Best of Body & Hair Care 2018

Best of Body & Hair Care 2018, Sugar & Spice

I hope you all enjoyed the Best of Skincare post that went up on Monday, because now I’m up with my next post – my Best Body and Hair Care products from 2018!  I feel like a lot of these kind of get skipped over in favour of skincare and makeup favourites, but I really like to give a shoutout to the products I put in my hair and on my body too.

Best of Body & Hair Care 2018, Sugar & Spice

1.SHOWER GEL – Woolworths Watermelon Shower Gel

I love a refreshing shower gel to get me going in the morning, and this super summery watermelon one is so good.  It smells just like watermelon candies!  I really love this range of body products from Woolies, so next time you’re in store, check them out.  The shower gels leave you feeling clean but not dried out, and all smell lovely.

2.BODY SCRUB – Milk Solutions Grapefruit & Pomegranate Sugar Skin Scrub

I am big into my body scrubs, and try to give my whole body a proper scrub down at least once a week.  I’ve tried so many new ones this year, and make my own great one.  This one from Milk Solutions is the best though.  It’s not the first time I’ve used it, it’s super scrubby and leaves your skin feeling nourished afterwards too.

3.BODY LOTION – Mixa Soothing Body Lotion with Oat Milk

I’ve ranted.  I’ve raved.  I’ve gone through 4 bottles and plan on buying more as soon as I’m finished my current lotions.  This stuff is soothing, it’s hydrating, it deeply nourishes.  It’s also non-greasy, unfragranced and for sensitive skin.

What I really like about this though?  When I use this and only this on my body, the little bumps on my arms all but vanish.  All in a super affordable body lotion that you can buy in the supermarket or in Dischem or Clicks.

4.HAND CREAM – Esse Hand Cream

I am a hand cream nut.  At any given time I have about 3 on the go!  I have, however, just repurchased this one from Esse, as I love how it’s natural and organic, and smells absolutely delicious.  It’s also non-greasy, and comes in a luxe tube with a pump.  Lovely stuff!

5.HAND CREAM – QMS Medicosmetics Hand Care

During the course of 2018 I went for a QMS facial at Futurethis in Umhlanga.  While I had a mask on, the lovely therapist massaged my hands with this hand cream, and I knew it was one I absolutely had to buy for my mom.

Packed with collagen and anti-ageing, this is a rich, balm-like hand cream that doesn’t leave a lingering stickiness on the hands like so many other super rich lotions do.  It FEELS expensive, and it really FEELS like it’s doing more than just adding a little hydration to your hands.

My poor mum has now started hiding her tube, as whenever I see it, I pick it up and use some.  I need to actually just buy myself a tube at the end of the month.  Perhaps I need to buy her a replacement too.

This makes a great luxury hand cream gift for those ladies who love their skincare.

6.SELF TANNER – Le Tan Coconut Water Self Tanning Foam

I used to recklessly roast my skin in the sun, and since turning 30 I’ve become a lot more conscious of all the bad that was doing.  Over the last few years, I’ve been wearing SPF 40 or more whenever I leave the indoors, slather my face in SPF 50+ daily regardless of the weather, and stick to a self tanner when wanting to look bronzed.

I bought this on recommendation from a few friends, and boy is it great!  About half the price of my usual overseas tanners, it gives a lovely olive tan that’s dark if you leave it on over night, but you can also throw it on for an hour or 2 if you only want a slight glow.  It also fades unbelievably naturally, no patches or streaks.

7.FRAGRANCE – Hugo Boss The Scent For Her

Hubs bought this for me for Christmas 2017 – a spur of the moment addition to my Christmas gifts, and a fragrance I had never sniffed.  Risky, no?

It just goes to show how well he knows me though, as it’s fast become my favourite every day fragrance, perfect for warm summery evenings and cooler winter days.  Any season really!

8.FRAGRANCE – Lush I’m Home

I ADORE sweeter, more gourmand fragrances, however I find they’re more suited to wearing during winter, as our hot and sticky Durban summers require something a little lighter and fresher.

I bought this delicious scent from Lush and wore it a ton during the cooler weather.  It’s so yummy smelling that I can’t wait for winter to arrive so I can start liberally spraying it all over myself, whether I’m heading out or just staying in snuggled on the couch.  It smells like chocolate and vanilla and spices and is the most comforting smell ever!

Best of Body & Hair Care 2018, Sugar & Spice

1.SHAMPOO – Milkshake Silver Shampoo

This isn’t a daily shampoo, and it’s only for us blondies, but it was one I had to mention.  I went blonde again towards the end of 2017, and spent much of 2018 trying to get back to my original cool blonde locks.

I find the best way to cool down any brassiness is to use a good purple shampoo, and I’ve tried my fair share.  I really liked the Schwarzkopf Colour Freeze Silver Shampoo, which deserves a mention.  However, this one from Milkshake had so many recommendations that I wanted to give it a go.

