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I love online shopping.

It gives me such a thrill to window shop, or even purposefully shop for something, all while sitting in bed, on my laptop or phone, in pjs, with no makeup, but possibly a face mask on and clutching a cup of tea.  Or a glass of wine.  Each to their own.

I’ve heard a lot of good things lately about Pink Cosmetics, and after some thought, I decided to give it a bit of a browse during some free time.  Boy, was I in for a treat, and I really had to exercise some restraint, as they have some gorgeous things available!

The gorgeous Janet started up Pink Cosmetics after battling to find good quality products that were enjoyable to use, and safe for her whole family.  She created the company in 2014, in an effort to provide a place to buy handmade and natural products for bath and beauty, for the entire family.  She has beautiful artisan soaps, scrubs, bath bombs and even a brush cleaner, and the name of her brand ‘Pink’ stands for everything it embodies – Perfectly Inspired by Nature’s Knowledge.

Pink Cosmetics logo, courtesy of their website.

She not only provides these lovely products that are handmade, but also a wide array of international makeup and beauty goodies, from brands we don’t get here in South Africa.  Now, for a girl like me, who loves to shop online from overseas, but is always worried about customs or products getting lost on the way to me, nevermind the weeks it takes for them to arrive on my desk, like little loving gifts to myself, from me, to me, this site is a godsend!


I decided, after much browsing, that I’d give the brush cleaner I’d gone on there to buy, a miss.  Why?  Because the one single item I wanted to buy was around three times the price, but wow, it was something I’d been yearning for.  And something I’d been considering ordering for my wedding day!  The brush cleaner could wait until my next purchase.

Now, if you go onto YouTube and google the Charlotte Tilbury Dry Mask, you’ll find some interesting videos of ladies (and gents) looking like Hannibal Lecter.  They all test out the latest in skincare fads, the dry sheet mask.  A sheet mask, with no product on?  How on earth can it work??? But if you watch these videos, you’ll see that even though the mask isn’t dripping in serum like every other sheet mask that you find.  It is 100% bone dry, yet promises up to 3 uses.  Although, if you watch Wayne Goss’s review, he gets 5 uses from it, before it no longer provides the glowing, red carpet skin that is causing such an uproar.


On average the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask costs £18 for one (£60 for 4 masks) in the United Kingdom (roughly R306), but that doesn’t include the shipping from the UK to South Africa, and the possible customs fees you could incur.  So the cost of R385 (I lucked out and nabbed it on sale, it’s usually R500) on the Pink Cosmetics site is quite fairly priced, and I was happy to pay it and receive it in a much shorter time, with far less hassles.

The dry mask promises (and has been proven to give, according to extensive testing) hydration, firmness, smoothness, brightness, lifting and reduction of wrinkles, as well as a magnificent glow.

I’ve given the mask one test run (so that I know it won’t give me a bad reaction on my wedding day – that would be a treat!), and it really WORKS!  My skin was bare of any product, just cleansed prior to applying it, and when I took it off after the suggested time, I could see the most glorious glow, and my skin felt supple, hydrated and sooooooo smooth.  The tone of my skin was also more even.  I can’t speak for it being firmer, as I only have a few fine lines around my eyes, and don’t suffer as yet from a loss of firmness in my skin.  Unfortunately I don’t have any after photos, as I was in a rush to get my makeup done and go to a wedding – I’d spent a little too long perfecting two of my friend’s makeup for the day, that I’d run late on mine!

I’m most definitely looking forward to using it the morning of my wedding, and feeling ultra pampered.  It’s also a great look for if you’re trying to dodge your groom, but have to leave your room on the day ;)!  Check it out here: –


The service on Pink Cosmetics is also just amazing, especially when you consider that exceptional customer service these days – worldwide, not just here in SA – is not a common occurrence.  There was some confusion when I checked my cart out, and no shipping option was selected.  Janet herself emailed me querying if I would be collecting my goodies, and when I explained that I live in Durban, she happily helped me organise the couriers to collect.  She also slipped in a sample of the Pilaten Black Mask, sold for R210, and a very generous sample size of her facial soap enriched with rosehip oil, French red clay and activated charcoal, in the shape of a pretty little rose, usually sold for R80 for 80gm.  I plan on trying out the soap as soon as my current cleanser is finished!

There are just so many other lovely things to purchase on the site, and I’m definitely going back for the Solid Brush and Sponge cleanser, these GORGEOUS unicorn makeup brushes, some of the bath bombs (particularly the unicorn bath bombs, the black bath bombs and mermaid clamshell bombs) and plenty of the international makeup brands that are on offer, such as Too Faced (my absolute fave), Morphe, Juvias Place, Violet Voss and Kat Von D.

You can purchase goodies online from or from their showroom in Durbanville, Cape Town.

Have you ever purchased anything from Pink Cosmetics?


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  1. Michelle

    Oh my gosh!!! I’ve seen that mask around all the time! But I haven’t read a review like this one. How does this magical contraption work?!?! I need to have it!

    1. Hi Michelle! It’s so lovely, easier than a regular sheet mask – you just take it out of the packet, gently unfold, hook the top part over your ears and then the bottom, and it’s nice and fitted and snug on your face. It doesn’t slide around or drip everywhere like regular sheet masks. You then just massage your face to release the product and sit tight for around 15 minutes. You can actually go about your day and do stuff, it’s pretty secure, but I lay back, put on an episode of Friends and relaxed. And then take it off and reveal the gorgeous glow! You just gently refold the mask and seal it back up in the packet. xxxx

      1. Michelle

        That actually sounds so out of this world! Probably because I’m used to Korean masks which are all about the essence. And the more essence the better! It’s something that I’ll definitely put on my list of things to try! Xxx

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