Emdoneni Lodge, Hluhluwe

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If you're a frequent watcher of my Instagram Stories, you'll know that at the beginning of the March, Hubs and I paid a visit to Emdoneni Lodge in Hluhluwe. Luckily…

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Weekend Vlog – June 2019

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I spent the long weekend in June (where Father's Day and Youth Day collided as one) vlogging! This was officially my first weekend vlog, and while it's FAR from perfect,…

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Xtreme Lashes Experience

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I recently had a treatment at Nadine Kruger Aesthetics in Hillcrest.  She soaked off the remaining lash extensions I had on (it was 5 and a half weeks since they'd…

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Luscious Lash Extensions

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Lash extensions - I'm sure we've all heard about them at some point.  Heck, I'm sure a good number of us have tried them.  And with every person who's had…

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My Birthday Wishlist 2018

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Another year older, and my birthday is rapidly approaching.  I cannot believe it!  This year is the big 32, and I still feel like I'm in my early twenties.  Time…

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Lash Curl Treatment – Micanté Beauty
Top - Before Bottom - After

Lash Curl Treatment – Micanté Beauty

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I suffer with SES.  Small Eye Syndrome.  My eyes look tiny when I wear no makeup, and I hate it!  The biggest cause - although my lashes are decently long,…

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Get saving in 2018 with The Entertainer!

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By now, if you haven't heard me mention The Entertainer, you've been living under a rock.  It's the ULTIMATE app for saving money when eating out or getting beauty treatments. …

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