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Happy month of love!  I can’t believe we’re already into February (as cliche as that sounds), when it doesn’t even feel like we’ve had Christmas yet.

I’m so sorry my January favourites is going up so late in the month, but unfortunately I’ve had a super busy few weeks trying to juggle work and blogging and wedding planning and life, and then also putting my special fur baby down this week, as well as a family member (and my boss too) being taken into hospital.  I was left doing payments for our company as well as a few other things, and trying to balance all of this with getting to the hospital for visits and even managing to squeeze in some gym-time.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so grateful for a weekend, and other than relaxing and some possible braaing, I don’t plan on doing much other than getting my nails done!

Either way, here is a new post for you to read, on what goodies I enjoyed using during the first month of this year!


Charlotte Rhys Under the Leaves Pillow Spray


My mom bought this for me as a gift on a trip to Cape Town during January, and I am so in love with the smell.  I’ve been using it on my linen and just generally around my room, and it’s the freshest, most clean fragrance.  It comes in a range of other goodies, such as bath and hair, as well as reed diffusers and even perfume!

It’s described as having top notes of Orange and Tomato Leaves, heart notes of Hyacinth and Lily of the Valley and base notes of Musk and Cederwood.  Earthy, green and fresh.

The Tan Lab Dark Self Tan


I used this self tan years ago, and only recently bought a new bottle.  I remember why I loved it so much!  It’s natural, easy to apply (although I still use a mitt with it), and it fades well too.  Except on my feet, but I’ve yet to find a tanner that fades well there anyway.

The Tan Lab is formulated with DHA and Erythrulose, to create a two-phase tan, in which you begin to darken after applying, and then darken some more after you’ve washed it off and it’s made contact with water.  Their products are also eco-friendly, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, as well as ph-balanced and proudly South African!

I think I need the medium shade rather though, as I’m currently so pale that it looks too obvious when I’ve suddenly gone very dark!

Lush lemony flutter cuticle cream


I received this as a sample ages ago with an online Lush order, and only found it recently when going through my collection.  My hands and cuticles were extremely dry, and being that this is ultimately a rich butter for your cuticles, I gave it a bash.  It works like a charm, smells like fresh lemons, and can even be used on any other dry areas on your body (hello dry, chapped heels!).

If you use it as only a cuticle butter however, you’ll get so much mileage out of the tub – for R145 you get 50g of product!

Soap & Glory Hand Food in Smoothie Star scent


My top hand cream of all time, I love the original scent of Hand Food.  However, I found this Smoothie Star scented version last year on Boots, and only opened this tube up in November last year.  It smells like pistachios and almonds and honey and vanilla, and is so deliciously-scented that I want to lick my hands each time I use it.

It nourishes my hands without being greasy, and leaves them soft and smooth.

I couldn’t seem to find this scent on their site anymore though, so perhaps it was limited edition?


Freeman Dead Sea minerals anti-stress mask


I saw this mask on Pinterest at some point and kept meaning to get my hands on it.  Eventually, when I saw it on the shelf at Dischem while I was browsing for a new face mask, I threw it in my basket, and tried it that same night.

It has a lovely spa-like scent to it, and it’s a bright blue clay mask (you look hilarious with it on).  While I don’t find anything specific that it did – it didn’t get rid of fine lines, nor did it miraculously cure any spots or blackheads – my skin just looked and felt GOOD after using it.  Soft, clean, brighter and like I’d had a really good nap and was well rested.

I’ve used it a few times since, and it’s now my go to mask for when I’m in the mood for a bit of a pamper.

Neutrogena ageless intensives deep wrinkle anti-wrinkle serum


I’ve spoken about this before, as well as the night cream in the Ageless Intensives range.  They all contain a tiny amount of Retinol in, so a great way of slowly starting to get your skin used to Retinol before throwing it in the deep end with a harsher, stronger version.  Even my sensitive skin has had no problem with any of the products in this line.

I use this every other night on my face, before I put on my eye cream and night cream or facial oil.  It hydrates my skin and definitely plumps up any fine lines, and leaves my skin soft and clear.  I’ve used this for a while, and it became a real favourite when I used it on my fiance one night, after giving him a mini facial (something he’d DIE if he knew I’d mentioned).  The next day, after only one use, there was such an obvious reduction in the fine lines around his eyes, and on his forehead!  I’ve decided I’m going to put him onto the full range in the upcoming months 😉

Beautiful earth moisturising day cream and repairing night cream


I received these as part of a trial kit for the Beautiful Earth skincare in a Bellebox last year, and was so excited.  I love all-natural products, and the sizes were so generous.  I generally just keep them in my travel toiletry bag, for ease when I spend a night out or go away for the weekend.  I really enjoyed using them over January, and they’ve actually ended up in my bathroom cabinet.  I’ve been using the Night cream every night, and the day cream on days when I don’t need my makeup to last the entire day and into the evening (it’s quite rich, so it tends to make my skin feel a bit oily).  I think that for winter these will be SUCH gems, but I’m happy to use the night cream all year round!

The Moisturising Day Cream contains Lavender, Rose, Neroli, Frankincense and Jojoba oils, for their cell-renewing and rejuvenating properties, while the Repairing Night Cream contains Pomegranate, Carrot, Rosehip, Jojoba and Ylang Ylang oils, to leave skin glowing and nourished.  Once these are finished I’m honestly going to think about buying the full sizes, because best thing is, they’re super affordable!


Colourpop Super Shock Cheek bronzer in Paradise Cove

When looking for the link for this bronzer, I discovered that it’s been discontinued!  How terrible, as I started using it a few weeks ago, and it’s been the only bronzer I’ve reached for since.  Super easy to blend, pigmented, but not too much so, and having a satin finish, it’s not too matte, yet not shiny.  It’s also a lovely neutral colour to contour with, but yet it adds warmth to my face.

L’oreal True Match foundation in 3N Creamy Beige

.I first decided to buy the True Match foundation after reading a blog post on it, on Pink Peonies.  I’m so glad I tried it, because it’s become one of my favourite foundations ever!

Basically, you find out whether you’re a cool, warm or neutral undertone, and go from there.  The C shades are for cool undertones and contain a pink shimmer particle, the W shades are for warm undertones and have a golden shimmer particle, and the N shades are for neutral undertones and contain a mix of silver and golden shimmer particles.  I’m usually somewhat of a warm undertone, yet some of the warm foundations in this line are too warm.  For this reason, I have 3W, 3N and 4N – all for whatever shade my skin is.  I could also probably pick this up in the 2N and 2W, but they’re pretty hard to find.

It’s just a medium coverage foundation that blends into the skin seamlessly and smoothly.  It lasts well and looks really lovely and natural.

Lancome juicy shakers in 301 meli melon and 313 boom-meringue

I was a very lucky girl last month – I won 4 of the Lancome Juicy Shakers from Dave Lackie on Twitter.

These are glossy tinted oils, based loosely on the original Lancome Juicy Tubes lipglosses.  The little containers look like cocktail-shakers, and they give a slight tint of colour to the lips.  Each one also has a different fragrance, based on it’s name, and these two smell incredible – sweet meringues and watermelon!  I also received Cherry Symphony, which I also like, and an apricot one which I’ve added to my Instagram giveaway!

What products have you been loving so far this year?  Any goodies I should try?


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