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Colourpop is a much-spoken about brand, both here in South Africa and especially overseas.  Although it isn’t sold in South Africa, you’ll get different companies that import it (Muse Beauty sometimes does), and they do ship internationally!

I have tried using their international shipping, and I have to say – it took so long to arrive that after two months of waiting I complained and they refunded me the following day.  Very very impressive customer service.  The package did arrive eventually, it wasn’t lost as Colourpop thought it might be.  It was, in fact, sitting in our delightful customs, and hadn’t been sorted, due to a backlog.  To me, my Aramex Global Shopper is much more reliable, and while I then pay for shipping, it’s usually minimal and I often don’t even pay customs on it.

Anyway – I’m going to do a sort of mini review on each of the products I own from Colourpop, and go through the pros and cons of which items I think you need to get your little paws on.




I only own one of the Lippie Stix from Colourpop, as I prefer to order their liquid lip products.  I have the colour Oh Snap, which comes in a Matte finish (the Lippie Stix come in a number of different finishes, such as Satin, Creme, Matte, Matte X, Sheer, Glossy).

This specific shade is a light pinky-nude, perfect just as an every day lipstick.  Although I love the colour, I’m not a fan of the Lippie Stix, and have only ordered one, because after trying out this particular one, I know I don’t like the scent.  I’ve never been one to be overly fussy on how a lip product smells, but this has a soft vanilla scent, that is completely overwhelmed by the smell of soap?!  It reminds me of a bottle of bubble mix, and not in a good way.  It also lingers and doesn’t fade away.

Needless to say, I haven’t tried ordering another, because even though I LOVE the shade of this lipstick, I can’t wear it because of the smell.

Oh Snap Lippie Stix


The Ultra Matte’s are Colourpop’s stay-put liquid lipsticks that dry down to a VERY matte finish.  They can be quite drying if you don’t prep your lips properly.  You have to give them a bit of a scrub, even if it’s just with a little sugar and honey mixed together, or a warm, damp face cloth.  You also need to apply a thick layer of lip balm and then do your skincare and the rest of your makeup, only wiping off the excess just before you apply the Ultra Matte.  They can be very liquid on application but will dry down completely matte.

I have the shades Times Square and Viper – two very different colours.  I like to experiment with what colours I try, as sometimes the different colours can have a different application.

Times Square is said to be a muted pink-beige, but to be honest it’s more beige than pink on application.  To me it’s a perfect nude colour, and it’s lovely to wear in this formula, as you don’t have to keep touching it up and your nude lip will last all day.

Viper is a dusty rose-pink and is quite a fair bit darker once it’s dried down completely, which is actually true for all the Colourpop liquid lippies – they all dry down darker than they look in the tube or on first application.  *Keep this in mind when purchasing*  It’s a lovely everyday colour for winter, or even for just a sophisticated pop of colour on a summer evening.  Very pretty.

L – Times Square UM; R – Viper UM



Now, you can tell which my favourite formula is.  The Ultra Satin’s dry down to an almost matte finish, yet they don’t dry chalky or tight.  They look like a matte lipstick, yet feel very comfortable on the lips.  They aren’t as long wearing as the Ultra Matte’s but they do last for a good few hours, and even after eating it’s only the inner rim of your lip that needs touching up.  These vary in consistency as well, some being very liquid, others being creamier.

I have the shades Calypso, Baracuda, November and Littlestitious.  All in the kind of nudey genre, which I love to wear.

Calypso is said to be a mid-tone pink, but it’s much warmer to me.  It’s almost a warmer, slightly more peachy pink.  I quite like this as an everyday lipstick.

Baracuda is the darkest of the four, a warm rosey colour that will be a lovely everyday winter shade.  It kind of gives me the idea of a bit of a muted brick-red.  Warm, rusty and lovely.

November is a Kathleen Lights collab, said to be a warm peachy pink, but I find it to be quite a warm orange/peach when dried down.  It’s definitely warmer than Calypso, and less pink too.  Not a colour I’d usually wear, or even buy, and it looks very different to the swatch on the Colourpop site, but I fan-girled and bought it because I love Kathleen.

Littlestitious is VERY different to it’s Colourpop swatch.  It’s said to be a pastel dusty pink, but it reality I see very little pink in it.  If you’re not careful, you can look like you have concealer-lips with this one, so I always pair it with a pinkier lipliner, or use it to just add some definition with other colours.  It’s been great at using to lighten up other nudes slightly too.  Just make sure you blend it all out before it dries.  This is also my most used lip product from Colourpop!

