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Goodness me, but it’s been a while since I did a post on beauty product reviews!  I have quite a lot of catching up to do, as I’ve trialing a great deal of products over the last 7 months, so today I’m going to do a catch up on some of the goodies I’ve put to the test.

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These are skincare products.  I just wanted to let you know that IN NO WAY do I introduce a multitude of products to my skin in one hit.  I’ll have trialed each of these products for at least a month, but I’ll have introduced them one at a time to my skin, and will only use products that work together in terms of ingredients.  It’s really important to not suddenly switch up your routine and introduce an entirely new range of products, as it can irritate your skin.  If you plan on changing your routine to a large extent, work with a professional to ensure the best possible result.



About 4 months ago, I was very kindly gifted the brand new PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Daily Serum 2.0, along with the PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser and the PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Moisture Lotion SPF30 PA++.  I put these beauty products to use for a month and a half in this time, and then made myself a series of notes on each one, to share when I was able to.  I used the cleanser once a day, and I used the serum and moisturiser every morning during this time, and I now have some thoughts on them.

P.S. All 3 beauty products are currently on a very nice special at Edgars, so I’ve included links to purchase them for you!


PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser* 125ml for R705

I did a mini beauty review of this cleanser on my Instagram HERE.

I absolutely love this cleanser.  It leaves your skin feeling soft and clean, yet it feels moisturising at the same time.  It also has a very gentle dual-exfoliating action thanks to gentle bamboo microbeads and active enzymes.  The cleanser promises to remove makeup and surface pollution, while also dissolving impurities and providing a gentle exfoliation, and I can honestly agree with this.

The cleanser is marketed towards all skins and is gentle enough for sensitive skins, so I had no irritation whatsoever using this daily.  If I was going to use a more intense exfoliator once or twice a week, I’d just make sure to not use this cleanser on that day.


PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Daily Serum 2.0* 50ml for R2195

This serum hasn’t only had a formulation overhaul – the packaging has been updated too, with a better pump and size.

PREVAGE® is Elizabeth Arden’s premiere cosmeceutical skincare line, and they were the first to formulate with Idebonene, an incredibly powerful antioxidant which fights free radical damage.  This new generation formula now has 4 times the antioxidant power, as the Idebonene is boosted by 10 new ingredients, such as vitamin C and E, a peptide blend, ginger extract, THPE, hibiscus seed, clary sage, peony petal extract, bushclover flower extract and Indian cassia flower extract.

The benefits of this beautiful new formulation?

♥ Firms and improves elasticity

♥ Evens skin tone and texture

♥ Improves appearance of dark spots

♥ Brightens skin

♥ Refines pores and clarifies

♥ Reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles

After using this solidly for a month and a half, I can 100% attest to the fact that my skin is much brighter, and much more even in both tone and texture.  I’ve noticed my dark spots fading quicker (although I do use retinol at night, this isn’t 100% down to the PREVAGE®, however I feel it’s definitely sped up the process).  My fine lines have softened and just overall my skin looks BETTER.

An absolutely beautiful beauty product that Elizabeth Arden should be exceptionally proud of.


PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Moisture Lotion SPF30 PA++* 50ml for R1815

Being part of an anti-aging line, I was a little concerned that this day cream would be too rich for my skin, or that the SPF would leave a white caste on my skin.  I was SO wrong, as my skin just soaks up this lightly-textured lotion, and the SPF leaves not a trace behind.

This moisturiser also contains Idebenone, and this together with the SPF 30 PA++ ensure that my skin is protected at all times.  It absorbs beautifully into skin, leaving it feeling hydrated but not sticky, and I barely ever felt the need to wear a primer under makeup when using these products together, as my skin was just gorgeously radiant.



Over this year I’ve been sent a number of lovely new beauty launches from Filorga.  I have 3 to talk to you about, that I’ve tested over the course of the year as I’ve been able to fit them into my routine.

P.S. I’ve included links to the Absolute Skin website as it’s the most affordable spot online where I could find all 3 of the beauty products stocked!


Filorga Age-Purify Double Correction Fluid* 50ml for R1201.20

I’m sure many of us have experienced the frustration of being older, yet breaking out – especially in this day and age of mask-wearing and the dreaded ‘maskne’.  Filorga have a full line out now, to combat blemishes AND fight wrinkles.  A power range indeed.

The range is packed with an ‘imperfection correction’ complex including zinc, a selection of 5 micro-peeling acids and roucou extract, all of which soothe, purify, regulate sebum production and remove dead skin cells (thereby reducing blocked or visible pores).  On top of this, there is also a ‘wrinkle correction’ complex in each product as well, that includes a high-molecular hyaluronic acid, a smoothing peptide and a glycopeptide designed to boost collagen production.

