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I have a little bit of a different post for you today.  We all love to know what products other gals use.  What they like and finish up, or what they toss or pass on.  But what about those products that are still being used, but are seriously loved?  The products we’ve hit pan on, and are possibly trying to stop ourselves finishing up.

Every product in this post is one I love.  One I use again and again.  As a beauty junkie, one who hoards a lot of products, it’s difficult to finish products up, particularly makeup ones.


So, if you’re keen on seeing which of my makeup products are constantly in rotation, and always being reached for, read on!




Catrice Treasure Trove Limited Edition Golden Powder in C01 Golden Grace

This was part of a limited edition collection a while back.  I bought this highlighter powder and the blusher in the collection.  Both are absolutely gorgeous!

This highlight is the most perfect champagne shade I’ve ever used.  It’s glowy enough without being obnoxious, and if I could (and they had this formula in more shades) I’d keep it purely as a bridal highlighter in my kit.  It gives you this incredible lit-from-within look and isn’t chunky or glittery at all.  Honestly, I can’t even put into words just how perfect this highlight is.

I’ve actually had to keep this for certain occasions instead of just using it every day, as I dread the day it’s finished.  Why is it that the limited edition collections feature such amazing products that never return???




ELF Bronzing Powder in Golden Bronze

I received this years ago in my International Box Swop, and took ages to crack it open.  Reason being, I usually prefer a matte bronzer.  However, when I did finally give this a go I loved it!  It adds a glowy warmth to the face, without being too shimmery or too warm (if that makes sense).  It just leaves me looking sun kissed and fresh – perfect for summer.  For a while I used a lot of the one shade as a highlight when I was tanned, so I’ve hit pan there, but these days I swirl my brush around the whole pan and swipe it on.




Wet n Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder in Warm Light

I’m embarrassed to admit – I’m on about my 4th one of these powders.  This is partly due to the fact I love it, and partly due to it being quite fragile.  They smash so easily, as the powder is super soft and finely milled.  I remedy this by either not travelling with it at all (including popping it in my makeup bag), or if I must, I place a few cotton rounds on top of the powder before clipping it shut.

This is supposedly a dupe for the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural powders, and I can honestly say that while I’ve never tried them, this is a fab powder.  It doesn’t make you look cakey or overly dry, yet it smooths your skin out beautifully.  Plus – no flashback!

They just really need more shades.  Like, badly.




MAC Nutcracker Sweet Peach Face Compact

I have travelled with this compact so much since I bought it.  The blush is such a beautiful, everyday shade.  A pretty dusty pink.

That highlighter though!  Super pigmented – you need the tiniest bit for a natural glow, and it can be built up so blindingly that you’ll show up in outta space!

My highlighter has sadly cracked, and I actually need to fix it with some rubbing alcohol.  But look how much of that blush I’ve used!!!  Yet another limited edition product that wowed, but is no longer available.  The highlighter shade is Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Tutu and the blush shade is Extra Dimension Blush in At Dusk, and both are unavailable as singles either.  What a pity.




LA Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder in 100 watt

This stuff is GORGEOUS.  Super glowy, yet it can be applied very subtly as well.  What I especially love, is the number of shades in the range.  There is bound to be a highlighter for every skin type!  I need to get a few more shades.

You can also read Perilously Pale’s review on it HERE.




Essence Luminous Matte Bronzer for Lighter Skin

I have raved and raved about this bronzer.  I wrote it about it in my February Favourites post HERE.

This is my second or third compact, and I already have a backup in place for as soon as it finishes.

It is basically a matte bronzer on the outer portion, with a very subtle satin finish bronzer on this inner.  This leaves you with the most natural, sun-kissed glow every, and this shade works for my fair skin!

I know they’ve taken the darker one off the market, but this one is just life.




Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Satin Finish Bronzer in Paradise Cove

Sadly, this bronzer is no longer available on Colourpop.  I was, initially, a bit tentative with it.  I’m not a fan of cream products for the most part, and much prefer to keep my bronzer/blusher/highlighter as powders.  However, these Colourpop products are a strange mix of cream and powder.  They’re not quite cream, but they’re hardly a powder!

This gives the same effect as the Essence bronzer.  It’s super natural, not too warm and not too cool, yet it blends like an absolute dream.




Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Pearlized Highlighter in Lunch Money

I bought this on a recommendation from All Dolled Up.  I use it a couple of times, but couldn’t find a way to apply it on top of my setting powder, without it removing all of my foundation underneath.  Yet I cannot go without setting powder!

I eventually realised that if I simply apply some with my fingers and pat it on, I have no issue, giving me a natural gleam.  Also, I can use my slim Dupe Factorie brush (similar in shape to the Real Techniques Setting Brush, but denser), and this packs on the colour for a powerful glow!  Since then, I’ve been using this non-stop, and am definitely going to repurchase when it’s finished.

It’s the most gorgeous shade of soft, light golden glow.  Stunning!




Too Faced Natural Eyes palette – shades Cashmere Bunny and Push-Up

This is my most travelled eye palette for sure.  I’ve spoken about it so many times, I could link posts for days!

I find that this palette can be used for eyes, brows, highlighter and in a pinch, contour.  It can take a day look to night in an instant.  Great quality, nice and compact packaging, and it’s SO PRETTY.

I’ve hit pan on two shades – Cashmere Bunny and Push-Up.

Cashmere Bunny is a beautiful soft brown.  Great as a transition colour in the crease, fab for the brows and I have indeed used it to contour a few times.  Super blendable and just pigmented enough without being overpowering.