L to R Littlestitious; Calypso; November; Baracuda



I hadn’t actually owned any Colourpop blush until this year.  I’d ordered these two when I placed a big order and got free international shipping.  They got ‘lost’ and then finally arrived in January!

Now, I’ve never been a fan of cream blush.  I always battle to get it to last on my skin, and I pretty much always set my face with powder, and then it won’t blend well.  But the Colourpop texture is kind of a cross between a cream, a mousse and a powder.  It’s very strange, so I thought that I’d give it a bash!

I have the shades Birthday Suit and Bardot.

Birthday Suit is a lovely, natural looking pink.  It isn’t too pigmented, so you don’t have to worry about looking like a clown on first application, and you are able to build it up if you prefer a bit more colour.  I love this blush, it lasts well and is so easy to blend.

Bardot is something a little different.  I think that this was probably a blush for darker skin tones.  It is VERY pigmented and I have to use only the tiniest bit on my brush or I’ll end up in clown-central.  It also looks intimidating in the pan, as it’s a very dark, red rusty colour.  I have, however, found that if I use a teensy bit and blend, blend, blend, blend, blend (#Rihanna), it gives a lovely warmth to the cheeks, without looking making them too little-girl pink.
Top Tip: I’ve used this as an eyeshadow as well, as it’s the same pigmentation and texture as their eyeshadows.  It worked beautifully and didn’t crease.  Great for a warm smokey eye, and it makes my green eyes pop.  You’re welcome.

L – Birthday Suit; R – Bardot (Very intimidating, no? Just blend that baby out and use a LOT less product.  Works like a charm)




Strangely enough, this is no longer on the Colourpop site.  I think they’re possibly replacing all of their bronzers with powder pans now.  Correct me if I’m wrong!

This one, Paradise Cove, is in the same formula as the blush, and is the most beautiful soft, neutral bronze that warms up my face, without leaving it looking orange or muddy.  It blends so softly, and I’ve been using this as a contour and bronze shade.  Great for pale skin!  It’s also not a flat matte – it’s a satin finish, so it isn’t chunky and shimmery, it just takes the edge off the matte so that it looks luminous without glow.

Look how beautiful Paradise Cove is! Why take it away Colourpop?!



Listen to me carefully now.  I’m going to emphasize this one point.  DO NOT TRUST THE IMAGES AND SHADE SWATCHES ON THE COLOURPOP SITE.  They are very seldom true to form, or have been shot in different light.  Not only does this colour on the right look darker than it does on the site, it’s actually even darker in real life.  Not a highlighter for a pasty lass such as myself.  It’s more a very metallic bronzer.  I’d be better off using this one as an eyeshadow.  If you want to see swatches before ordering, always google the Colourpop (shade name) swatches.  You’ll get much better, true to form swatches there.

I’m not a fan of the Colourpop highlighters.  There are so many good ones out there, and I bought one after hearing it raved about on All Dolled Up.  I just can’t seem to come to grips with it!  The texture is the same as the other products, but when I apply it (whether it be by finger, sponge or brush), it just removes the layer of makeup underneath.  The darker one applies slightly better but it’s just far too dark to be used as a highlighter.

I have the shades Lunch Money and Candyman, and they’re my least used highlighters.  Out of every other brand I own.

Lunch Money is the most exquisite colour – a soft, pale gold that if blended into the skin on your hand for a swatch, gives that lit from within look.  Blended on top of my makeup, regardless of tool, it makes my makeup patchy and cakey looking.  I’ve stopped using it, so if anyone can give me a top tip for it, please do!

Candyman is said to be a rich metallic gold.  They’re not lying about the metallic or the gold, and it might be an incredible highlight for darker skins.  I’m probably going to end up passing this one on to one of my darker-skinned friends.

L – Lunch Money; R – Candyman





I’d heard good things about the Cream Gel Liners – soft, creamy and they last well.  So I decided to try one out and see if I liked it.

I bought the shade Honey Dude, a creamy nude shade, to line my lower waterline and brighten and open up  my eyes.

This shade definitely does the job, and the colour applies nice and opaquely, so you don’t have to keep running it over again and again.  It’s incredibly soft, so don’t ever wind them up too much, as they snap so easily (it’s happened to me twice).  It’s actually almost the same shade as my skin, so I’ve used it to help tidy up a lip line with a darker shade of lipstick, instead of concealer, as it’s so much more precise.  It’s also great to apply to a spot in a small dot, and then blend out with your finger.  I guess it was just a lucky shade!

