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And another month comes and goes, and we’re now into March!  I had no problem putting together my favourites this month – have you noticed how, sometimes if you look around you and wonder exactly what things you’ve been enjoying, it’s pretty difficult to round it up?  Some monthly favourites are difficult, with me pondering and pondering as to what I really enjoyed and why.

I do realise that I haven’t been all that present in the blog, but this month things will be back to normal, and I’ll be posting twice a week as per usual.

But for now, let’s get into my favourites! I only really had skincare and makeup favourites this month, there hasn’t been any body care or hair care, or even non-beauty items that have really gripped my attention.  And I wasn’t going to just include something for the sake of balancing it out – I’m always 100% honest.




L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask
Being that this is being called a dupe for the Glamglow Supermud mask, I had to give it a try.  I’ve been having these lovely breakouts, and was desperate for something to help keep my pores clean and clear.  And being that Glamglow, for all of it’s incredible reviews, is R850 a jar, and this is R155, you can understand why I thought I’d give this a go first.
The mask contains 3 pure clays and charcoal, which is known to be like a vacuum cleaner for clogged pores.  I’ve now used this about 3 times, and while it definitely dries your skin out a bit, it’s absolutely incredible and nothing a good serum and moisturiser application afterwards won’t sort out.
I’m trying to keep using this once a week as a full face mask if I need it, or I use this as a spot treatment and use a more hydrating one on the rest of my face.
These also come in other variations such as Pure Clay Purity (3 clays and eucalyptus) to mattify your skin, and Pure Clay Glow (3 clays and red algae) to exfoliate and refine your skin.  I want to add both of these to my shelf of masky-goodness.


REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser
This seems to have been discontinued on the REN website.  It’s starting to make me feel so sad, buying these discounted products on Runway Sale, and then realising that they’re not just on sale for fun, but that they’ve been discontinued.  And it always seems to be the ones I love most that are discontinued.  They sell other products that are still on sale from REN.
Granted, I do prefer the No 1 Purity Cleansing Balm, as I love a balm cleanser to remove makeup, but this is a thick cream that you massage into your face, and then clean off with a warm, damp cloth.  It does a fabulous job, and it’s made me look forward to removing my makeup in the evenings, as I love the process and the typical Rosa Centifolia scent.  So relaxing.
I guess I should just enjoy this while I have it, and relish the fact that I only paid R139 for it, as opposed to the old price of around R300.


Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Energy Serum
I used to use this a couple of years ago.  I bought it when I first realised, after reading Pink Peonies and All Dolled Up, that my skin around my nose and chin was badly dehydrated, not just sensitive, red and dry.  I knew I needed a hyaluronic acid based serum, and this one was pretty darned affordable too.  It did the job marvellously, and when my skin started acting up with the dehydration again, this was the one product I repurchased, as I knew it would help.
After 2 solid weeks of using this daily, and sometimes supplementing my night time routine with it just in the necessary areas as another layer, my skin seems to be better already.  I’ve noticed that the redness isn’t as extreme, and I’m no longer having patches of dry skin flaking off either.  Affordable and so so good!
Nivea does have another anti-ageing serum with hyaluronic acid, but it just doesn’t work as well as this one for me, and with this one being a fair bit cheaper, I’m quite happy with that.


MAC Oil Control Lotion
Ever since I came of the pill 6 months ago, my skin has just gone from bad to worse in terms of oil and breakouts.  While I was on the pill, my skin was pretty much normal – I’d suffered sensitivity and dehydration in certain patches (which I think actually caused the sensitivity), and once I got that under control, my skin was pretty much normal.  After bad acne in high school, it was a relief, so you can imagine how I feel with this born-again teenage skin that I’m now in my 30s.
While I was browsing MAC the other day with my mom, we saw this lotion, and both decided to give it a bash.  As you can see on my Instagram, I posted the picture literally on the day I bought it – towards the end of February, but I’m so impressed with this gem, that I just had to include it in my favourites for the month!
The lovely lady advising us suggested to just use it before foundation, which is exactly what I’ve been doing.  I do my usual skincare routine, and then apply this and leave it to sink in for a bit just before I start my makeup.  Not only does my makeup apply smoother and much more flawlessly, it’s also helping control the oil AND keeping it all in place for so much longer.
Now, I know this is pricey, but I use the smallest single pump for each use, and this is a 50ml bottle, so I can see myself getting a good year or so from this bottle.  Totally worth it in my books!

