Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Happy April, and welcome back to my Product Reviews Posts!

You can check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 if you missed them!

I’m so sorry that I’ve been so quiet, but life has gotten in the way (again), and I’d rather not force these posts out – quality is valued over quantity on my side, and I’m pretty sure you’d prefer a more detailed review than a rushed one!

I’ve put together some lovely skincare, bodycare and haircare reviews for you today, so read on and enjoy!

Mario Badescu Peptide Serums*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

FIRST UP – I’m sure if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, and follow me on Instagram, you’ll know.  I am a BIG Mario Badescu fan!  I have used loads of their products, and they’re all just so amazing.

I have been using the Mario Badescu Peptide Renewal Serum* for some time.  And it’s been a big time love of mine – so much so that it’s been mentioned in 3 of my previous posts – you can read them here: –

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Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Mario Badescu then released a new version of their beloved peptide-based serum – the Super Peptide Serum!  This new version is a lighter formulation, it’s suitable for all skin types and can be used both day and night.  It’s heavier in sodium hyaluronate (a form of hyaluronic acid that can enter the deep layers of your skin) than the more glycerin-based Peptide Renewal Serum.

Both serums are packed with 2 types of peptides designed to support, renew and improve the look and feel of your skin, and both are packed with humectants (these bind moisture to the skin).  Both serums are also designed to visibly reduce the signs of ageing.  However, the serums are both unique in their texture.

I’ll go into more detail on the differences between the serums below, and why I love each serum so much.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Mario Badescu Peptide Renewal Serum*

♥ Feel of a facial oil

♥ Formulated with glycerin

♥ Suited for dry, very dry, mature or dehydrated skin types

♥ Dewier, velvety, more youthful appearance to skin

♥ Provides ultra rich moisture

♥ Creates a film of moisture over skin

This serum has lasted me forever, as less really is more – just 2-3 drops are enough.  While I do have combination skin, my skin tends to be easily dehydrated around the nose and chin, so something like this is a godsend when my skin starts feeling thirsty.

I found such a difference in fine lines when using this Peptide Renewal Serum, and when used religiously I saw a definite softening in the lines on my forehead, between my brows and the smile lines around my lips.

The texture is what gets me with this product.  It’s like a very light facial oil – not greasy, not super rich and not sticky.  It is just perfect – tacky enough to provide the moisture skin needs when it’s feeling tight, yet with a gentle massage it sinks in like an absolute dream.  I’ve used it during the day in winter, and it’s been a dream under makeup – I get that extra moisture my skin needs during the drier months, and it leaves my skin looking dewy, NOT greasy.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Mario Badescu Super Peptide Serum*

♥ Lightweight, feel of a very fluid gel

♥ Formulated with sodium hyaluronate

♥ Suited for all skin types, or anyone who prefers a lighter, easy to use product day or night

♥ Light, almost invisible finish and fresh-faced complexion

♥ Provides lightweight hydration at 2 levels of skin (thanks to 2 molecular weights of sodium hyaluronate)

♥ Sinks into skin fast and seamlessly

I absolutely loved using this serum during our sticky, hot summer months, as it is so lightweight.  It layers well with other products, and provides an intense boost of hydration – which I loved, as I do suffer with dehydration around my nose and on my chin.  It also works well under makeup – no pilling or breaking up of my makeup occurred when I used it.  It creates a beautiful, hydrated base for makeup actually!

I think that those getting started on an anti-ageing skincare regime would thoroughly enjoy this lighter serum, or those with oilier or combination skins would enjoy how fabulous it is at smoothing, plumping and hydrating skin, yet not leaving it feeling or looking greasy.  I personally preferred the texture of the original – as it’s not greasy – but that’s just my personal preference of texture.

Nuxe Sun Light Fluid High Protection*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

I don’t know about you – but regardless of season, I apply a sunscreen every single morning of my life.  I battle with hormonal pigmentation as it is, so I try to minimise any further marks to my skin that I can.

