I first read about the idea of ‘Project Pan’ – using up items I have at home before buying new ones – through the blog Whimsy is Forever.  I am a bit of a beauty hoarder (HUGE understatement) and I love trying new products, so I more often than not will open a new body cream or shower gel before I’ve finished up the current one.  I get a lot of products from review websites that I’m registered with, and I’ve had quite a consistent lucky streak in that I’ve won a few competitions in the last couple of years, so my beauty drawer(s) have been nicely supplemented by this.  My problem is that I like using different scents/textures for different moods, and so I have around 5 body lotions or 4 shower gels/creams on the go at any given time.

I decided recently to begin decluttering my life, my bedroom and my bathroom, and so I began working my way through a LOT of the goodies and products I have.  When I finish something, I place it in a bag under my dressing table and move onto the next one.  This will basically be a list of what I’ve finished up, along with mini reviews of each item.

Please keep in mind that I’ve finished these products over the course of around 3 or 4 months.

Hair; – 

Batiste Dry Shampoo ‘Fruity & Cheeky Cherry’ (200ml) and ‘Clean and Classic Original’ (50ml)
Exclusive to Clicks, the large cans retail for R64.95 – I never buy the small ones as I figure that they’re not worth it, but I got this on a special a while back, where if you bought a large one, you got a small one free.

I am addicted to dry shampoos – I have hair that gets dirty quite quickly, and with it being highlighted I don’t want to wash it every single day.  With a dry shampoo I can get up to 3 days out of a wash, and my hair feels cleaner and smells great.  I have tried so many brands of dry shampoo, including recently the Kardashian Beauty dry shampoo, and Batiste is (and always will be) my favourite.  These both smell lovely.


Body: –


Lush Helping Hands Hand Cream (100g) R140
This is a lovely, rich hand cream that I put on if I’ve washed dishes or at night before bed.  It can be a little on the greasy side if you use too much (from all the delicious, nourishing ingredients), so this tub lasted me ages.  I’ll be keeping this empty tub in my drawer – with every 5 empty tubs returned to Lush, you get a free fresh face mask!

Johnson’s Body Care Dreamy Skin Body Lotion (400ml) R36.95 at Pick n Pay.
I adore the scent of the Dreamy Skin range, but I didn’t like this body lotion.  While it smells gorgeous, it didn’t sink into my skin well and left it feeling greasy and sticky, even in winter.  I won’t be buying this again.

Palmer’s Cocoa Body Butter (170g) around R50-60 at Dischem
I generally love the Palmer’s range and their body butters are no exception.  They’re rich and nourishing, yet not greasy, and this one smells just like chocolate.

Palmolive Gourmet Spa Creamy Coffee Shower Cream (500ml) R43.95 at Dischem
I’ve tried a couple of the other shower products in the Gourmet Spa line, and while I love them all, and the smell is delectable and they do a great job, I find I almost get bored with them – they’re such big bottles that they last for so long, and by the time I’m halfway through, I want a different scent.  They’re really good value, considering how much product you get, and you get them in 4 other scents – strawberry, chocolate, coconut and vanilla.  P.s. the chocolate one smells JUST like chocolate milk!

Nivea Pampering Shower Oil (200ml) R39.95
One of my favourite shower products, especially for the winter, this oil foams up and smells so clean and rich.  It leaves your skin feeling baby soft and nicely cleansed.  It’s also great for after a long day in the sun, as it restores moisture to the skin.

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil (35ml deluxe sample size) I got this in a gift with purchase from the L’Occitane store.  Their travel size (75ml) retails for R110, 250ml for R295 and their 500ml for R495.
Bliss.  Bliss in a bottle.  I sadly only had the deluxe sample size of this, and I just can’t warrant spending the money on the full size.  It’s hte must luscious shower wash ever –  it smells to die for, lathers up gorgeously and it leaves your skin feeling unbelievable.

FakeBake Flawless self-tan liquid (170ml) R470
I constantly have a bottle of this tanner on hand now – it gives me the most natural, non-streaky, long-lasting tan that I’ve found in a self tanner.  Granted, it costs a pretty penny, but I’d rather spend the money on not looking like a giant carrot.  A bottle also lasts me ages, and it’s so easy to apply.  I’ve now started buying the Flawless Darker tanner, as I find I use even less of this at a time, so it lasts me even longer!

Face: –

Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream for dry/sensitive skin (50ml) R49.95 from Dischem

This has been my go to day cream for longer than I can remember.  Whenever I have a reaction on my sensitive skin, I use this and it goes back to normal.  I’m now using the Nivea Q10 plus Anti Wrinkle range, but I’ll always go back to this if I find another product isn’t giving my skin what it needs.
P.s. I hate the new packaging of these tubes.  Before you took off the whole lid and squeezed, now it has a cap that you flip open.  I ALWAYS have to cut the tube open to get the last quarter of product out?!

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (200ml) R150
My absolute favourite cleanser, this takes off any makeup and dirt that my micellar water hasn’t gotten off, leaving my skin super clean AND super soft.  I’ll always repurchase this.

Freeman’s Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask sachet (15ml) R22.95 at Dischem
I really love the quality you get for the crazily cheap price of these masks.  This has to be my favourite one though.  It’s a white clay mask that has (what is apparently) diamond dust, and it smells like berries.  It feels gritty like a scrub, and cooling on the skin, and it leaves you skin feeling smooth, soft and polished.  One sachet lasts me about 3-4 uses.

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in ‘Rich Brown‘ and ‘Noir‘ R84.95 at Dischem
My favourite eyeliner of all time.  I always have a black one, and more often than not a brown one on hand.  It stays put all day, and you can smudge it out for a smokey look just before it sets.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Lotion (400ml) R174.75
I was sent this by Beauty Bulletin  last year to review.  This cleanser is meant to be great for sensitive skin, yet I’ve barely even used up a quarter of this!  It’s possibly just my skin that doesn’t like it, but I’ve tried it so many different times, in different ways and when my skin has been irritated/normal/spotty/dry.  It ALWAYS burns my skin.  It’s uncomfortable to use and it doesn’t even remove my makeup properly either.  An all-round dud for me, even though I know so many people swear by this, so I can’t even bring myself to finish it up.

What products have you been using up or enjoying at the moment?


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  1. Siobhan Hughes

    Thanks so much! I'm trying so hard to finish up stuff, even the stuff that was a bit meh for me, but it's HARD!

  2. Couldn't agree more on Batiste and Body Shop Camomile Oil Cleanser! I'm also going to get my hands on the Nivea Pampering Shower Oil now 🙂

  3. Siobhan Hughes

    They're just the best Cam! The Nivea shower oil is amazing – I think I've repurchased it at least 4 or 5 times! I've been using the Lipidol one at the moment, and as much as I'm addicted to the lime scent, it doesn't foam up? it's almost like the Body Shop oil, in that it goes milky… so I rub it all over, and then use my exfoliating sponge on top of it… The Nivea one gives you so much more value for money.

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