damned hydrating too, which I honestly didn’t think would be the case!  I’ve been very impressed with this, SPF, especially since it also comes at a very nice price.  Plus, I don’t feel it’s caused my pores to become clogged, nor has it broken me out.

I know I’ve mentioned this in Instagram Stories and a feed post on my Instagram HERE, but I can’t believe I haven’t spoken about it more on the blog.

I’ve put this to one side now, as the winter is getting cooler and my skin is feeling drier.  However, I’ve swapped it out for my other other Nivea one I received last year, that I kept as it would be a little more suited to winter – the Nivea Sun UV Face Q10 Anti-Age & Anti-Pigments, a slightly richer product with the same protection, that will also help against fine lines and pigment spots.


Vichy UV Protect Anti Shine Cream SPF 50 PA ++++

Not only is this offering from Vichy a lovely high protection, it’s also suitable for use year round.  Although it’s called ‘anti-shine cream’, it isn’t mattifying at all in my opinion.

The SPF is a lightweight lotion that feels beautiful on dehydrated skin, yet it doesn’t leave skin looking greasy.  It also doesn’t look overly matte on my skin, however I do notice my skin doesn’t seem to look as oily at the end of the day when I use this product.  In fact, my skin looks and feels really happy and hydrated straight after application, yet doesn’t even look like I’ve just applied a sunscreen.  Plus, no white caste whatsoever, and no breakouts!

The product also protects against pollution, prevents the appearance of dark spots, is packed with antioxidants and contains thermal spring water!  This is probably now my all-time favourite SPF, and even topped the Bioderma one.  I will repurchase this when I finish my current sunscreens.

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Yungskin Sun Care SPF 40

I purchased this SPF years back to try out, in an effort to spread my wings from the same old SPF I was always using.  So long ago, that they’ve since repackaged it into a tube (although I quite liked the pump bottle to be honest).

Turns out, it is LOVELY.  It does leave an ever so slight white caste if you don’t massage it into your skin properly, but if you do, that just melts away.  Plays nicely with makeup and doesn’t break me out or irritate my skin at all.

What I really loved was that it contains other ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, such vitamins A,C and E.  This to me was the most moisturising of all of these sunscreens, but not in an oil-slick kind of way.  I used it with my combination skin without any problems whatsoever.

Plus – it comes in a 100ml tube, so you’re getting double the bang for your buck!

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What SPF products do you swear by? 


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