Esse Skincare – A Rewilding Journey

You have most DEFINITELY heard me mention the brand Esse Skincare here on my blog before.  It’s a brand I’ve spoken about very often, as I’ve used a lot of the products at home, and I’ve been for various treatments at different salons, using their products.

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Esse Skincare is locally made here in KwaZulu Natal, and is not only packed with pre and probiotics, but is also certified organic and made with natural ingredients.


I was recently invited to the Esse Skincare concept store in Ballito, for a chat about all things rewilding, probiotics and skin.  We were able to chat to the skincare therapists about our issues and book the Ultimate Esse Experience, which I was lucky enough to experience that same day!

I’d previously been for a Rewilding facial at the Esse Skincare Ballito store when the treatment was just launched.  Basically, the brand has one facial they offer in their salon now, but it’s completely customizable to your skin’s needs and your preferences.  You can select different massage tools, temperatures and add-ons, making it the  ultimate facial experience.


The facial done by the lovely Lihle was just spot on, and it included a live probiotic application and a mask.  I left with my skin beaming with health, soft as can be – and a package of gorgeous skincare products for me to put to the test.


Today I’d like to review the products with you.  You may have heard me mention a couple of them previously, but if I have, I’ll link those old posts for you as well.

On top of this – you have until 31st October (another 3 days) to take advantage of an AMAZING discount at the Esse Skincare store in Ballito.  The code is only valid in-store, but it gives you 10% off all products AND treatments!

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And without further ado, here are my thoughts on the products I was gifted: –


Esse Gel Cleanser (R370 for 100ml/R535 for 200ml)

I usually prefer milky or oil-based cleansers, but that doesn’t stop me from being completely obsessed with the Gel Cleanser from Esse Skincare.

The cleanser is fabulous for deep cleansing, but doesn’t leave your skin with that tight, stripped feeling afterwards.  It’s also so refreshing, as it contains peppermint and spearmint oils, so it’s a great pick-me-up in the morning!

My skin feels clean, but not stripped, and all impurities are washed away.  Suited for normal/oily skins, but fabulous for my combo skin in the hotter weather.

You can purchase the Esse Gel Cleanser online from Faithful To Nature HERE.

I also love their Sensitive Cleanser (R585 for 200ml) as it’s very calming, the only cleanser that contains probiotics, and leaves my skin soft and clean. You can purchase it on Faithful To Nature HERE.

While I don’t have any toners from Esse Skincare at the moment, I have used and loved their Sensitive Toner (R365 for 100ml) as well – available for purchase HERE.


Esse Plus Eye Contour Cream (R1430 for 15ml)

This is the first eye product I’ve really used from the brand, as previously I’d just had product applied during treatments.

I’m a sucker for a great eye cream, but it must always hydrate my eye area enough to minimise the fine lines, not irritate my sensitive eyes AND if it’s a day/night product, it must be nourishing enough for night time use AND play nicely under my makeup.

This eye cream does all of these things and more!  It’s really leaves my under-eye area hydrated and bright, it softens those pesky fine lines and helps to gently depuff.  Plus I find it more than rich enough for night-time use, yet it doesn’t cause my concealer to crease during the day.

Very impressed with this product, and even though it’s from the more premium Esse Plus range (and therefore comes with the price tag to go with that), it is well worth the money.

You can purchase the Esse Plus Eye Contour Cream from Faithful To Nature HERE.


Esse Repair Oil (R495 for 15ml)

You all know by now how much I love a good facial oil.  They’re a fabulous way of boosting the moisturising power of your face cream, they’re wonderful to use for a good facial massage, and they always come with more concentrated ingredients.

The Repair Oil is sublime, as it doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy.  Instead it sinks into your skin in the most beautiful way, nourishing it along the way.

Packed with an omega blend thanks to Flax, Marula and Rosehip (my FAVOURITE oil), it’s fantastic for all skin types, for extra night-time nourishment, and to repair scar tissue.  The oil blend also contains Vitamin E (to stimulate cell regeneration) and Kalahari Melon Oil for it’s emollient properties.