It is the darkest purple shampoo I’ve ever seen, and even leaves my hands stained for the first couple of minutes.  I don’t leave it in my hair for very long at all, as it can leave pigment in the hair if you do, but it gets those brassy, warm tones in the hair and kicks them out HARD!  Definitely a good one to give a try.

2.DRY SHAMPOO – Cake The ‘Do Gooder’ Dry Shampoo

No, never fear!  I’ve not strayed away from my beloved Batiste (check below, you’ll find it there).  I gave this new one a try to see if it was worth the hype.

Guys.  It legit smells like cake!  So freaking delicious that I find myself reaching for it more than the Batiste.  The scent is what reeled me in, however the efficacy was what held my attention.  It’s clear, so there is no white caste like the regular Batiste ones, and I surprisingly feel it in my hair less than the Batiste.  It’s super lightweight, really soaks up all that excess oil AND gives me some much needed volume too.  Super impressed!

3.DRY SHAMPOO – Batiste ‘Bare’ dry shampoo

I still buy the Batiste dry shampoos, as they are more affordable, however I really have been enjoying Bare.  It has almost no fragrance, just a clean smell to it, and it’s not only lighter in smell, it’s slightly lighter in texture too.  I feel it much less on my hair than I do the other fragrances or the colour ones.

Fabulous product, and if you hold it a bit further away from your head and really rub it in, you can get away with using it on darker hair too.

4.CONDITIONER – OGX Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy conditioner 

In an effort to really repair any damage done by my hormonal treatment and by highlighting, I’ve been using masks and treatments in place of conditioner for the most part this year.  The conditioners I have used have seriously underwhelmed me, and I’ve often ended up reaching for them as a shaving cream instead.

This one though is super rich, richer than some masks I’ve used!  It smells lovely, really nourishes the ends of my hair, and leaves my hair feeling and looking sleek without weighing it down.

5.LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER – Milkshake Silver Shine Whipped Cream

I’m all about the leave-in conditioner or detanglers lately, and decided to give this one from Milkshake a bash when I ordered the Silver Shampoo.  I’d heard great things about the regular whipped cream, but this one has a light purple tint and a blueberry fragrance.

This adds an extra burst of nourishment to my ends that is super lightweight, and while I don’t feel you need the purple tint at all, it definitely detangles your hair, and makes for easier brushing and styling.  I also like to add a small amount of this to my ends at night in between washes, as while your roots can feel too oily, ends tend to start feeling too dry towards the end of each wash.  It really helps a lot!

6.HAIR MASK – Schwarzkopf pH 4.5 Colour Freeze Treatment

I’ve heard Dee from That’s Totally Fetch rave about this, so when I saw it on special on Retail Box, I scooped it up.  It’s since been repackaged, but as far as I can see it’s the same product (correct me if I’m wrong).

It’s a thick, nourishing hair mask that strengthens the very structure of your hair, while leaving it smooth, soft and frizz free.  It smells lovely (as do all Schwarzkopf products) and is one of the best salon masks I’ve used.  I’ll definitely be repurchasing this when it’s finished.

7.HAIR MASK – Garnier Ultimate Blends The Nourishing Repairer Balm

If you don’t have the budget for salon hair products, give some of the Garnier ones a try.  I can’t say I’ve loved them all, but this mask I have now repurchased more times than I can even count.  It’s super thick and super nourishing (as the name would suggest), and it doesn’t leave your hair coated with build up.

Even using this, I’ve had my hair stylist tell me that the condition of my hair has improved.  And it’s CRAZY affordable for such a phenomenal hair treatment.

8.HEAT PROTECTANT/STYLING – Goldwell Just Smooth Sleek Perfection

I’m almost finished my second bottle of this, and I am still so in love with it.  It’s the first heat protectant I’ve used that really leaves hair smooth and sleek, and stops the humidity causing me to turn into Monica from Friends.

It has a slight oiliness to it, yet it doesn’t leave fine hair like mine feeling greasy.  It’s one of the products I can honestly say has saved my hair this last year.

9.TOOL – Tangle Teezer The Wet Detangler

I’ve strictly used only a Tangle Teezer for the last few years, and my old one was definitely in need of a replacement, as the bristles were looking a bit bent and battered.  I picked this one up, as it’s the same size brush head, but it has a handle – something I felt my old brush sorely lacked.

I even take this into the shower with me to comb my conditioner or mask through, and it’s made the world of difference to my hair.



What products have you used on your hair or body over the last year?  Anything good?


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  1. candice

    I’ve really been enjoying MIXA skincare products, I also love how affordable it is

    Candice |

  2. Love this post, Shivvy! YOU totally got me into using Mixa, I am obsessed with it! It’s actually a product I am missing since I packed so lightly for London that I didn’t bring it with me *cries softly

    I am super-duper keen to try Schwarzkopf pH 4.5 Colour Freeze Treatment (have been since you and Dee have been talking about it) and now I am also keen on Goldwell Just Smooth Sleek Perfection too — I need to take care of my hair more in 2019!

    ♡ Cammy • Jane Wonder – Fashion and Beauty Blog •

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