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I thought I’d do a product review for today’s post, as it’s something I haven’t done for quite a while now.  And what better to try out than something we can’t get here – a lot of people are very keen on buying overseas products and having them shipped out, but obviously nobody wants to spend their hard earned cash on something that they don’t know all about!

You can buy the Kat Von D products and get it shipped through Aramex Global Shopper – if you haven’t heard about it, check it out.  It’s an amazing shipping service that gives you addresses in various countries, so if your desired item doesn’t ship to South Africa, you enter your Aramex address.  They then ship your goodies to your Aramex address in that country, and Aramex ships it to you.  It also often works out cheaper and safer than shipping straight to SA, even if the website offers delivery here!  I was pretty lucky in that I signed up for Aramex when Pink Peonies had a discount code, and I only paid $10 to sign up, when it was normally $60 at the time *BIG SAVING*.

I was lucky enough that Debenham’s in the UK had just started stocking Kat Von D products, and I had a buddy coming out from the UK to visit his family here in Durban.  I had my goodies from Debenham’s delivered to him in Brighton, and he very sweetly brought them back to South Africa for me – thanks so much Stevie!

Now, I’ve heard so much of the bloggersphere talking about the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks.  Obviously as with any product, you’ll hear good and bad reviews, but to me the good far outweighed the bad, and I picked two shades to have brought back to South Africa for me.

I went to quite opposite ends of the colour-spectrum as well, with Double Dare (described as a cocoa blush, but on the warmer end of that to me) and Exorcism (described as a ripe blackberry, but it’s a deep, dark plummy berry shade).

So – let’s get down to the review itself: –


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shades Double Dare and Exorcism.




The packaging is gorgeous – slim, sleek and with the Kat Von D logo and tattoo patterns on the lid and tube.  The applicator is a typical doe-foot, but small and slim like the rest of the packaging, so even with the darker shade, it’s easy to get a precise application.

Double Dare



The product itself is a very thin, almost mousse-like cream.  It feels like nothing on the lips.



Double Dare



The product is very opaque with only one swipe, but can easily be layered for more vibrant colour, without causing it to peel or crumble off.  Great for touch ups (not that it really even needs any!)


The most impressive long-lasting lip product I’ve ever used.  I kept thinking that there was nothing on my lips, it’s that light in texture, but when I checked in the mirror it was still completely in place.  Even the dark berry shade Exorcism, lasting a good 3/4 of a day at work, with constant drinking of water and coffee, and eating lunch and a couple of snacks.  I only felt the need to really touch up by the time I was at home, and by then I was going to be taking my makeup off anyway.  I’d imagine that if you ate something exceptionally oily, that it would wear off faster, but I had salad with dressing on and it didn’t really affect it at all.  It was only on the inner part of your lips that it slowly wore off, and it’s so easy to touch up without causing it to separate and crumble off.


There was a really impressive range of 30 shades of the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick on the Kat Von D site, and so it took me a while to narrow it down to only two of the shades.  I figured I’d go for a slightly more nude, everyday colour, and a nice dark shade for winter.  My reasoning was that I’d get to try a lighter shade that would be nice to just avoid touch ups at work, and a darker shade which would usually require many touch ups regardless of when I wore it.

Both of the shades, like any other liquid lipstick, dry down slightly darker than when you first apply them, so Double Dare wasn’t so much a natural light nude, but a warm, rosy peach shade that still is suitable for everyday wear.  Exorcism is much darker than I’d initially planned on going, but it’s gorgeous, and I can see me getting a lot of wear out of this in winter.  Plus, my fiancè likes darker colours like this as lipstick, but as every guy does, hates getting it all over his lips if I kiss him – and there is zero transfer!


These retail for $20 on the Kat Von D website, but I got them at Debenham’s for £16.


You can find these in both the UK and the USA, and some of the sites can ship them to South Africa, and if not, try Aramex.
If you’re not keen on trying out international shipping, a few of the online stores that import beauty goodies do stock them, but you’re always going to have to keep a lookout on fakes.  Some of these fakes are exceptionally good copies, but you’ll be paying full price for something that isn’t legit.  The only website I rely on 100% to only supply me with the real thing is Muse Beauty.  Just bare in mind that you’ll probably be paying more than what it retails for overseas, as they obviously are doing the dirty work ordering it in, paying shipping and customs for you, so that you don’t have to.


Yes!  Yes a hundred times yes!  I already have my eye on Bow N Arrow (a faun-nude), Nahz Fur Atoo (a blood crimson), Vampira (a deep reddish burgundy, and the shade I’d love to wear on my wedding day, as burgundy is one of our colours), Lolita (a chestnut rose) and Melancholia (a rose blush).  As soon as I can afford to, I’m either going to see if Muse have any of the shades available, or see if a kind beauty-mule will bring some back for me from overseas.  With my impending nuptials, I do have some family and friends travelling out from the UK, so perhaps I’ll ask them nicely if I could order and have it delivered to their house, and they could pop it in their luggage for me.  I’m also keen on trying the Kat Von D Lock-It foundation, as it’s meant to be an incredible long-lasting, high coverage foundation.


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