I’ve honestly found that the marks left behind by spots have healed up so much quicker when I’ve used this oil consistently at night.  Plus, I’ve used this on it’s own or I’ve mixed a couple of drops into my moisturiser of choice, and it’s been beautiful either way!

You can purchase the Esse Repair Oil on Faithful To Nature HERE.

I’ve also been lucky enough in the past to try a couple of the wonderful serums that Esse Skincare has to offer.  The Hyaluronic Serum (R460 for 15ml/R795 for 30ml) is deeply hydrating, has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps to soften and plump up wrinkles and fine lines.  Available for purchase HERE.

The Resurrect Serum (R1160 for 30ml) is another hydrating and plumping serum, yet it’s specifically an anti-aging serum for sensitive skins, as it works without causing any irritation.  Available for purchase HERE.


Esse Sensitive Nourish Moisturiser (R750 for 50ml)

I wasn’t gifted this moisturiser with the other products, but I received it during a trade exchange with the brand previously.  It’s for dry and dehydrated skin – and I suffer with dehydration, particularly around the nose and mouth/chin areas, and this moisturiser was INCREDIBLE.

It helped to really provide my skin with moisture, yet it never felt greasy or sticky.  It also instantly calmed any irritation, and the pre and probiotics helped to keep my skin barrier happy and healthy.

Plus – the Sensitive range smells AMAZING! Very subtle, but delicious!

This is a moisturiser I’d happily repurchase time and time again.

You can purchase the Esse Sensitive Nourish Moisturiser on Faithful To Nature HERE.


Esse Sensitive Hydro Moisturiser (R650 for 50ml)

The Esse Hydro Moisturiser is also from the Sensitive range, but this is for normal/combination skins.  While I loved the Nourish, the Hydro is a much better match for me for the upcoming summer months.

It does the exact same job for my skin as the Nourish Moisturiser, yet it’s just lighter in texture, and slightly less rich.  It’s incredibly soothing to my skin, and my barrier is always happy when I’ve been using these moisturisers consistently.

Beautiful product!

You can purchase the Esse Sensitive Hydro Moisturiser on Faithful To Nature HERE.


Esse Cocoa Exfoliator (R465 for 50ml)

I have mentioned this product COUNTLESS times over the last few years.  I’ve called this my favourite physical exfoliator of all time, as it’s gentle enough to not irritate my skin, yet it leaves my face feeling softer than ever.

The very fine Cocoa particles help to buff away dead skin cells, while Marula and Manketti oils help to nourish, leaving your skin soft, but not stripped.

With the inclusion of Rose Geranium, this scrub smells like a chocolate-covered-Turkish-Delight heaven, and it makes the most incredible gift (to both others and yourself)!

You can purchase the Esse Cocoa Exfoliator on Faithful To Nature HERE.

Previously mentioned in my post Exfoliator – SKINCARE SECRETS.

I’ve also used the Esse Cream Mask (R695 for 50ml) previously and loved it.  It’s a stunning hydrating mask that also provides your skin with comfort and energy – available for purchase HERE.


Esse Hand Cream (R295 for 60ml)

This tube of hand cream was actually not part of our trade exchange, but was a thank you gift for attending the event at the Ballito concept store (along with a box of their delicious tea).

In actual fact, this is probably my fourth or fifth tube of the Hand Cream, and it won’t be my last!

Packed with Rooibos and Marula oils, along with a delicious blend of essential oils, this hand cream smells like a dream, and works on the skin of your hands like one too.  It sinks in immediately, leaving no greasy residue, yet leaves your hands feeling soft and pampered.

Another beautiful option to gift this festive season!

You can purchase the Esse Hand Cream on Faithful To Nature HERE.

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I also reviewed the Esse Foundation on my blog, and discussed it in depth.  If you’re looking for a skincare-infused makeup product that provides hydration, sun protection and really decent coverage, then definitely give it a read: –

New Esse Foundation – TESTED

Last but not least, I’d like to advise that when venturing into the world of probiotic skincare, Esse suggests that you begin with a Sensitive Skin trial pack.  They’re available in stores and on the Faithful To Nature site HERE.

*DISCLAIMER – while I was hosted for my treatment at the Esse Skincare Ballito concept store, and gifted the above products for review, all opinions are honest and my own.


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