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Welcome to my final ‘best of 2018’ post.  For all you makeup-junkies out there, this one’s for you!  A few of these are favourites I had in 2017 too, but they were used and loved by me so well that they deserved the award for last year too.




1.PRIMER – Filorga Pore Express

Absolutely nuts about this.  I still reach for some of my more hardcore pore filling primers if I have a night out or an event, but this does the job almost as well, and keeps my skin matte.  What I love the most about it though?  The fact that the more I use this, the better my skin looks and feels.  Being a skincare brand, all of Filorga’s makeup products have skincare benefits, and with this primer, the ingredients work to help your skin stop producing as much oil overtime, as well as minimise the look of your pores.

Amazing, right!?

2.FOUNDATION (HIGHER END) – Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup

I’ve mentioned my undying love for this foundation countless times.  It will always hold a special place on my dressing table, and I finally got my hands on the pump for it last year!

This foundation gives medium to full coverage, sets down to a soft matte and lasts all day long.  I get complimented on my skin whenever I use this!

3.FOUNDATION (DRUGSTORE) – Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

While I adore my Double Wear, at the price it’s just not feasible to use it as an everyday foundation.  So I’m always hunting for a drugstore option I can wear day-to-day.

In 2018 I rediscovered this liquid dropper foundation, and since then I’ve not looked back!  I have the shades 010 (when I’m pale) and 030 (when I’m self tanned) and mix them in between to get my perfect shade.

It applies so easily, you only need a small amount to get a very good coverage, and it sets down much the same way as the Double Wear.  It also lasts exceptionally well throughout the day!

4.BB CREAM – Garnier BB Cream Oil Free

Often the thought of foundation is just wrong.  Whether your skin is looking great and you don’t want to layer makeup on it, or if you’ll just be hanging out casually at home or with friends or family.  That’s when a good BB cream comes into play.

This one from Garnier is so flipping good!  They have variations for pretty much every skin type too (an original formula, as well as an active one and a mature one, on top of this oil free version), so if you can find one to match your skin tone, grab it!  What I love about BB creams, is that because they’re more sheer, you can usually grab one a shade darker or lighter than your usual skin tone and it will still work.

5.CONCEALER – Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

I’ve used this concealer to cover blemishes or marks on my face throughout the year, and it works like an absolute bomb.  I also loved how this concealer was great for spot concealing on those days where you don’t want to wear makeup, but still want to even out your skin and cover any blemishes so you look fresh.

Lasts well, nice coverage and it doesn’t just blend away like some concealers do.

6.CONCEALER – Maybelline Instant Age Eraser

Clearly 2018 was the year of Maybelline concealers for me!  I’ve bought this from overseas a number of times, so was THRILLED to bits when it became locally available.  This is the BEST concealer I’ve ever used under my eyes, as it truly does cover those dark circles and brighten up the under eye area, as well as not drying it out.  Nothing worse than getting the coverage you want and then looking creased and crepey!

This concealer also doesn’t crease on me, lasts all day and blends out like an absolute dream.

7.SETTING SPRAY – Urban Decay Chill setting spray

The Urban Decay setting sprays are infamous, and with good reason.  I’ve only ever tried the Chill, but I love that it hydrates and cools my skin, while still keeping all of my makeup in tact for the whole day or night out.

Perhaps 2019 will be the year I FINALLY let Chill go and try the All Nighter?

8.SETTING POWDER – Kryolan Fixing Powder

I came upon this powder when I purchased some for my pro kit on a few recommendations.  Since then I’ve bought my own container and I use it almost daily to set under my eyes, and often my entire face.

It gives no flashback, it doesn’t leave a white caste on my skin, and it really leaves my skin looking and feeling smooth and airbrushed.  Plus, NOTHING keeps my skin as fresh and matte as this!  Definitely a worthy loose powder to look into.

9.BRONZER/CONTOUR – Benefit Hoola Bronzer

I am insane.  I have literally bought two of these in minis, and received a third one in a kit I bought last year too.  It’s officially time to just buy myself the full size!

Probably the best bronzer I’ve ever used, this one isn’t too warm and it’s not too cool.  It’s the perfect tone to both bronze AND contour, it’s beautifully pigmented, but blends so well.