I was thrilled to bits when Nuxe sent over this pretty little gold bottle.  It’s such a cute size – ideal for keeping in your bag for touch ups!  It’s designed as a ‘shaker’ in that it has a little ball inside that is intended to make the texture of the sunscreen more fluid and extremely light, perfect for normal to combination skins.

Nuxe created a blend of a selection of 4 sunscreens (to create the high SPF50 protection), as well as natural rice and rosemary extracts (for their powerful antioxidant benefits), vitamin E (for it’s great anti-ageing benefits), kau pe flower extract (soothing properties) and water hyacinth oleo-active (to protect against dehydration).

The lovely light sun fluid is also designed to provide cellular protection and help to prevent dark spots (my biggest bugbear, and what I love most about it).  It also has that quintessential Nuxe scent – delicious, yet not irritating in the slightest to my sensitive skin.

I love how this sun fluid leaves no white caste on my skin, isn’t greasy or sticky, and plays nicely with makeup.  A fabulous sunscreen indeed!

Optiphi Skin Treats*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

I was gifted this pretty little box of Optiphi Skin Treats shortly before Christmas, and I couldn’t have been more excited.  You see, these are the Optiphi Skin Supplements – shots of intense serums, usually only offered as an addition to professional, in-salon treatments!

You all know I love the Optiphi brand, as their products are created by a research team made up of plastic surgeons, chemists, biochemists, microbiologists and geneticists.  They create products that are safe to use, exceptionally concentrated and with pure ingredients that are SO effective.  If you don’t believe me, check out my post on their Complexion Control HERE (their product designed to brighten skin and fade hyperpigmentation, and I have before and after photos) and stay tuned, as I have a second post coming!

I managed to get 2-3 uses out of each of these little shots of serum, and loved them all.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Optiphi Fractionated HA Skin Supplement

This is a little hydrating and anti-ageing serum that is JAM-PACKED with fractionated hyaluronic acid.  It’s intensely hydrating, plumps up fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves you with bouncy, soft skin.

I used this when I’d had a couple too many glasses of wine or G & T’s, as I always feel the dehydration in my skin then – and it worked like a bomb.  Absolutely love this, and wish you could purchase it as a full-size serum.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Optiphi Vit B Complex Skin Supplement

This is a rebuilding and desensitizing serum.  Basically, if your skin is irritated, tight or red – this is your super hero!

I’ve had this used on my skin during treatments at M.E.G Skin & body, by the lovely Shana, and it instantly calms grumpy skin.  An absolute gem.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Optiphi Gallic Acid Skin Supplement

The Gallic Acid Skin Supplement helps to brighten dark spots and pigmentation – so I used this in the mornings (and my Complexion Control at night) along with a good SPF.

I found that when I used this in conjunction with the Complexion Control, my pigmentation definitely worked it’s way up and out a little faster.  I think adding this to a facial would be a LOVELY booster.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Optiphi Vit C Skin Supplement

Ah Vitamin C.  Think of this as a vitamin-packed smoothie for your skin!  It brightens, revitalises and gives dull skin that extra pizzazz that we all need to look and feel more youthful.

I use vitamin C in my skincare most days, but this was just that little bit more potent – I looked so radiant, even days after I’d used this.

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Range*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Not many people actually use them, but I’ve always tried to include a deep cleansing shampoo in my haircare regime, at least once or twice a month.  I was my hair every 3 days (4 days if I can push it, but that’s only usually in the winter), so the build of up natural oils, sweat, skin and products needs to be removed.  If you don’t deep cleanse and detox your hair and scalp, you can end up with clogged hair follicles, irritation and dull, lackluster hair.

Marc Anthony has now come out with a Hair & Scalp Detox range – all designed to clean your hair and scalp, remove build up and provide moisture.  It’s free from sulfates, SLS, parabens and phthalates too!

