Xtreme Lashes Experience

Xtreme Lashes Experience, Sugar & Spice
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I recently had a treatment at Nadine Kruger Aesthetics in Hillcrest.  She soaked off the remaining lash extensions I had on (it was 5 and a half weeks since they’d been applied, so they were looking pretty sad) and she then applied a set of Xtreme Lashes volume lash extensions.

Xtreme Lashes Experience, Sugar & Spice

Xtreme Lashes Experience, Sugar & Spice

Nadine not only runs her own successful salon, she’s also the KwaZulu Natal trainer for Xtreme Lashes.  She runs a variety of courses, for the different types of lash extensions, from the full course, through to a bridging course (if you’ve already trained as a lash tech, but would like to get certified with the Xtreme Lashes brand).

Xtreme Lashes Experience, Sugar & Spice
Xtreme Lashes Experience, Sugar & Spice

I am so obsessed with how fluffy, soft and natural my lashes look – if you gently stroke your finger across them you can barely feel anything!  They actually feel like real lashes, just with more volume there.  They don’t feel heavy on my eyes, they seem to tangle less than other brands (although I still keep up with my daily brushing) and my eyes aren’t irritated at allXtreme Lashes is the proof that sometimes paying a little more money for a better quality product really does make a difference.

Nadine is also incredibly passionate about the brand, and you can really see why – the quality of the treatments and my beautiful, fluffy lashes themselves just speak volumes.  You can find more information, as well as examples of her work on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Xtreme Lashes Experience, Sugar & Spice

Head on over to my YouTube channel to check out the full video where I vlog the process and talk about my thoughts on the brand (it’s not unbearably long, I promise!): –



**DISCLAIMER – while my set of lash extensions was gifted in exchange for a review, all opinions are honest and my own.**


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