10.BLUSH (MATTE) – MUD Poppy blush

I received this in a goodie bag from one of my blogger meetups, and was a little afraid at first, as it’s HIGHLY pigmented.  However, once I got used to only using a teeny bit at a time, I loved the warm pinky shade, and how it lasted all day long.  So many blushes tend to fade over the course of the day, but not this one!

I really must make a plan to pick up a couple more blush colours, as this formula is second to none.

11.BLUSH (GLOWY) – Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

I bought this ages ago on Muse Beauty, and have used it on and off since then.  The blush looks seriously shimmery and orange in the pan, but once applied, all you see is a beautiful warm peach on your cheeks, and the shimmer is very subtle.  I can easily use this one product in place of bronzer, blush and highlight.

I’ve actually finally hit pan, and will probably finish this up in the first half of 2019 too.

12.HIGHLIGHTER – Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder

Everyone was so excited when these launched in SA, and I have read many mixed reviews.  Mine, however, is that it’s one of the best highlighters I’ve used, period.  It doesn’t matter that it’s insanely affordable, it is better than some far more pricey ones I’ve owned!

You can take it from a subtle and gentle glow, to a blinding, metallic and almost wet-looking highlight just be the amount you use and whether or not you get a setting spray involved.  Versatile and gorgeous.



1.BROW (POMADE) – Benefit Ka-Brow! Eyebrow Cream-Gel colour

I really had little interest in trying this product out, as I was a brow pencil addict, but my mum bought it for herself, tried it once and decided it was too high maintenance for her.

Once I’d used this a handful of times, I was obsessed.  It fills in the brows just as precisely as a pencil, if not better.  I also love that it can be used for a super natural brow, but I can also get a super carved out, Instagram style brow if I so want.  Plus – I’ve been using my pot for months and I’m only about halfway through now!  Fab value for money.

2.BROW (GEL) – Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Filler brow mascara

I cannot even explain to you how much I have grown to love this product in such a short time.  I was sent a lovely drop from L’Oreal and Maybelline last year, and these were in it.  After 2 uses, I kind of knew exactly how to use this to get my brows as full and precise as I like them, and since then I have barely been picking up other brow products!

This is the perfect every day brow product, it’s waterproof so fab to wear out at the beach, and you can use it very lightly or a little heavier to build it up to a more groomed look.  It’s a setting gel and is filled with a tint and fibres, so an absolute dynamite product.

3.EYE PRIMER (DRUGSTORE) – Wet n Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer

When looking for a good eyeshadow primer, this one from Wet n Wild is great!  It applies easily (just don’t use too much product or it could pill) and really does keep eyeshadow looking fresh and crease-free for longer.  Lovely stuff and a tube will last you ages.

4.EYE PRIMER (HIGHER END) – Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Do you know, I had kind of brushed this product off, as I’d really been enjoying my one above.  I thought to myself, why spend the extra cash, if I’m happy with my drugstore one?

When placing an order online last year, this was included as a freebie (and a generous one at that!), and I couldn’t believe my luck when it arrived.  After putting it to the test, I can safely say that it really does make a bigger difference than the drugstore one.  Not only does it apply easily (no pilling, no drying out, just smooth skin to work on), it allows for easier blending of eyeshadows on top of it, colours stand out more and they last all day.  I can come home from a day of work and they’ll still look as vibrant as when I applied them, with no creasing whatsoever.

Totally worth the splurge, let me tell you.

5.EYESHADOW PALETTE – Urban Decay Born To Run Palette 

Probably the most raved about launch of 2018, this palette exceeds the hype.  It’s the most versatile palette I’ve ever seen, never mind had the pleasure of owning!  The formula and wear of the shadows is up to the usual Urban Decay phenomenal standard, and it is such a joy to use.

I have so loved creating different looks with this palette, and look forward to many more in 2019.

6.LIQUID EYESHADOW – Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

This one is for all the shimmer and glitter lovers out there!  While it’s pricey for a single product with only one shade of eyeshadow, do yourself a favour and pick one up – even if it’s only in a neutral shade.  It is the most glamorous product I own in my collection, and the glitter is so eye catching.

I’ve created a number of looks using my one shade (I have Bronzed Bell, and then in the Shimmer & Glow formula I have La Douce, but the Glitter & Glow is the formula to beat), and it’s super sparkly, dries down nicey and doesn’t crease.  Also, you don’t have as much glitter fallout as you’d expect from a product like this, so it’s super impressive.

