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The month of June has been an absolute whirlwind.  It’s been the final month before my wedding, and when you read this post it will be two days before my wedding day!  It’s been absolute madness, and I cannot believe that this post is going up right at the end of June as it rightly should, or that I managed to get it done right at the beginning of the week so I could have it up in time for the end of the month.  So impressed with myself!

So let’s jump right in then!



Both of my body-care favourites are from the same brand, which says something for how fabulous it is!


Oh So Heavenly Double The Yum Bubblegum Body Wash

Yes I am 30 years old and yes – I did voluntarily buy a body wash that smells exactly like a double thick, bright blue bubblegum milkshake.

This body wash is not an issue for my sensitive skin (just like all of the OSH products) despite it being highly scented.  It smells absolutely incredible and is enough to ease my sweet tooth without even eating any sweeties!  It doesn’t really leave my skin smelling like this, which isn’t a problem, as I do like to smell like a grown up after my shower.

Will I repurchase?  I think I will!  This product is lasting nicely, works like a charm and doesn’t strip my skin or leave it feeling dry or irritated.  My skin has been lovely and soft while I’ve been using it.  Plus the smell just keeps me coming back for more!



Oh So Heavenly No More Rough Stuff Hard Skin Softener for feet

I had the most AMAZING pedicure at Brigit Filmer with my mom the day of my bridal shower, and with my feet feeling so absolutely baby-butt soft afterwards, I wanted to keep them feeling that way.  I had this in my drawer and had not been using it (naughty naughty!), and ever since my pedi, I’ve been trying to use this or another foot cream or rich lotion on my feet every night.  So far so good!  This one smells minty fresh too, and I use a generous amount on my feet and then pop a pair of socks on.  My socks feel so soft and nourished the next morning!

Will I repurchase?  Yes definitely, the price is amazing!



Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Milk Cleanser

I’ve spoken about this cleanser a few times already, and already once this week – but it’s that good!  It’s just a very basic, milk cleanser that is exceptionally gentle and soothing, yet it cleanses your face thoroughly and removes all makeup.  It leaves my skin soft, clean and not in the slightest bit tight or dry.

Will I repurchase?  Most definitely yes.


Bioderma Hydrabio Masque

I’ve been using this on the nights that I don’t sheet mask, and I have to say it works like a charm.  I either put it on in a thick layer for about 10 minutes and then tissue off any remaining product on my skin, or I apply a thin layer as my night cream.  My skin often feels tight in the morning, with how dry the weather has been, yet when I use this, I wake up and my skin feels super hydrated and plump and comfortable.

Will I repurchase?  I’m torn between this and my beloved Avène Soothing Moisture Mask, so it would depend on what I felt I needed more at the time of purchase, as they’re around the same price point too.



Skin Republic Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen sheet mask

I adore sheet masks, and I love the Skin Republic ones as they’re so affordable, yet work so well.  I’ve been plumping up my skin with as much hydration and hyaluronic acid filled products as possible, and this mask is wonderful – quick and easy way to really hydrate my skin.

Will I repurchase?  I just did – they were on 3 for 2 at Dischem, so I nabbed 3 of them and only paid for 2!




Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Gel-Cream Eyeshadow in 35 On and on Bronze

I got this in my International Box Swop way back when, and I haven’t used it too much until now.  I use it most days on my eyes, either as a quick base, or a super quick one colour wash over my eyes.  It applies easily and blends out so beautifully!  It also lasts all day long with no creasing whatsoever.  It’s also the most beautiful shade of bronze and an international cult product.

Will I repurchase?  There are so many locally available that probably not, as we don’t get this baby here in South Africa.  I’d rather buy a product I can get locally, as there are plenty that could work just as well, especially the MAC paint pots.


Benefit Hoola bronzer mini

I have never owned the full size Hoola bronzer, but I have owned this mini before.  It’s the perfect shade of bronzer for my skin, plus it’s the right shade for me to contour with as well without it being too warm – it’s such a lovely neutral shade!

The pigmentation is super good as well, so I find I use less product with this than with other bronzers I’ve used in the past, so a mini lasts me pretty long.

The product lasts all day on my skin too!

Will I repurchase?  Perhaps I should finally invest in the full size, seeing as how this is my second mini?  I clearly like it!

L – R: Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and on Bronze; Benefit Hoola bronzer


Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation

This is my absolute current favourite foundation, and I’m trying to refrain from ONLY using this, and leaving all of my other foundations to go bad.

It is a medium to full coverage, but it is buildable, and it has the most gorgeous rose-scent to it without it being irritating to the skin.  It feels super light on the skin, doesn’t transfer and it lasts so well without any touching up.

This might very well start to replace my long time love for Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation… but we’ll have to finish the bottle to find out!

Will I repurchase?  Right now, I might need to soon – I can’t stop using this stuff, my skin just looks so flawless when I do!  But I am so torn as to whether I love this or Double Wear more.


Have you tried any of these products?  What have your favourite products been for the month of June? 


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  1. An Ordinary Gal

    Would the Hoola suit a medium skin tone as well? Like me…a coloured person? I am so intrigued by it, but I always wonder if it would suit me. Perhaps I should try a mini. Great selection of faves!

    1. Thanks so much lovely!
      I’m not sure – Hoola is quite dark and pigmented, I have to use a tiny bit myself. I know they’ve created a light version now overseas too. I do see a lot of darker skinned gals overseas raving about Hoola, so I’d assume it would work? My best bit of advise is to go into an Edgars or Red Square that sells it, and swatch it. If you’re still unsure, then try a mini – they last for ages too and are much more affordable than the full size!

      1. An Ordinary Gal

        They don’t stock it in PE, so I always have to order online. Thanks for the info though 🙂

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