Cleanser/Makeup Remover – SKINCARE SECRETS

Cleanser/Makeup Remover – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Welcome back to some proper beauty posts guys!  Going forward, I have a range of skincare posts for you guys, on my favourite products to use on my skin.  I’ve decided that, rather than doing a ‘best of skincare’ type post (as I do one annually for you, and that is my favourite products of the year), I’d do my favourite of all time, in each category.  So, without further ado, I’ll begin with the foundation of good skincare – cleansing.

In this post I’m going to discuss my favourite cleansers and makeup removers.  Some I currently have in my routine, others I haven’t owned in a while, but still love.  This will be the case with each post I do, and if I don’t currently own the product it could be because I don’t currently have the budget for it, I own a similar product, or I just have enough of that type of product.

I’m very blessed in that I get sent a decent amount of products by various brands, to test and review.  Due to this, I don’t always repurchase a lot of my favourites, as I’m testing new goodies, and just don’t have enough skin to use it all!


Cleanser/Makeup Remover – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

I have been a fan of cleansing balms for absolute ages now.  However, having lash extensions almost constantly for the last year, I haven’t used one – I don’t need something to remove heavy makeup on my eyes, and the balms are an oily consistency, so if I get the product too close to my eyes, can cause the lash extensions to fall out.

This cleansing balm from Clinique is just the top of the pops when it comes to the rich, heavy-duty makeup remover.  It removes EVERY SINGLE STITCH of your makeup, it’s insanely gentle, it’s fragrance-free.  Plus as with all Clinique products, it’s allergy tested and ophthalmologist tested.  It’s a rich, thick balm that transforms to a silky oil as  you massage it into your skin, yet it leaves no oily residue behind and doesn’t block pores.

My sensitive skin LOVED this, and I have used multiple pots over the last few years, and if I want to repurchase/use a cleansing balm, this is my go to.

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Cleanser/Makeup Remover – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

All time favourite micellar water!

I love how crazy-affordable this micellar water is, yet how comparable it is to the pricier French-pharmacy brands that are so infamous.  I know those brands are amazing (I’ve used them myself and adore them), but to find a product that works just as well, for a lot less money is always a treat.

This micellar water is suitable for sensitive skin, it can remove ALL makeup (I’ve used it on heavy face paint before and it does the job well), and I’m able to use it on my lash extensions to clean them too.

I currently have a travel size one, as I’m finishing up the oily version and my oil cleansers now while I’m rocking no lash extensions, but I’ll be repurchasing the full size of this gem again soon.

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Cleanser/Makeup Remover – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Nikel Cleansing Milk with Immortelle

I’m a BIG cleansing milk fan.  They’re gentle, they’re effective (if done right) and leave your skin clean but still soft and hydrated.

I’ve tested some very average cleansing milks before, but this is one that I’ve personally repurchased a good few times.  Nikel do luxury products so well, and the fresh, yet subtle sweet orange oil fragrance of this leaves me feeling like I’ve stepped into a spa.  I have skin that’s pretty sensitive to fragrance, yet have no issue with it at all.

I’ve raved about the Nikel brand so many times, and this cleanser is my favourite product of theirs!  It’s a product that makes me excited to wash my face and do my skincare routine.  It doesn’t leave a greasy layer on the skin, but then I do remove it with a damp face cloth.

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Cleanser/Makeup Remover – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Optiphi Pure Exfoliating Wash*

As with all other Optiphi products, this is an absolute gem.

It’s both a cleanser and a gentle exfoliator, and it contains both physical and chemical exfoliating properties.  It’s also perfect for those with sensitive or reactive skins, as it the little physical exfoliating particles (that are biodegradable) are also calming, as they contain vitamin B5.

This cleanser feels beautiful on the skin (it’s a second cleanse definitely), leaves my skin happy and comfortable, and soft.  Plus, it’ll gradually assist with evening and brightening out skintone.

I’ve posted about this on my social media, but haven’t actually included it in a post yet! In fact, I’ve been loving it so much that I don’t know why I HAVEN’T posted more!?

Cleanser/Makeup Remover – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser

The original milk cleanser that stole my heart (and one I’ll definitely go back to when I’m finished my currently milk/oil cleanser).

This formula is hydrating, comforting and so lovely and light.  It really does help remove makeup well, yet it also works as a perfect second or morning cleanse.  It also contains the Avene thermal spring water, which makes it amazing for sensitive skins.

Ultimately I love how comforting and gentle this cleanser is, and how it’s always something I’ll go back to when my skin gets irritated or I need to dial back on using too many products.  That goes for all of the Avene products I’ve used though.  I also reached for a lot of the Avene products the year I got married, in an effort to keep my skin calm and comfortable.

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Cleanser/Makeup Remover – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Pixi Hydrating Milky Cleanser*

This cleanser (as with the next one) is newer to my collection.  Yet it’s made enough of an impression that I felt like I needed to mention it.

Described as ‘soothing cleansing cream’, I couldn’t agree more.  You only need the smallest amount, and once you’ve rubbed it between your fingers it becomes the most delicious texture.  Creamy, soft, buttery, milky and downright gorgeous.  The formula includes coconut extract and willow bark extract, and it contains probiotics too.  I find it very comforting to use.

My only disagreement is with the name.  I don’t find it particularly hydrating to the skin once it’s washed off.  My face feels VERY clean and all makeup is washed away, yet I have combination skin and I do feel the need to tone and moisturise straight after using it.  It claims to calm irritation (which I agree with) and provide deep hydration (which I don’t agree with, as it only feels hydrating while it’s on the skin).

That being said, it’s a fabulous cleanser that I use both morning and night (amazing for either first or second cleanse, or even both).  It’s effective and a delight to use.  It’s definitely something I’d repurchase, though probably more for summer time.


Cleanser/Makeup Remover – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Beaucience Botanicals Cleansing Gel *

Another newbie has been this Beaucience Botanicals Cleansing Gel.  I’d never tried anything from the brand, and was sent this, the toner and the day cream from the Botanicals collection.

I’ve never been one for gel cleansers, as they leave my skin stripped and tight.  Yet, I’m pleased to report that this one is WONDERFUL!  It’s soap-free, pH balanced and very gentle on the skin.  Part of their anti-ageing line, it contains lovely ingredients like Aloe Vera, Peach, Organic Green Tea, Proteasyl (a breakthrough botanical unique to Beaucience) and Witch Hazel.

The scent is fresh and clean, and my skin is never left with that tight feeling – in fact I don’t feel the need to rush and slap some kind of hydrating moisturiser and serum on, I could feasibly wait a while.  I have tested it on makeup (yes, it does remove it rather nicely), yet I prefer this as a second cleanse or a light morning cleanse.

What impresses me more though?  The fact that I had no idea how much this cost and I’ve been recommending this (and the toner from the same range, which you’ll hear more about in my next post) to all and sundry.  Today when I was looking up links so you guys could head on over and purchase products if you saw fit, I found out this cost R99,99 for a 250ml pump bottle.  I made my mind up on the efficacy and quality of this product before I even knew the cost!  I’m more impressed with this than I have been with a number of very high end cleansers, so Beaucience – WELL BLOODY DONE!



What makeup removers and cleansers are you a fan of?


*DISCLAIMER – while products with a * with them were gifted to me, all opinions are honest and my own.


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