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So, a while back I did a bit of shopping at Shades of Mink, a South African online-store that sells Asian sheet masks.
Now, I’m a sheet mask junkie.  I love them.  They do wonders for your skin, and are so quick and easy to use, with no rinsing afterwards!  Perfect to slap on when you’re in bed reading or watching some series just before bed.  Incredible to use just before you apply makeup for a party or event (the best I’ve used for this is the Skin Republic Vitamin C Brightening Mask, R39.99 from Dischem).
I first read about Shades of Mink in Azraa from Prettiful Blog.  She mentioned in one of her posts that they sold fabulous Asian sheet masks, so I headed on over to browse what they had.  
It literally took ALL of my self control to only buy 5 (seeing as how it was the first time I was ordering from them).  But somehow I managed.  


I bought the following masks (from left to right): –

Intensive Hydrating Black Eye Mask R36

Rose Dew Moisturising Mask R36

Hot Spring Water Moisturising Mask R36

Hyaluronan Hydrating Mask R36

Gold Enzyme Moisturising Black Mask R50.

I also received two lovely samples from the ladies at Shades of Mink: –

Sans Soucis Daily Vitamins Moisture Plus (full size retails for R330)
Sans Soucis Aqua Benefits 24hr Care for Dry Skin (full size retails for R453)

Now – this post has been in the making for a while, as I wanted to try out all of the masks before I put it up – just so I could let you know how the customer service and the products were.

The customer service was outstanding – I had the masks in my hands in LESS THAN 24 HOURS, without paying any extra for shipping (there seems to be a set R60 fee).

Every single mask worked wonders on my skin, and all were incredibly hydrating.  Each one comes with a TON of serum.  I have to say though, that the Gold Enzyme Black Mask and the Eye Black mask were surprisingly my favourites.  Neither one left a black film on my skin, and the eye mask really hydrated the skin better than others I’ve tried.  I like that it was able to hydrate all around my eye area, as opposed to only underneath it.  The Gold Enzyme mask had flecks of gold flake in the serum itself, so it felt very luxe to use.

I would repurchase all 5 of these masks, as they all work really well.

The two samples were also really great for my dry, winter skin.  Both are fabulous for dry or dehydrated skin, and the Aqua Benefits one in particular actually helped to ease any dehydration-induced redness around my nose and chin.  I’m hoping to give the full size of that one a bash soon!

Have any of you shopped with Shades of Mink?  Are you keen to try?

*Small disclaimer – this is in no way a sponsored post.  I paid my own money for these masks, and I am already planning my next order*


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  1. Siobhan Hughes

    These ones are great, they have so much more serum in them than the ones we usually get here, and really seem to make a difference! xx

  2. Hilary Young

    They sound amazing! thanks for sharing will definitely try them out:) Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


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