Esse Probiotic Skincare facial at Honey B’s

Esse Probiotic Skincare facial at Honey B’s, Sugar & Spice
EsseProbiotic Skincare

I was recently invited to pop into Honey B’s Bespoke Beauty, to have a complimentary Esse Probiotic Skincare facial by the lovely owner Melissa, and OBVIOUSLY I said yes.  I’m already a huge fan of the brand (I actually really need to replenish my Cocoa Exfoliator and the deliciously-scented Hand Cream), and my skin was in a pretty bad way.  Stress, hormones, not drinking enough water and a series of flights on my trip to and from Zimbabwe  had left it dehydrated and with a few breakouts.  It was also feeling dull and full of texture.

Esse Probiotic Skincare facial at Honey B’s, Sugar & Spice
I love the range of different products, and it caters to all skin types.

I arrived on a drizzly Tuesday afternoon, stressed out to the max as we’re in the second to last week until shut down at work.  Melissa was so calming and relaxed, and set me at ease as soon as I entered the salon.  As I filled out the salon client form, we chatted about the Esse products I’d tried and loved, and about the brand in general.  Both of us agreed that the product definitely speaks for itself, as you can see results from it so quickly.  

Esse Probiotic Skincare facial at Honey B’s, Sugar & Spice
My all-time favourite product from Esse. I’ve gone through several jars of this and NEED MORE.

Melissa began with removing my (pesky) eye makeup, which was quite a job as I’ve currently been trialling some new mascara and a waterproof eyeliner that doesn’t ever want to budge.  After that, it was on to the double cleanse and the entire treatment just sped past in a blur.  I remember that she exfoliated and extracted and massaged and masked, but I haven’t been that relaxed in so long, and it felt so good!  It isn’t just the magic in Melissa’s hands that made this so relaxing though – the scent of the Esse products is so packed with essential oils and delicious goodness that it wafts you away on a wave of bliss!

Esse Probiotic Skincare facial at Honey B’s, Sugar & Spice
The cutest Christmas tree, packed with Esse ‘decorations’ and with gift ideas underneath.

What I particularly loved, was the fact that facial massage played such a large part in the treatment.  I love a good pampering facial, and the steps like extractions aren’t fun but play a necessary part.  But lying there, on that comfortable bed, and having the luxuriously-scented Esse products really massaged into my skin felt amazing.  I even mentioned at some point to Melissa that I love how Esse feels and smells so luxe to use, yet it’s more affordable that a lot of the other higher end skincare brands.  It truly feels like you’re treating your skin to a full experience, whether you’re using it at home or having a treatment in a salon or spa.  

My treatment lasted just over hour or so, and I almost didn’t want to leave.  I even snapped up a treatment menu to take home, so you can bet that Melissa will be getting a call from me sometime soon.  She gave me one of the best facial experiences of my life – this lady has magical hands, I’m telling you!  

Esse Probiotic Skincare facial at Honey B’s, Sugar & Spice
Gorgeous little festive basket filled with samples.

While my skin felt a little tacky still, she assured me it would go away after an hour or so (it was gone within half an hour, I think my skin was just so thirsty for the product).  I did as I was instructed, and didn’t do anything else to my skin that night.  My skin didn’t feel red or irritated, as it often does immediately after a facial – just nourished and relaxed.

The following morning I woke up and WOW.  My skin was plumped and hydrated, in a way it hasn’t been since before I left for Zim.  It looked and felt so much more even, both in tone and texture, and the areas where I’d had extractions looked already completely healed.  This was the most surprising for me, as I heal quite slowly and often am left with marks for months.  As I’d said to Melissa during my treatment – this product speaks for itself.  Even now, three days later my skin is still feeling so much softer and more hydrated.

Esse Probiotic Skincare facial at Honey B’s, Sugar & Spice
Current Esse promotion

Honey B’s Bespoke Beauty offer a range of Esse Facials for different skin concerns (Bright, Clarifying, Hydroboost, Hyaluronic and Intensity) for R500, and a Teens Facial for R250.  Such a fabulous price for an incredible session of pampering.  In fact, a voucher for a treatment would make a KILLER Christmas gift!  Aaannnddd for those of you who are already fans of the brand (or if this post has just inspired you to purchase some products to try yourself), don’t forget that with every purchase to the value of R1250 or more, you get a free festively packaged Body Cleanser to the value of R400.  It is GORGEOUS!

Esse Probiotic Skincare facial at Honey B’s, Sugar & Spice
How gorgeous is this packaging?!

You can contact Melissa at Honey B’s Bespoke Beauty on 0736647656 to book your Esse treatment or enquire about gift vouchers and purchasing products.  



**DISCLAIMER – while I was hosted by Honey B’s, and gifted the facial treatment in exchange for review, all opinions are honest and my own.**


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