Push-Up is a gorgeous metallic bronze shade.  I’ve used this all over the lid as a single wash of colour, and used it in countless day and night makeup looks.  Love it, and it’s a shade that I always gravitate to.

They have since repackaged and changed the look of this palette slightly, and I’m torn as to whether I prefer the OG one, or the new and updated version!




Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette – shades Salted Caramel, Marzipan and Crème Brulee

I’m a chocoholic in so many aspects of my life! I love eating it, I love the different shades of colour, and I love it in my makeup!  This palette is super cutesy, as are all things Too Faced, but the quality is outstanding.

I’ve hit pan in a few shades, but my first one to get there was most definitely Marzipan – a pretty metallic soft rosey gold shade.  As you can see, I try and not use it these days unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I also hit pan on Salted Caramel quite fast.  It’s the easiest and best transition shade I’ve ever used, and find it can be used in almost any eye look.  It’s a warm, orangey brown, and just works so well to ease other shades into your lid.

Crème Brulee was one I took a bit longer to get into, but once I did, I was addicted.  It’s a deep, bronzey antique gold.  Truly gorgeous, and makes for a dramatic finish for a warm smokey eye.




Palladio Crushed Metallic Eyeshadow in Stellar

A gift from my lovely Cam from Jane Wonder, I’ve almost finished this bad boy.  She gave me this in a little gift bag of goodies for my birthday last year, so can we just appreciate that the large pan is almost done and it’s not even been a year in my possession?

The shade is sublime – a beautiful rosey bronze that will bring out the colour in both blue and green eyes.  I have taken this away as the only eyeshadow in my makeup bag before, as a swish of bronzer in the crease, highlighter on the brow bone and inner corner, and a careful smudge of dark brown liner can take this to a glam night look instantly.

It’s also the softest, most buttery and intense metallic shadow I’ve used.  It’s more a pressed pigment, and it’s almost creamy to the touch.

I wore this every single day for about a month before I realised I needed to slow the hell down on it.

Soon to be repurchased.



NYX Professional Makeup Contour and Highlight Pro Palette*

I have used this palette so many damned times.  It can be used for contouring, highlighting, setting foundation and concealer, and I’ve used it on my eyes as well.

I have hit pan on the setting/brightening shade Cream as I use it often to set under the eyes.  The shade Nectar, a beige/peachy satin finish is amazing at brushing lightly over the whole face.  I do this after I’ve set with powder, and it adds glow back into my face, fabulous for when I have an event to attend.


As you can see, I’ve also ALMOST hit pan on the two lighter bronzer/contour shades.

The warmer one is Tan, a warm but not orange (despite how it looks in this photo) bronzer.  Great for warming up the face and as a transition shade on your eyes.

The cooler shade Toffee is cool enough to use as a contour on my skin, without it looking ashy or muddy.

These are both incredibly pigmented, so start lightly at first and build up product, rather than go in guns blazing.  This is why, even though I’ve used them even more than the lighter shades, I have not actually hit pan yet.



Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow in KathleenLights

Part of the Kathleen Lights collaboration with Colourpop, this was the very first product I’d tried from the brand.  I also got this in my International Box Swop!  Little did my swop partner know that I loved the brand, and I watched Kathleen’s videos obsessively.

This is a satin finish (yet wowzers is it super metallic) in a bright golden copper.  It’s such a unique shade, and one I need to wear again soon!  It lasts all day long, doesn’t crease or smudge, and really makes the green in my eyes pop like there’s no tomorrow.

If you’re a lover of the Colourpop formula, this is a must-have shade.



Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Weenie

Another collab with Kathleen Lights, this is my all-time favourite eyeshadow.

This is a beautiful, super metallic rose gold shade that looks fabulous on anyone, yet works with my green eyes so well – they really pop when I wear this kind of colour.

I get endless compliments when I wear it, and have used it so many times that it looks a little pitiful actually.  It’s quite dried out to the point where I have to use a little setting spray on my brush before I dip it into the pot.

I actually have already repurchased this and have my new one waiting to be cracked open!



What products have you hit pan on lately?


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  1. Simone Cameron

    I also bought lunch money because of All Dolled up! lol

    I am so jealous of all your pans…it’s what I strive for…to hit pan! Too Face Chocolate Bar palette…if I ever hit pan, those will be the same 2 shades as yours for the very same reasons. Salted Caramel is everything!

    1. Siobhan

      Hahaha! I was sad for this post too, as to me they all look so icky, being mostly/half used up!
      Salted Caramel needs to be released as a single shade!

      1. Simone Cameron

        Though Magical in the Dream St palette is also very very nice! Very unassuming, but in the crease…like..where did this pigment come from???? And Jamila in the Saharan palette…and pukey (I think) in the JH palette. Each palette has that one shade. But Salted Caramel is the one that started my love for warm toned transition shades.

        1. Siobhan

          Ah me too.. and love Magical as well! I need those other palettes now…

  2. Ilona

    Kathleenlight and Weenie Supershock Colourpop Eyeshadows is my favourite. I bought the Where the Night is quade but have not used it yet. I also hit pan on some of my favourite Nake3 shades 🙁

    1. Siobhan

      It’s so depressing, yet so satisfying when you hit pan on a product. Like, clearly you enjoy it, so the fact it’s coming to an end is sad. Yet it’s HARD to work your way through products! xxx

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