7.EYELINER – Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

The last couple of years have seen in a bit of a decline in my eyeliner use.  However, I purchased two of these last year (Alkaline and Corrupt), and have actually been using them quite a bit.  The pencil is creamy and applies without any dragging, and it lasts all day long!  I also love that if you take a small pencil brush and smudge it slightly just after applying, you can smoke it out a bit just before it sets down, and then that’ll last you well until you need to remove.  I just can’t believe how soft and creamy they are!

I’d love to pick up a proper black, and perhaps some fun colours of these to play with – royal blue anyone?

8.MASCARA – L’Oreal Lash Paradise Extatic mascara

I am currently on my third tube (two from overseas and one bought here), and although at first there were a lot of negative reviews on the waterproof version (the blue tube), this one has still been loved.  It’s a super volumising product, so not for the anti-clump lovers, however I have found that taking a clean spooly brush through after applying can minimise clumps while retaining the volume.

I’ve actually been asked if I’m wearing extensions a few times when wearing this mascara.  Enough said there.

*TOP TIP* This mascara can dry out quite quickly.  If you find it has dried down too much before your 3 months of use are up (mascara should be replaced every 3 months due to hygiene reasons), add a little saline solution or saline eyedrops to it and swirl the brush around (don’t ‘pump’ it, as this will add more air in and it’ll dry out again super fast).  You can get the full 3 months out of your product then. 





1.LIPSTICK – MAC Velvet Teddy

A repeat favourite, this is my ultimate nude lipstick.  I find myself able to reach for this as the finishing touch to so many different eye looks.  I also know it’s comfortable while still matte and longlasting.  I’m actually on my third tube.  There’s a reason it’s a cult favourite!

2.LIQUID LIPSTICK (HIGHER END) – Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks

I only have one shade of this liquid lippie (Trivial), but I actually didn’t wear too much liquid lipstick over the course of 2018.  This formula is unbelievable though – it dries down so you can barely feel it, yet it lasts all day long.  It also doesn’t dry out your lips at all.  Lovely formula and they have some lovely colours too.

3.LIQUID LIPSTICK (DRUGSTORE) – Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink 

As far as more affordable liquid lippies go, this was the one to beat.  I have three shades, one of which is a tad too light and I’ll be passing on, but the shades Heroine (bright red) and Lover (dusty pink) are absolutely gorgeous.  This formula doesn’t dry down 100% – it stays feeling a little tacky, but I have no issue with this as I prefer my lips to not look or feel like raisins when they’re made up.  Despite this tackiness, the product honestly wears so well, and other than a little wearing away on the inner rim of your lips, it’ll last until you’re using an oil remover to swipe it off.  Well done Maybelline!

4.LIPGLOSS – Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lipgloss

I heard amazing things about the gloss launch from Urban Decay, and with gloss really making a big comeback, I decided to pick one up and try it.  I oddly didn’t buy my usual nude, but picked up Fireball – described as a holographic peach with pink sparkle.  It is freaking gorgeous guys!  I wear this on it’s own regularly, but as a topper over most shades of lipstick, it adds such a beautiful finishing touch.  Also, the scent of these is a delicious sweet mint, and the texture is buttery and totally non-sticky.  Will definitely be picking up some more shades.

5.LIPLINER – Catrice Lip Foundation Pencil 

Finally, while I don’t wear lip liner often, I have reached for this one from Catrice a lot.  I have the shade Addicted to Cafe Au Lait, and it’s an almost dead match for my MAC Velvet Teddy.

The formula of these is super soft and creamy (you’ll find yourself needing to sharpen after almost every use), and yet when it’s set down it’s WATERPROOF.  These were designed to contour, prime and fill in your lips, and I have to say they give you a lovely smooth base for lippie if you fill your lips in with them.  I’ve worn it alone, with lipstick and with lipgloss and I love it more each time I use it.

I also like that they’ve created the pencil in a number of nude shades, both dark and light.



What were your favourite makeup products of 2018?


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    I really want to try that Filorga primer! And I agree…Kabrow is the BEST thing to have happened to my brows!!! Love your list.

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      That Filorga primer is sublime, and I love that it doesn’t have that heavy silicone feel to it. Omg I can’t believe it took me so long to even try Ka-Brow! Now I’m committed to it… Thanks so much! xxx

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    These are a few of my favorite things. I love the selections. Thinking of adding it to my shopping list.

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      Let me know if you get anything from the list! xxx

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