I received the Age-Purify Double Correction Fluid, the moisturiser in the range, to put to the test, and used it for over a month before making notes on my thoughts.

This moisturiser can be used both morning and evening, and I either used it a minimum of once a day, twice a day when I felt my skin needed the dual benefits more.

The Age-Purify Double Correction Fluid is designed to limit the adhesion of pollution particles to the skin, as well as fight free radicals.  It’s also non-comedogenic AND is also mattifying while still being very hydrating.  A fab beauty product, as I felt a definite improvement in imperfections while I used it, and my skin felt lovely and hydrated at the same time.


Filorga Time-Filler Intensive Serum* 30ml for R693

Filorga’s Time-Filler beauty products have always been a big hit with me.  I’ve enjoyed a night cream, an overnight mask, and other products from the line and raved about how much I enjoyed them – so it was with much excitement that I began using the new Intensive Serum.

As with the other products in the Time-Filler line, this serum acts on the 4 main times of wrinkles (expression lines, deep wrinkles, surface wrinkles and dehydration/dryness wrinkles), but ALSO has an added boost to tackle neck wrinkles.

This serum can be used both morning and night, although I stuck to using it either one or the other, to see how effective it would be used just once a day.

I loved how intensely hydrating the serum is, and how completely non-greasy, as I did expect it to have an oilier texture.  It’s light and absorbs super fast, yet my skin was just so happy and hydrated while using this that sometimes I didn’t even feel the need for a moisturiser in the day – I’d just reach for my SPF straight after this serum had absorbed.

The fine lines between my eyes, around my eyes and around my mouth were DEFINITELY left softer and less pronounced – these were the first sign to show that the serum was working, as these are mostly from dehydration.  Yet the lines on my forehead and neck softened soon after, and these were how I KNEW the product was a goodie, as they looked THAT much better.

A beautiful anti-aging serum.


Filorga NCEF Shot Supreme polyrevitalising concentrate* 15ml for R865.20

This beauty serum was launched as a potent 10-day anti-aging treatment to join the rest of the NCEF-Reverse line that Filorga has.  The whole lines contains their patented NCEF (New Cellular Encapsulated Factors) formula, but this newbie contains the highest dose yet.

With the NCEF formula containing 50 active ingredients to help nourish skin, stimulate cell growth and boost anti-aging, this Shot also contains an extract of Pseudoalteromonas marine bacteria, found in the Northern
Seas.  This extract helps to better activate cellular regeneration, and is the pretty cherry on top of this beautiful formula.  This NCEF-Shot is a beauty product that is an excellent inclusion in your routine for change of season or when you’re stressed or tired.

I used this for a solid 10 days, once a day, but I still haven’t finished the bottle, as I only used the full pipette for a week (it’s suggested to use twice daily), before reducing the amount I was using to see if it truly was due to this little pink gem that my skin was so happy.

My skin was SUPER hydrated, glowing and calm, despite the transition into spring and despite a lot of nose-blowing due to seasonal allergies.


Mario Badescu South Africa has had some AMAZING launches of new beauty products this year, and I’ve been lucky enough to test a few out.


Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Sage and Orange Blossom* 118ml for R299

I’m sure you all know how obsessed I am with the Mario Badescu facial sprays, and if you don’t, here are some previous posts to check out: –


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This version with Aloe, Sage and Orange Blossom was added last year (there is a GREAT new one that I’ve just received to trial), and is a hydrating and refreshing spray that also helps to purify, improve clarity of skin and restore balance.  It smells absolutely delicious and leaves skin revived and dewy.

As with all of the facial sprays, it’s great between skincare steps, before and after makeup application, or during the day for a refreshing burst of moisture.


Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Dew Drops* 29ml for R525

You all know I LOVE a hydrating serum, so I was super excited to put this beautiful serum from Mario Badescu to the test.

The Hyaluronic Dew Drops contains 2 molecular weights of sodium hyaluronate, which is hydrating active similar to hyaluronic acid.  This not only helps to boost hydration on multiple levels of the skin, it’s also fabulous at plumping up fine lines.  The serum also contains niacinamide, lactic acid, thyme extract, algae extract, green tea extract and aloe vera.

I love the super light gel texture of this serum, and how quickly it absorbs into my skin.  But what I love best is the radiant glow that it leaves behind – I look so dewy but not in a greasy way, and I can really go without applying a moisturiser on top in hot weather!

P.S. top tip – mist your cleansed face with your Mario Badescu facial spray of choice, then apply your Hyaluronic Dew Drops while your skin is still damp!


Mario Badescu Witch Hazel and Rosewater Toner* 236ml for R499

I do tend to prefer a facial mist that acts as a toner (which is one of the reasons I LOVE the facial sprays from Mario Badescu), but they also generously sent me this Witch Hazel and Rosewater Toner.

