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I only really started taking my skincare seriously about 2 years ago.  Sure, I’d always quite enjoyed it, but when it kicked in that I was turning *gasp* THIRTY, then I realised I seriously needed to up my skincare game.  So, when the opportunity to try out a QMS Medicosmetics facial came up, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve heard Tori from Kiss, Blush and Tell, and Jules and Camilla from All Dolled Up mention the brand several times.


I was booked in at Futurethis – the sole importer and distributor of products like QMS, Team Dr Joseph and Skin 689.  The lovely Liza-Marie (the senior trainer for Futurethis) met with me and discussed my skin goals, and boy were there a few.  I’d been away to the Drakensberg the weekend before, and in an effort to not let my skin get dehydrated in the dry, chilly air, I’d used products that were FAR too rich, resulting in a breakout.  Add to this a bit of congestion, dehydration around my nose and chin, and those pesky fine lines I’d started getting.  I swear they arrived the morning of my 30th birthday!


Liza was exceptionally friendly and was more than happy to discuss each step of the facial with me, and answer questions.  This is ideal for me, as I’m so nosy during facials and want to know exactly what is being used and why.  Thirsty for knowledge, little old me!

The Brand

QMS Medicosmetics was created by Dr Erich Schulte, as a combination of his passion for science and his experience as a trauma and cosmetic surgeon.  He created the patented QMS collagen that is skin-identical and the only collagen that is small enough to penetrate into the skin.  The brand aims to improve the overall look and health, but not just for the duration of use – it aims to make sure these benefits are long lasting, as the products are created to ‘educate’ your skin instead of just superficially treating it.

The Facial

I’ll give you a breakdown of the steps of this luxurious, lengthy facial.  This way, if you’re ever in the need for a facial, you’ll know just what the QMS Medicosmetics one entails.  Just keep in mind that each treatment is tailored to the individual and their skincare needs.


Liza started off by using the Deep Cleansing milk to cleanse my face and remove my makeup.  This product is so gentle that you can use it to remove your eye makeup, yet it really does get every last bit of makeup off.  This is also the only cleanser that QMS does, as it’s suitable for all skin types and it contains no mineral oils.

Next up was an exfoliation – probably my favourite step in any facial and in my own skincare routine at home.  I have reactive skin that had been breaking out a bit, so Liza used the exfoliator best suited to that – the Dermabrasive Gel.  This product contains a blend of fruit acids and enzymes to gently dissolve any dead skin cells, plus an anti-irritant complex that soothes and calms the skin.  Liza then added the Gentle Exfoliant Cream, the QMS professional enzyme-based exfoliating cream.

An Algae Mask was then applied – another professional treatment that cools and regenerates the skin post-exfoliation.  It also helps to remove any remaining dead skin cells, as well as provide a dermal reading of the skin.  It usually covers the eyes and mouth, but since I have lash extensions it was applied around the eyes.  After the facial, Liza showed me the mask.  You can see how my skin is congested on my chin and on certain areas of my cheeks.  It also showed my slightly enlarged pores around my nose, and lines on my forehead (frown lines between my eyes and slight dehydration lines on my forehead).


While this mask dried down, Liza massaged my hands and lower arms with the Hand Care, a rich and buttery, yet not whatsoever greasy hand treatment.  I am seriously considering purchasing this after I’m finished my current Esse hand cream.


Once the mask was removed, Liza swept some of the Freshening Tonic over my skin, to clean away any remaining residue and to balance the pH of my skin.  This toner is suitable for all skin types and is alcohol free.

Liza opted to use the Med Day Collagen Protection, as it is more suitable for sensitive and problematic skins (skins with impurities, irritations or acne).  This is the QMS collagen serum that contains the patented skin-identical collagen formula, along with Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl 3000® to rejuvenate, hydrate and strengthen the skin’s barrier function.  I loved the feeling of this serum on my skin – it felt light yet really hydrating.

