International Box Swop

This is going to be a rather long post, so grab a cup of tea (or coffee, what ever floats your boat!) and settle in!

I first read about international box swaps on the blog Make it Rayne, as she’s done quite a few.  She has done a post on everything about them here, so you can read more detail into them there.  The whole idea is to find someone in another country, and do a swap of goodies so that you can get your hands on things you don’t get in your country, such as makeup, snacks, candy, beauty goodies or stationery, and even country-themed souvenirs.  It’s like a pen pal, with extras!

Now, obviously the safety of this is key, as you’re buying a box of goodies (set to a budget) based on your partner’s likes and dislikes, and all from your country, and sending them across the world, on the basis that this person is doing the same for you.  Thanks to Rayne, I requested to join the group on Facebook for International Box Swaps, and they have to approve you and accept your request.  There are then rules and guidelines that must be followed, or you’ll be removed from the group.  It’s all very safe and the admin members really make it a great place to find swappers.  There is a quiz form that you fill in, and then send to your swapper, and so they can find things for you that you’re certain to be happy with.

I matched with a lovely girl, Hayley, who lives in the UK.  She was heading to the States for a holiday just before Christmas, so I’d be able to get goodies from two different countries too!

The months leading up to the swap were so exciting as we exchanged messages and found out more about each other’s lives.  We both love make-up and beauty products, but also wanted to try out different candies and snacks from each other’s countries.

There were some hiccups with the sending of the parcels, but we have both received them, and it was so worth the stress!  You’ll now see below everything that I got from the gorgeous Hayley.  (Please excuse the quality of some of the photos – I was so excited to just dive into everything, that I was not able to concentrate enough to get the photos quite perfect)

International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice
My beautiful box, with a hand written card, and wrapped up pressies!


I love Yankee Candles, and I got 2 Car Jar Air Fresheners, in ‘Sweet Strawberry’ and ‘Christmas Cookie’.  I also got a 3-pack of votive candles, in ‘Raspberry Sundae’, ‘Sweet Vanilla’ and ‘Apple Crumble’.  Four wax melts finished off the Yankee Candles goodies, in ‘Christmas Treats’, ‘Christmas Baking’, ‘Vanilla Frosting’ and ‘Merry Berry’.

International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice

Hayley also sent me a beautiful green-glitter, personalised Christmas bauble (super cute!), a pearly-pink cell phone cover, a set of to-do list stickers with little penguins and polar bears on, and some lovely jewellery – a pair of rose gold and diamanté earrings and a gold necklace.

International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice

I also got some delicious snacks and choccies – 2 packs of Chocolate Bourbon biscuits (I’d asked for these specifically, as they’re my dad’s absolute favourite, and we don’t get them here), a pack of Highland Shortie cookies, a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Ritz slab, a Galaxy Salted Caramel slab and a HUGE bag of mixed M&M’s from Hayley’s trip to M&M world.  The ladies at work and I attacked the Shortie cookies and the Ritz slab, and WOW!  So good….

International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice
Cue the drooling… So yum!



I mentioned that I’d really like to try out some Elf products, as I’ve heard that they’re really amazing quality despite their insanely cheap price tag.  Hayley really spoilt me with the amount of Elf goodies that she picked up for me.

I got 4 lip products – the Lipstick in ‘Seductive’, the Luscious Liquid Lipstick in ‘Nude Pink’ and the Matte Lip Colours in ‘Nearly Nude’ and ‘Praline’.  The Matte Lip Colours are both nude-y shades, the Liquid lipstick is a light pink, very pigmented gloss, and the Lipstick is a ‘my lips but better’ shade.

International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice
International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice
Top to Bottom: Matte lip colours in Praline and Nearly Nude, Lipstick in Seductive and Liquid Lipstick in Nude Pink

I got 3 eye products – the Flawless Eyeshadow quad in ‘Beautiful Browns’, the Eyebrow Kit in ‘Light’ and the Expert Liquid Liner in ‘Jet Black’.

International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice
International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice
Swatched – eyeshadows according to quad, and the liquid liner; a look at the Brow Kit.

I got 4 facial products – the Blush in ‘Candid Coral’, the Golden Bronzer in ‘Golden’, the Baked Highlighter in ‘Blush Gems’ and the Shimmering Facial Whip in ‘Lilac petal’.

International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice


International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice
L – R: Candid Coral blush, Golden Bronzer (all 4 shades swatched separately), Baked Highlighter and Shimmering Facial Whip.


I also received plenty of other make-up.  For eyes, I got the Make Up Revolution Beyond Flawless palette of 32 eyeshadows, all beautiful nudes and rose colours, with some darker browns and blacks.  a Colourpop Super Shock eyeshadow from the Kathleen Lights quad ‘Where the Light is’, called Kathleen Lights, a gorgeous metallic copper, and the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in ‘On and on Bronze’.  I also got the Maybelline Instant Age Eraser in ‘Light’.