After putting it to the test properly, I am now IN LOVE!

This toner is an absolute beauty of a skincare step, as it is a gentle astringent that helps to remove impurites without stripping the skin.  It’s also beautifully hydrating, and helps to maintain the moisture barrier of the skin, and I now love this extra step in my routine – yes I’m STILL using this toner, as such a little goes a long way and the bottle lasts forever!


Avène launched the fabulous Cleanance Comedomed earlier this year, and I reviewed it on my Instagram page HERE.  It’s a fabulous concentrate that helps to reduce visible spots and prevent any development of microcomedones (invisible blemishes under the skin).  You can learn more and purchase the Cleanance Comedomed on Dermastore HERE.

I did receive 2 other Cleanance beauty products to try out, so here are their reviews.


Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel* 200ml for R200

I always get a little nervous when trying a cleansing gel, as I often feel my face is stripped and left wanting.

This Cleanance Cleansing Gel is very gentle, non-drying and soothing – yet it targets impurities and helps to mattify skin.  I love it as a second cleanse, after I’ve removed my makeup, and as a morning cleanse after I’ve worked out.

I feel that if I used this twice daily during winter I may feel my skin would be a little thirsty, but in summer it would be fantastic, and as long as I only used it in winter as a second cleanse or after working out in the morning to remove sweat and impurities, it worked like a bomb.  Consistent use also saw my skin clearing up nicely, as I had a bought of hormonal breakouts due to my Mirena running out.


Avène Cleanance Mattifying Emulsion* 40ml for R240

I worried this would be too mattifying for my mid-30’s skin, as I’ve gradually grown to love my combo skin and embraced the shine – I’ve barely set my makeup with powder in the last year!

While I found it definitely does control oil throughout the day, this moisturiser by no means left my skin feeling parched.  In fact, I find it beautifully hydrating for such a light-textured product, and using it for a few days when my skin was breaking out helped to calm the spots and get rid of them faster. Makeup also wears really beautifully on this, so no need for a primer!

P.S. I’m also in the process of testing the new Avène Tolérance Extremely Gentle Cleanser, Avène Tolérance Soothing Skin Recovery Cream and the Avène Tolérance Soothing Skin Recovery Balm.  These are brand new to my collection, HOWEVER – Hubby had a tattoo finished on Sunday, and I’ve been applying the balm to it to help the skin calm and heal.  It is healing WAY faster and with WAY less irritation than his previous ones!


L’Oréal Revitalift Filler Anti-Wrinkle Hyaluronic Acid Serum* 30ml for R329

I was SO sure I’d mentioned this L’Oréal serum at some point, but when I double checked I can’t even find any trace of a review! Whoops!

I was kindly gifted this beautiful serum when it was newly launched in SA, along with the Revitalift Filler Replumping Ampoules, which I trialled and mentioned on my Stories (they are a GEM if your skin is dehydrated or if you’re trying to plump up fine lines in a shorter time).

After hearing about this serum from my FAVOURITE international beauty YouTuber Fleur DeForce, and a couple of the products in the line (that face wash is apparently amazing too), as soon as it launched in SA I was DEFINITELY going to give it a try.

The serum is a lovely runny gel-texture, absorbs super fast and is just the most amazing hydrating serum – one of the best I’ve tried in years actually.  You can use it day and night, but I will use it once a day, unless my skin is in serious need of a more intense hydration boost.

One I’ll DEFINITELY be repurchasing once it’s finished – and I’m also dying to try their Revitalift Filler Gel Wash and the newer Revitalift Filler Hyaluronic Acid Replumping Tissue Mask.


Nuxe Bio Organic Buckwheat Anti-Puffiness Anti- Dark Circles Reviving Eye Care* 15ml for R595 

Last, but most definitely not least – the Nuxe Bio Organic Reviving Eye Care.

I’m a big fan of testing new eye creams.  I’ve found over the last 6 years that using eye cream has become a bigger deal for me, and finding one that I really like is just SO hard.  So, after testing a few of the other beautiful Bio Organic products out, and really loving them, I was very keen to put this eye cream to the test.

With Buckwheat extract, this is a lovely, rich eye cream that is (for me) perfect for night-time use.  I love a slightly more nourishing eye cream at night, and a lighter-textured one during the day, otherwise I do feel my concealer shifts a little.  This is too rich for day-time use for me, but at night – HEAVENLY.

Gentle, nourishing and balm-like, this smooths out fine lines, calms puffiness and helps to reduce dark circles.  It also sinks in nicely, and a tiny bit is all you need, so the little pot will last a couple of months.

Nuxe – that Bio Organic range of yours is just perfection.



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