Next step up was a mixture of the 24h Cream and the Hydro Foam Mask.  The 24h Cream is suitable for use both day and night, and is packed with actives like Vitamins A, C and E as well as moisturising silk proteins.  I was actually given a small sample of this cream and have been using it in the mornings, as it is SUPER hydrating yet not greasy, so makeup sits on top superbly.  Another of the products that I’m seriously considering purchasing.  Liza added some of the Hydro Foam Mask just for that boost of additional moisture and hydration, as it’s packed with more silk proteins, Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba Oil.  She layered this mixture on quite thickly, as the next step would be applied to help these all penetrate my skin.


Here was the most bizarre part of the facial – Liza then applied some cotton pads over my eyes, and then Plaster of Paris strips over my whole face, except for my nose.  Yep – she covered my mouth and eyes!  I got a little nervous, especially as this hardened on my face, but you can breathe as per normal due to your nose being left bare.  It might just make claustrophobics a little anxious.  The whole point of this step, is to aid the lifting, moulding and firming that the products provide, as well as help the products penetrate fully into the skin.  It was quick and easy to remove once dried, and you could really feel that the products had absorbed and weren’t just smeared along the inside of the hardened mask.

Helloooo Hannibal Lecter!

Finally, the last three products were applied in a massage fashion – my favourite part of any facial.


Liza applied the Advanced Intensive Eye Care to my eye area.  It’s a silky, nourishing cream for even sensitive eyes, and it aims to target fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and dehydration.  She used the QMS Beauty Spatulas to do a draining and lifting massage around my eye area, and they felt so soothing.


The Liquide Proteins was the moisturiser of choice for my face, as it’s quite lightweight and absorbs quickly, while still being hydrating and firming.  It’s full of Hyaluronic Acid, silk proteins and ceramides, and helps strengthen the skin’s defences.  Liza said it’s fabulous for combo skin types, and for younger skins.  I couldn’t believe how light it felt on the skin!


Finally, Liza massaged the Neck & More anti-ageing cream into my neck and decolletage.  This cream is specifically designed to lift, firm and nourish these areas, and left the much-neglected area (oops, naughty me!) feeling very pampered.

Now, I’m also pretty sure that Liza used the SkinTone Light Serum at some point during the facial.  I don’t know if it was before or after the Plaster of Paris mask (I was getting so relaxed that my mind started to feel a bit fuzzy), but I know she mentioned that it aims to address dark spots and pigmentation, and prevent further development of it.  It leaves your skin radiant and even.  She may have applied this to my whole face, or she may have applied it just to my patches of pigmentation – she said that you can apply it either of this ways, which I love.  If you only use it for targeted areas, a bottle can last so much longer.




My Final Thoughts

Overall, I was so impressed with the brand, and the results of this treatment.  Instantly my skin felt calm and very hydrated without being greasy or sticky.  I walked out of the facial with a beautiful glow.  Within 3 or so days, any redness or spots I’d had on my face had cleared up remarkably (the redness was gone completely as were some of the spots and marks, while other spots and marks had really lightened up and reduced).  The dehydration lines on my forehead and around my eyes were greatly improved, and my skin hasn’t been irritated in the slightest.  I’ve actually had about 3 people mention to me how lovely my skin is looking.

For anyone who is looking at a superb anti-ageing facial, I’d thoroughly recommend anywhere that provides a QMS Medicosmetics treatment.  You can contact the Futurethis team on info@futurethis.co.za to find your nearest aesthetics clinic that does these marvellous treatments.  You can also purchase the products online from Futurethis HERE, although for each product available that was used on me, I’ve also included the link to the site.

The QMS Medicosmetics facials range at around R850 depending on the salon.  You can find salons in KwaZulu Natal that offer the QMS treatments HERE.

I’ll definitely be looking into buying the 24h Cream and the Hand Care at some point soon.  I might even nab that Hand Care as a gift for my Momma!



*Disclaimer – while I was treated to this facial by QMS Medicosmetics, all opinions are honest and my own*



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  1. Rivania Pillay

    This sounds really interesting. I am not claustrophobic but it sounds a bit restrictive. Overall, it sounds like it is worth the few minutes of discomfort for the end result after all beauty doesn’t come easy.
    x Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

    1. Siobhan

      It really is, and it’s not even uncomfortable, just strange! And my skin is, like I said, still thanking me! xxx

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