The range consists of: –

♥ Instant Cooling Scalp Treatment

♥ Purify & Refresh Shampoo

♥ Purify & Refresh Conditioner

♥ Purifying Scalp Scrub

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purify & Refresh Shampoo*

This deep cleansing shampoo contains willow bark and black pepper to both calm and cleanse the hair and the scalp.  I was actually concerned at the first use, that it wouldn’t leave my hair feeling as ‘deeply-cleansed’ as I usually expect, as it doesn’t foam up all that much (due to it being SLS free).  However, as soon as I added more water to my head, I felt it spread and foam up gently.

I loved how this gave my hair the deep clean it so badly needed, yet it didn’t feel squeaky, stripped or fragile.  It also smells so fresh and clean!

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purify & Refresh Conditioner*

One again with the calming and cleansing properties of willow bark and black pepper, this conditioner is designed to nourish your hair and soothe your scalp, both of which I can gladly say it does.

I enjoyed how moisturising this conditioner actually was, as I assumed it would be very very light – not enough for my hair.  It left my strands soft and my scalp calm, perfectly prepped for any masks or products I may need to apply.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Instant Cooling Scalp Treatment Roller*

I don’t battle with an irritable scalp, so I actually sent this product on to my sister to try.

This roller contains castor oil, tea tree oil and aloe vera leaf juice to help condition and calm the scalp, while peppermint oil and witch hazel to refresh and cool. You can use this pre-wash to treat the scalp or as a daily relief boost.

I can imagine that if you suffer with an irritated scalp, this would be such a relief to use!

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

And lastly… let’s chat about my FAVOURITE product from the range!

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purifying Scalp Scrub*

I had never tried a scalp scrub before this one, and it has opened my eyes to a whole new world!  It helps to gently remove build up on the hair and scalp, as well as deeply cleanse and soothe.

You actually will not understand how amazing this felt to use until you’ve tried it yourself – I felt like I had a new head of hair and I even felt more relaxed after the head massage you are basically giving yourself while scrubbing.

Wet Brush Stellar Skies Detanglers

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Wet Brush Stellar Skies – Turquoise Skies*

I’ve always been a hardcore lover of Tangle Teezers – I’ve owned them for as long as I can remember.  I’ve tried a few other detangling brushes over the years and nothing has matched up.  Until I tried the infamous Wet Brush.

Guys.  They hype is real.  This is the most gentle brush to glide through your hair that you’ve ever used.  Plus, the Stellar Skies edition brushes are just exquisite – something beautiful that you’re proud to leave on your vanity!

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Wet Brush Shower Detangler*

This Shower Detangler from Wet Brush is lifechanging too.  I keep it hanging from my soap dish, and use it to detangle hair and spread my hair masks and conditioners through the lengths.  It’s really helped prevent excessive breakage, and is SO gentle!

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

Vichy Capital Soleil Solar Protective Water*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

I had heard so much internationally about the Vichy Protective Water that I was VERY excited when I saw it available locally.  Then, a mail popped up in my inbox asking if I’d like to try it.  You can only IMAGINE the squeal of excitement I let out!

All because – it’s a sunscreen that contains hyaluronic acid.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 4, Sugar & Spice

The formula is bi-phase, so you give the bottle a good shake, and spray it over your skin.  It’s not only beautifully hydrating – it’s not sticky or greasy at all.  It also contains vitamin E and the Vichy Mineralizing Water, so it’s fabulous for sensitive skins.

I love that it’s a higher factor that feels so light on the skin, and the mister on the bottle is so fine.  Clearly quality packaging and ingredients!  Plus, it provides high broad-spectrum UV protection.

Due to the bi-phase formula, you can feel the moisture on your skin, but it doesn’t feel as greasy as a sun oil.  It’s also hypoallergenic, sweat and water resistant and smells gorgeous!

Thanks to living in sunny Durbs, we keep good sunscreens on hand at all times, as our winter days are often in the low to mid 20s and great for spending time outdoors.  This will be PERFECT to keep dry winter skin at bay while fighting the sun!

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