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Time for another post in my new skincare series!  There’ll have been a gap between this one and the last few, but with us starting back up at work this week I had a lot to get done.  Now, I’m back with a post on my top eye creams.

A good number of people aren’t a fan of eye creams – I know a lot of people say that you don’t need a product specifically tailored to this part of your face, but I beg to differ.  The skin is much more delicate in this area, and I’d rather go in with a product designed specifically for it.  Are you team Eye Cream, or are you not?


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Let’s get into the eye creams I love!


Eye Cream – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse Boost Multi-Correction Eye Balm-Gel*

Don’t let the term ‘balm-gel’ throw you – this is not greasy like a balm, and it’s definitely not a thin and sheer gel!

You all know I love a good gel-cream consistency when it comes to moisturisers and eye creams.  This, however is like that but slightly on the richer side – not quite a ‘cream’ but richer than a ‘gel cream’ if that makes sense?

It is BEAUTIFUL – makeup glides on over it like a dream, and seems to wear better when used over this.  It is suitable for use day or night (amazing when you travel and don’t want to have to pack multiple eye creams), definitely helps smooth the skin and I could see a definite (but gentle) depuffing to my eyes when I used it in the mornings.

I battle with sensitive eyes, and so they can be puffy in the morning and if my eyes have been reacting all day, puffy at night too.  While it won’t obviously work on someone who has age-related puffiness or something that’s more of an underlying problem (my mom had to have her puffs sorted through a minor surgery), it helped my problems.

I don’t have severe dark rings under my eyes, but I did find that any darkness there was less, and the general area was brighter and looked more refreshed when I used this beautiful eye cream.

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Eye Cream – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Awakening Gel-Cream

A super lightweight gel-cream that packs a superb hydrating punch for any dehydration around the eye area.

When my skin is dehydrated you’ll first see it in fine lines around my eye area – I’m lucky that I’ve aged here as slowly as I have, and that these are the worst part of this delicate area.

The light texture melts into the skin really beautifully, and sits very nicely under makeup.  It also peps up the general area and leaves you looking more refreshed and awake, making it the perfect product for mornings.

While I don’t feel it’s enough for my skin at night (especially now that we’re going into winter and my skin is craving more nourishing formulas), it is superb for summer both day and night, and definitely a wonderful product for winter mornings, when we battle getting our butts out of bed.

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Eye Cream – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Filorga NCEF Reverse Eyes*

Listen – I love a good eye cream, but it’s always taken me a long time to see a difference in my eye area when using one.

That was definitely the case with this gem from Filorga.  It has a light gel-cream consistency, but it contains so much nourishment and goodness.  I noticed a difference about a month after starting this product, and when my jar was finished (which took absolute ages by the way, easily around 4  months).

I preferred to use this at night (although it wears well under makeup and is still light enough for day time), as I just felt that my skin reaped the benefits of it so much more then.  It’s packed with hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin C,  and caffeine, so it’s like a fresh-pressed juice for your delicate under eye area.

This beautiful eye cream claims to help with puffiness, dark circles, radiance, wrinkles and skin firmness, and (while I obviously don’t have harsh lines around my eyes, mostly just fine dehydration lines) honestly I can say that it showed a definite improvement in all of these for me.  The first time I’ve tried a multi-correction product and had it fulfill ALL that it promises.

The only con for me is that it’s in a pot, but when I apply eye cream I’ve just washed my hands well (so no bacteria to spread), and if you’re very concerned you can always keep a cosmetic spatula to use with it!

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Eye Cream – SKINCARE SECRETS, Sugar & Spice

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Eye Cream

It’s been some time (so long that this is the best image I can find of it, my photos have really improved in the last 3 years haha) since I’ve owned this little gem from Eucerin, but trust me – if I am on the hunt for a hydrating eye cream that’s a little richer than the Neutrogena, this would be it!

Not only does it also contain SPF (always a necessity), it’s also gorgeous under makeup.  So many eye creams can be too nourishing and cause concealer to crease, but not this one.  It’s light and absorbs beautifully, yet it’s richer than a gel-cream formula like the Neutrogena.  I find in winter I do need something more under my eyes during the day, as this is the first place where dehydration lines show for me.

Eucerin are also known for products that are great for sensitive skins, so if you’re in the sensitive skin department, then this one is for you.  Plus, it comes in a tube, so much more hygienic if you’re worried about jars!  And the tiny tube lasted absolute ages as well – a great point, as it is on the pricey end for a drugstore product.

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What are your favourite eye creams?

*DISCLAIMER – while some of these products were gifts in PR, my opinions are still honest and my own, as always.



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