TESTED: L’oreal Pure Clay masks

TESTED: L’oreal Pure Clay masks, Sugar & Spice
L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask and Pure Clay Detox Mask

I’ve been crazy-obsessed with skincare lately.  I love a good pampering, and the best way to achieve that is with a face mask.  These L’Oreal Pure Clay masks have been all over social media, and I’ve purchased two of the three variants.

The Pure Clay Detox Mask with 3 pure clays and charcoal helps to detox and clarify your complexion.  Charcoal is like a little vacuum-cleaner for your pores, so this is a must for when your skin is just looking in need of a deep clean.

TESTED: L’oreal Pure Clay masks, Sugar & Spice

The Pure Clay Glow Mask with 3 pure clays and red algae helps to brighten and exfoliate your complexion.  It has a creamy texture with a bit of scrub in it to exfoliate your skin without stripping it or drying it out.

TESTED: L’oreal Pure Clay masks, Sugar & Spice


The Pure Clay Purity Mask with 3 pure clays and eucalyptus helps to purify and mattify your skin.  This gives you a very deep cleanse and helps to reduce excess oil on the skin’s surface.

I purchased the first two masks, as you can see from the pictures.  I was interested in the Purity mask, but was worried about the eucalyptus possibly irritating my skin.

TESTED: L’oreal Pure Clay masks, Sugar & Spice
You can see I’ve been using these a lot!

As you can see, I’ve really put these two masks to good use, before I did a full review on them.  I didn’t want to use them a couple of times, do a review, and then change my opinion.

If you’re interested in what I use to apply these masks, I just use a flat foundation brush.  I have a few from brush sets, and I don’t like using them to apply foundation, so at least they get put to good use.  I don’t like to stick my finger in the jars, as it’s not hygienic.  The brush is cleaned after each use.

TESTED: L’oreal Pure Clay masks, Sugar & Spice

So, let me get down to this review!


The L’Oreal Pure Clay masks in Detox and Glow.  Each jar comes with 50ml of product, and says 10 applications, but I’ve already gotten more than that and I still have product left.


The packaging is very nice.  Thick glass jars, with a metallic mint-coloured plastic lid.  They feel quite expensive, and you get a lot of product in them.


The Detox mask is a charcoal-grey thick mask that dries down quite chalky and a much lightere grey.  The Glow mask is more solid in the jar, and is a creamier texture and a soft salmon pink colour, with little exfoliating beads in.  It dries down a burnt orange shade.


There are 3 variants in the range, these two and a Purity one with eucalyptus in.


Very effective!

TESTED: L’oreal Pure Clay masks, Sugar & Spice

The Detox mask dries down much lighter in colour, but you can see little dark spots where all of your pores or blemishes are.  It dries down to a chalky finish, and feels very tight on the skin, but your skin feels super clean when you remove it with a warm, damp cloth.  For me, this mask can strip my natural oils and leave my skin feeling a bit dry and tight.  The best way for me to combat this is to do a second mask, using a hydrating one afterwards – I love using the Avéne Soothing Moisture Mask, leave this on for a good 15 minutes and then wipe my face gently with a warm, damp cloth.  My skin is super clean and also hydrated and soothed.  I’ve also used the Detox mask to spot treat when I have some pimples pop up, as it helps to suck out any bacteria in those areas.

TESTED: L’oreal Pure Clay masks, Sugar & Spice

The Glow mask feels creamy and rich on application, with little exfoliating beads.  Once it’s dried down to a burnt orange shade, I like to wet my hands and then start to massage my face in circular movements to exfoliate it.  My skin is always left feeling soft, clean and it most definitely looks brighter.  I like to use this before I go out, as my makeup sits beautifully on my skin, and it really gives you a nice smooth canvas to work on.

TESTED: L’oreal Pure Clay masks, Sugar & Spice
Top to bottom: – Just applied, after 2-3 minutes, after 10 minutes.


The masks retail for R150.


You can buy the masks at Clicks, Dischem or Foschini, in either the stores or online.


Most definitely!  I’ve even been tempted to get the Purity mask and see if it does irritate my skin or not.  I’d like to have the whole set for the various skin problems they treat.  I just wish that L’Oreal would launch a soothing and hydrating one in the range, but I’m not sure that’s possibly if there are 3 clays involved??

Have you tried any of these masks?  If so, what did you think of them?


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