May Favourites 2019

May Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

This month has really just gotten away with me!  I had big plans for a May Favourites post, and then all of a sudden we’re halfway through June and I haven’t gotten a post up.  I am a BAD BLOGGER!

Do any of you feel like this year is just running away with you?  June specifically has been complete and utter madness!

Anyway – let’s get started with May Favourites.


May Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Ellips Hair Vitamins*

If you watch social media (particularly Instagram) closely, I’m sure you’d have seen that Ellips has popped onto the scene in a big way.  I saw them when their South African account started up and kept tabs on them, because the products looked super cute and travel friendly.

So you can imagine I was thrilled to bits when I received a beautiful delivery from Ellips, with all of their hair treatment capsules, a hair mask and hair cuticle serum.

I’ve tried all of the treatment capsules now (apart from the ones for silky black hair, obviously) and have enjoyed all of them.  However, my 2 standout favourites have been the Smooth & Silky yellow capsules and the Hair Repair Treatment pink capsules.

Both (in fact all 4 of them, but these 2 specifically) smell absolutely delicious, and leave my hair unbelievably soft.  The yellow leaves my hair feeling like silk and super shiny, while the pink leaves it feeling a lot more manageable and less tangled, and soft as anything.


May Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Lush I’m Home 

This fragrance was funnily enough in last year’s May Favourites post, as well as my Best of Body & Hair 2018.  It’s the fragrance that comes out whenever the weather gets cooler!

I’m Home leaves you feeling cozy and comfy and snug – there’s no other way to explain it.  It’s a sweet, spicy and utterly delectable fragrance that makes me think of roaring log fires and mugs of warm and creamy drinks.  It contains vanilla absolute, benzoin resinoid and cocoa absolute, which all combine to make the richest, heartiest winter fragrance of all time!

Next up – I have my eye on Cardamom Coffee after smelling it for the first time at the new Lush store in Sandton City.


May Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Filorga Flash-Nude Fluid

I was VERY kindly sent my first bottle of this superb foundation by the Filorga team.  At first I worried it would be a little too rich for my combo skin, as it’s basically a skin treatment and a foundation in one.  Luckily – if I set with powder, it is perfection.  So much so that I bought myself a second bottle!

I’ve been having the SL Laser Black Diamond Facial at Nadine Kruger Aesthetics (you can watch my YouTube video HERE).  Each treatment is the equivalent of 4 peels, so it does leave the skin a bit tight and flakey for a couple of weeks afterwards.  This foundation is FANTASTIC post-facial, as it’s nourishing and hydrating on my skin.  I have been wearing it every day and not even setting it with powder, and it’s been nothing short of amazing.

Solid medium coverage, light if you use less product, with a super natural skin-like finish.  My ideal winter foundation, and one I’ll reach for time and time again.

P.S. this is on sale on The Beautiful Store HERE at the moment.  You’re welcome!


May Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

This is an OLD favourite.  I only recently added it back into my collection, and I couldn’t be happier!

I bought this in a gift set from Clarins, and had used it every now and then, on and off.  Then – post facial I needed something extra to quench my thirsty skin.  I grabbed the Beauty Flash Balm and smoothed a little over my skin before my Filorga foundation, and BAM!  New favourite combo!

During winter we all battle with dull skin, dry skin, dehydrated and tired skin.  You can use the Beauty Flash Balm as either a re-energising primer or a quick mask to tighten up and refresh the skin.

You can go back to an OLD post HERE and see how long my love affair with the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm has gone on!


May Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Strivectin Anti Wrinkle Line BlurFector Instant Wrinkle Blurring Primer*

I’m always game to try a line-smoothing and blurring primer, so when I received this little gem from Metropolitan Cosmetics, I was thrilled.  I have been noticing my fine lines on my forehead and the little lines at the corners of my mouth where I smile were a hot zone for makeup settling into them.  I used to religiously set my makeup with powder, which would obviously prevent this, however I only set with powder when I use a more radiant foundation, and even then with winter in full swing, I don’t do this every single time!

The Strivectin Line BlurFector is superb at gently filling in these lines without making my makeup feel heavy or cakey – and it honestly does fill them!  It blurs all of those pesky fine lines and even my pores, leaving me with a smooth canvas for any foundation I use.  I’ve tried all of my current foundations (around 6 or 7 brands) and they all work well with the Line BlurFector.