International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice


International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice
L – R: Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and on Bronze; Colourpop Super Shock eyeshadow in Kathleen Lights.

I got a Too Faced La Creme colour drenched lip cream in ‘Fuchsia Shock’ and a Lorac Alter Ego lip gloss in ‘Dream Girl’.  And finally, I got the Soft Focus Face Brush from Bare Escentuals.

International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice
Swatches: Top is the Lorac Alter Ego Lipgloss in Dream Girl, bottom is the Too Faced lip cream in Fuchsia Shock.
International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice


Hayley also got me TONS of skincare products, which I love.

I asked for some Soap and Glory goodies, as I’ve tried their Hand Food hand cream before and it’s incredible.  She picked up the Flake Away Body Polish, The Daily Smooth Body Butter and Hand Food in the Sugar Crush scent (lime and sugar), all in travel sizes.

International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice


For the body, I got a Tanworx tan maintaining moisturiser and a set of Heathcote + Ivory Rainforest bath fizzer crackers.

International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice


International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice


I love face care products, and there were SO many to try!  I got a Codage Scrubbing cream, a Korres Milk Proteins foaming cream cleanser, a Skin Therapy Light Hydrating Cream and Toner for sensitive skin, the Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser (a big size, with a muslin cloth), a Sephora Rose Sleeping mask capsule (moisturising and brightening), and a super cute pink lipbalm shaped like a penguin.

International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice


International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice
International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice

I’ve been hearing so much about the Korean skincare trend, and Hayley kindly bought me TEN sheet masks!  9 were from the brand Malie – they’re all Ultra Hydrating Essence sheet masks, and have different serums in them, and I got Aloe, Seaweed, Vitamin, Cucumber, Stem Cell, Pomegranate, Potato, Collagen and Snake (Snake???!!! – intriguing!).  The last sheet mask was from a brand called The Face Shop , and it’s a character mask – the mask it’self is shaped (and patterned) as a dog! How cute is that?!

International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice


International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice


International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice


International Box Swop, Sugar & Spice


Lastly, I had a big handful of samples to try out.  I got 2 sample tubes of La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, Korean skincare samples of a face cream and toner, 4 Luke charcoal pore strips, a Clinique foundation sample and a Merumaya Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel.

So all-in-all I was completely spoilt rotten.  I can only hope that Hayley found the box I sent her to be half as exciting!!!


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  1. Yaay! You got Soap and Glory Hand Food, Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'On and on Bronze'. I also got the Maybelline Instant Age Eraser (all three which I just got in London) – great choices! That elf Baked Highlighter looks insaaane 🙂 Can't wait to hear about those sheet masks! I must still go get that one you mentioned recently in a post

    – Jane Wonder –

  2. Siobhan Hughes

    That Maybelline Instant Age Eraser is so good, I've already given my mom instructions to pick me up a few more when they go over next month! I've used it every day since I opened my box, and I already can't imagine life without it.

    The Baked Highlighter is GORGEOUS! I've used it a couple of times already and it just looks so pretty on. And it's such a huge size, so it'll last forever.

    I've tried 2 of the masks – the Aloe one (amazing, so soothing and any redness I had was gone when I took it off) and the Vitamin one (tingled a bit, but didn't irritate my sensitive skin). If you want to pick up that one I mentioned before, get it from Dischem as it's much cheaper there 😉

  3. Simone C

    Awesome post! What a lovely swap!

  4. Siobhan Hughes

    Thank you so much lovely! I can't wait to do my next swop now 🙂

  5. Marné

    Whaaaaaaat, this is INSANE!!! You may as well have just opened up a whole new world to me… I didn't even know that these international box swops existed!
    How do you decide on a value, or do each “couple of swoppers” decide it between themselves?

    I'm now very curious to know what you sent her (beauty wise), that she can't get in the UK/USA xx

  6. Siobhan Hughes

    Once that specific group accepts you, you read up all the guidelines and rules, and your first swop has a limit of $60 (US). After that it increases, although I can't quite remember to how much, as I haven't done a second swop yet. To be completely honest, Hayley and I both went over the limit, as it was a first time swop for both of us, and you just get far too excited and carried away.

    I sent her some of the African Extracts face products, as they're Rooibos based, some Clicks and Dischem branded masks, lipbalms etc, Sorbet products – a body scrub and one of their masks, they don't get Catrice there, so I sent her a load of Catrice goodies, and there is this brand called Cupboom – they make soaps and bath bombs all shaped like cake, so I sent her a bath macaron, and a slice of soap that looks and smells just like milk tart. I sent so much stuff, and that's all I can remember!

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