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I suffer with SES.  Small Eye Syndrome.  My eyes look tiny when I wear no makeup, and I hate it!  The biggest cause – although my lashes are decently long, they’re very fair.  And so it came about that I started researching which salons did Lash Curl treatments, also known as Lash Lifts or Lash Perms.

Now, you all know how much I love my Entertainer app.  I stalk that thing at least once a week to see what deals are available.  So, I happened on a little salon called Micanté Beauty in Kloof.  With my wonderful app, I saw that they were offering Lash Curl treatments on the 2 for 1 special.  What a score!



I emailed the salon and spoke to the lovely owner/therapist Michelle, who said I could either bring a friend in and we both have the treatment done for the price of one, or I come in myself and have the second treatment free of charge.  I went with the second option, and I’m so glad I did.

I have now had both treatments, and we worked out that for me, I don’t need the curl to be as extreme.  On the second treatment (the one in which I took the pictures you’ll see), Michelle used a different sized silicone shield for my lashes, and she left the curl solution on for less time than before.  This way, I get the lift and bit of curl, without curling my lashes TOO much.  The first time they were too curly, and I couldn’t even put on gel or liquid eyeliner.  Second time was perfect!

I’d never previously even tinted my lashes, and while I have had lash extensions (both length and volume sets), I’ve never tried anything like this before.  I was pretty darned nervous – you’re ultimately having perming solution applied to your eyelashes!

There are 4 steps to the Cherryink Lash Curl Treatment that Michelle uses – first is the curling lotion (pink), second is the lifting lotion (blue), third is the lash tint and fourth is a conditioning oil to treat your lashes.  Unfortunately Michelle and I didn’t even think of taking a picture of each step, but she did take a photo of what it looked like with the blue lifting lotion on:



It looks crazy.  Also – excuse those wild eyebrows!  Michelle offers a brow shape and tint with the treatment as well.  I fortunately don’t need the tint at all, but I needed a grooming and badly.  I don’t fiddle with my brows myself, other than tweezing the occasional obvious hair.  I’m crazy-fussy about letting anyone shape my brows.  I’ve had some bad experiences – think brows being different lengths, different heights on my face and WAX DRIBBLED INTO MY HAIR.  Michelle on the other hand is a gem, and my new favourite person to do my brows.  In fact, the only person.  While I do prefer threading (the effects last longer and are much more precise than waxing), Michelle tidies up my brows without taking too much away.  I hate it when my brows are too thin!  She does such a fantastic job that when they were freshly done I didn’t even need to use any products on my brows.

Anyway, back to the lash lift.


Here are some before and afters for you to look at:










Just so you can see close up and compared closer together, see here:


Top – Before
Bottom – After


Insane, right?!

My eyes are a little red from removing my makeup before the treatment, and then being wiped after the treatment.  They’re crazy sensitive, and I have had no bad reactions to the formula used.

As you can see in the last picture as well, Michelle did apply a little tint to my bottom lashes.  It doesn’t take as well as the top lashes, but you can definitely see a difference.  It also doesn’t last as long as the top lashes, it wore off after a couple of weeks.  I liked the difference it made though!

Now, the curl and lift is said to last 6-8 weeks.  It obviously depends and is different with everyone.  For me, the tint definitely wore off quicker, but the lift and curl lasted for at least the 8 weeks.  You can see it gradually drop as the weeks go on.  You can apply mascara on top of it, as per normal, and if you’re an eyelash curler addict, this is a treatment you’ll love!  Your eyelashes are ready for your mascara every single day, no curler needed.

Once the lash treatment is finished, Michelle then shapes and tints your brows.  I so wish I’d taken a before and after of my brows, so you could see just how good they looked!  They looked so bushy and crazy in these images.


Are you keen to give it a try?


I know there are COUNTLESS places in Cape Town and Johannesburg that offer the treatment, but Durban has (as per usual) hopped onto the trend a little later.  If you’re keen to give it a try, I can HIGHLY recommend Michelle at Micanté Beauty.  She’s lovely, friendly and so gentle you could fall asleep during the treatment.

The Lash Curl Treatment (including brow shape and tint) at Micanté Beauty costs R350 and lasts for 6-8 weeks.  Plus – if you have the Entertainer app for Durban, you can get this on a 2 for 1 special promotion.  With a special like that, what are you even waiting for?

You can contact Michelle on to enquire about appointments.



Have you ever had a beauty treatment like this?


**DISCLAIMER – this treatment was not sponsored in any way.  I paid for it myself, using my Entertainer app, and all opinions are honest and my own.**


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