Another thing to point out about this lovely primer?  The fact that not only does it also contain skincare benefits, but it locks in all the goodness from the skincare you’ve applied underneath it.


May Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk

I’ve never been one for cream blush.  It has never worn well on my skin, I’ve found it greasy and sticky and lacking in pigment.  Until I decided to try the Glossier Cloud Paint.  I mentioned it previously in my July Favourites last year, so you can see that it’s become something of a winter staple.

When winter hits and I use a little less powder to set my makeup, I find that powder blushes don’t usually blend out as evenly on my fresh foundation – it just takes a bit longer each time.  This Glossier Cloud Paint (I own the shade Dusk, a beautiful nudish brown shade that is somewhere between blush and bronzer) is EXCEPTIONAL.  I take the smallest amount, dab it on my cheeks and blend it out with my fingers.  If I apply too  much, I just use a damp beauty sponge, and it blends out even more!

This has been a lifesaver post resurfacing facial too!

May Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion lip gloss in Fuel

The formula of this gloss is what gets me – it’s so light and moisturising!  The formula feels buttery rather than sticky, and smells deliciously like vanilla and mint.

I own two shades – Fireball, a holographic peachy pink, which is beautiful as a lipstick topper, and Fuel, a creamy nude that is pictured here.

Fuel is the one I’ve been reaching for continuously, to the point where it’s taken up almost permanent residence in my handbag.  It’s just so easy to swipe it on and feel not only complete makeup-wise, but also feel my dry winter lips lapping up that nourishing vitamin E oil.

May Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice
Top – Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Cushion Lipgloss in Fuel Bottom – Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk, swatched and blended out below



May Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

You have heard me rave time and time again about the Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator.  It’s a hydrating gel-cream that is beaten by nothing!

A product I reach for year-round, but more so in winter or when I travel, this has such a lightweight texture.  It packs the most powerful hydrating punch of any moisturiser I’ve tried.  Totally and completely worth the hype.

With the resurfacing facials I’ve been having, it’s been imperative that I hydrate my skin where it’s flakey and tight, and this is what I layer beneath a barrier cream or repair balm to really lock in the hydration.

I’ve mentioned this moisturiser in both my Best of Skincare 2018 post and My Winter Essentials post from 2018.  That’s how good it is.

May Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

L’Oreal Smooth Sugar Scrub Glow Scrub*

I LOVE a good scrub, but it needs to be scrubby.  Not that I want to scrub all of my skin off, but those ineffectual scrubs that contain maybe 5 grains of salt or sugar or whatever per container are one of my biggest bugbears when it comes to skincare.  I’m damn fussy.

This L’Oreal Smooth Sugar Glow Scrub is BEAUTIFUL.  It smells delicious, it has a decent amount of scrub to it, and it leaves my skin soft as a baby’s butt, bright and radiant and glowing.  I’m already about halfway through the jar and trying to stop myself from using it every other day.

The fact that this scrub is so affordable too is what amazes me – a jar will set you back around R160!  They also have a Nourish version (creamy and moisturising, while still nicely scrubby) and a Clear version (less scrub in a gel that clears blackheads and congestion).

May Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Nikel NIKELNUTRIS Face Cream*

I’ve long been a fan of the Nikel brand, ever since they entered the country a couple of years ago.  However, I’d only really gone for the NIKELHIDRIS, the hydrating moisturiser, as I have combo skin.  I worried something as thick as the NIKELNUTRIS would be too rich for my skin, and potentially break me out.

NOT TRUE!  I started off using this every couple of nights as it was a nice and rich lotion.  Very nourishing for dry and sensitive skin.  As the colder weather set in, I found myself reaching for it more and more, and then I had my first resurfacing facial.  My skin felt tight and was flakey around my nose and chin for the first week, and I found this one product made the biggest difference, not only in nourishing the flakiness but in increasing the comfort of my skin.

I can tell this is one product I’ll keep in my routine whenever it’s cold and dry, and whenever I travel via plane, as I’m sure it’s be rich enough to soothe and comfort my skin.


What products were you particularly fond of the month of May?


May Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

*PR sample


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    Nice selection. I agree with the clarins beauty flash balm being a great product !! Definitely going to check out the Lush perfume 🙂

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      Thanks so much Nina! The Beauty Flash is just incredible. Let me know what you think of the Lush! xxx

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