P.S. My fiance even commented that my makeup was looking much smoother and softer after I used this the first time.  For him to notice something like that enough to comment on it, is PROOF ENOUGH! 😉


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream
I’ve mentioned this product in at least one, but most probably more favourites posts before.  And with good reason!
I know most people rave about the Water Gel from this range – the less rich of the two – but to be honest, I find my skin prefers this.  As I’ve said, I’ve been battling with dehydration in certain patches on my face, but especially around my nose and on my chin.  I had finished up my previous jar of this, and the jar of the Water Gel, and was determined to work my way through another jar of cream I had, before I repurchased this, but after about a week of really crappy skin days and sore skin, I gave in and grabbed one of these in Clicks.  I used it that night, and the following morning I already saw a difference.  Follow on with using this day and night, and just using the serums/treatment products/oil that is needed for that time of day with it, my skin is looking better than it has in about 2 months.


Milani Luminoso baked blush
This is one of Milani’s more famous blush’s and rightly so.  I bought this off Muse Beauty so long ago, that it was before they had an online store, and were purely running off their Instagram account.
Said to be a ‘luminous peach’, I was somewhat horrified when it arrived and looked orange.  The above photo does NOT reflect how orange it looks in the container in real life.
However, when swatched onto your hand, or applied to your face, it gives the most gorgeous luminous glow, and peachy, fresh flush.
I’ve been using this almost every single day for the last month, and each time I’ve used another blush, I’ve wished I’d used this one.  It’s also buildable, so you can use it on paler skin tones, and just build it up for darker skins.


Stila Stay All Day Precision Glide Brow Pencil
Another one of my Runway Sale hauls, I bought this Stila brow pencil just to see how it shaped up to my beloved Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil, and the NYX Micro Brow Pencil that I’ve been loving.  Sadly, it’s amazing, and discontinuted.  Probably a good thing, seeing as how I paid R149 for it, and this was half price, whereas the NYX one which I love, and which is easily available is the same price.

P.S. I’ve seen that LA Girl have also launched their version of these in Dischem now, for around R70/R80, so once I’ve finished either this or my NYX one, I might grab one of those to see how it matches up.


LA Girl Pro Coverage HD High Definition Long Wear Illuminating Foundation
Whew – what a mouthful of a name!  I’d seen a few international YouTubers talk about this, but I wasn’t entirely convinced until I’d watched Kandy Kane’s video review of it.  I promptly grabbed one in my current shade of Fair, and it was everything that I ever wanted the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation to be – long lasting, high coverage, smooth to apply, and just gorgeous in general.  For oilier skinned girls, you do need to set it down with powder if you don’t want it shifting, but once you have, this stays gorgeous all day, and if you feel the need for touch ups, it doesn’t cake at all.  I even managed to go without concealer on the day I first tried this, as it covered up my dark circles enough!
I’ve since bought the shade Nude Beige as a darker shade – I can now have my pale shade, my self-tanned shade, and mix the two for any in-between colour.

P.S. I can’t find a South African link for this, so I’ve linked it to the US website, but it’s priced at R180 in Dischem.
P.P.S. Dischem, please keep your database on your website up to date! It’s so frustrating to never find anything even a few months old on there.  


Too Faced Christmas In New York Merry Macarons palette
I got my hands on one of these when I heard a friend from the UK was coming home for a visit.  He willingly brought back a Debenhams order for me, and I am SO greatful!
I have 3 Too Faced eyeshadow palettes now, and I love them all.  The shadows are great quality and apply and wear beautifully.
This particular palette smells like vanilla macarons (yum)!

P.S. I thought I had photos of these shadows somewhere, so when taking the pictures for this post, I neglected to do that.  WHOOPSIE! 
To see what the shadow range looks like, click HERE – you can also buy it there on Ebay!


MAC lipstick in D for Danger
Damn this photo for not showing the gorgeousness that is this lipstick.  It’s a deep, berry red colour and looks lovely full on, or just applied so that your lips look bitten with the colour.  Perfect wintery red shade.

What were you favourite products for the month of February?


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  1. Rayne Alexander

    10 faves in this post!! Well done! I always narrow it down to 4 or 5 or 6 but I always want to write about way more – I get afraid of losing steam half way through writing 😛

    That REN cleanser sounds amazing! And dying to get some Milani blushers!


  2. Siobhan Hughes

    I can never round it down. I'm such a monthly favourite slut!

    The Milani blushers are so worth it. They're on a par with MAC quality as far as I'm concerned.

  3. Siobhan Hughes

    I usually do swatches, so for the life of me I don't know why I didn't for this one.

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