It blends out and into your skintone easily.  Not sure why my skin looks so pink in this shot – possibly from scrubbing off other swatches!  It’s usually a warmer, more yellow undertone.



My absolute favourite products from Colourpop are these eyeshadows.  They’re that same moussey, creamy, yet powdery formula and are the most gorgeous eyeshadows I own.  You can even see the bottom left two are older, and I’ve hit pan on both of them (plus the logo has even rubbed off).

They come in a number of finishes – Matte, Satin, Ultra Satin, Pearlized, Ultra Glitter, Metallic, Utra Metallic.  I’m not too big on the Mattes, although they do their job, but the Metallic ones are pretty (with a bit of chunky glitter in), and the Satin and Pearlized are my absolute favourite finishes.

I find that the Matte shades are best applied with a synthetic brush, and the others are best applied with fingers.  You can use a synthetic brush too, but you won’t get the colour intensity you will with a finger.  I apply with my finger and then blend out the edges with the brush.  Or I’ll apply with a brush and just tap more on with my finger in the centre of where I want it to pop the most.

L – R: Kathleen Lights, Weenie, Muse.

Kathleen Lights has several eyeshadows in collaboration with Colourpop – in fact, two quads, Where the Light is, and Where the Night is.  The shades Kathleen Lights and Weenie are two of her eyeshadows, and two of my absolute favourites (hence me having hit pan).

Kathleen Lights is a bright golden copper, a big show stopper for anyone with blue or green eyes.  It’s from the Where the Light is quad, but you can buy it on it’s own.

Weenie is my favourite colour of all, a gorgeous rose gold, and I am trying to only use it occasionally now, as I’ll be finished it within a couple of weeks otherwise.  It’s from her Where the Night is quad, but you can buy it on it’s own.

Muse is one of my more recent shadows, and is a metallic rose.  I like to use Weenie all over my lid, and then Muse on the outer corner, as it adds a bit more dimension, yet I still get a gorgeous rose gold eye.

L – R: Kathleen Lights, Weenie, Muse.


L – R: Drift, Stereo, Hustle.
These first two look so sad.  I think that they might have been older stock at Colourpop, and were therefore a little drier.  It doesn’t make a difference in how they apply, both apply beautifully.  Aesthetically they just make me sad that they’re all cracked.
I love a warm cranberry smokey eye, or plum smokey eye, as I have green eyes.  These colours work wonders at achieving that.
Drift reminds me a lot of MAC Cranberry, which is a red plum with a frost finish.  Drift is just a little more red, but has the same metallic sheen to it.  I already own Cranberry, but wanted the shade in the Colourpop texture, as it applies colour so beautifully.  It’s listed on the site as a pearlized true cranberry, and I couldn’t agree more.
Stereo was my first metallic shadow from Colourpop.  The glitter in these can be intimidating, but it looks so gorgeous on the eye.  It’s stated as a blackened purple with gold and pink glitter, and it looks breathtaking for a night out.
Hustle is a matte shadow, and is lovely to add definition to the outer corner of the eye.  It’s a plummy purple shade, and my most used matte Colourpop shadow.  It does take a bit of work to build up the colour, so while I get frustrated, it’s great for beginners who don’t want to go in with a heavy dark colour straight away.  It’s also sadly been discontinued.


L – R: Drift, Stereo, Hustle.
L – R: Girl Crush, Central Perk, Friskie


For the life of me, I remember swatching these shadows, and yet I’ve lost the image of the swatches.  This drives me nuts!
Girl Crush is a matte soft warm grey, and is great for smokey eyes to blend out the darker shadows, and to use in the crease.
Central Perk is also a matte shadow, and I fan-girled over this and bought it because it’s the name of the coffee shop in Friends (yes, I’m that sad haha!).  It’s a gorgeous deep warm brown, with a little burgundy in, so it’s lovely for a more natural, very slightly smoked-out eye.
Friskie is just spectacular!  It’s a metallic black, with silver and pink glitters in, and it is the perfect shadow for a big party.  I wore it on New Years one year as a smokey eye, and it was so stunning.
And there you have it!  I have, since taking these photos, added to my collection, and I had some deep dark burgundy’s and purples arrive in the Ultra Matte and Satin liquid lipsticks, but I’ll possibly do another Colourpop Update post.
Do you own any Colourpop products, and if so, which ones?  Do you have your eye on any?


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    I should have read your review before I ordered! I see some goodies that I want now and sad I didn't order when I had the chance. That Weenie shadow is just too gorgeous! I agree with you that the swatches on CP site is not very accurate – hence me ending up with Molly, as shocking fushia I would never wear. But now we know for next time!

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