Today, I’m back with a beauty post – and it’s a brand I haven’t stopped talking about for a couple of years – Optiphi.

I have tried so many different brands of skincare – salon-only products, higher end brands found in department stores, drugstore brands and small business brands.  I’ve found some great options over the years for both a big splurge and a tight budget.

Yet when I discovered Optiphi, I knew I’d found a brand that I could HAPPILY use as my only skincare brand for the rest of my life.  A tough decision when one is a beauty blogger, and gets sent a lot of wonderful products to trial.  I am always 100% honest in reviews, as I don’t want you to spend your hard-earned money on a product that just isn’t worth the money, no matter how affordable – and this ruthlessness has often seen me removed from PR lists or unfollowed by brands.  So please believe me when I say that this brand, while on the pricier end, is well worth the money – and being so packed with quality active ingredients, you use less product, so they last longer.


A little bit of background on the brand

Optiphi has an unparalleled background of expertise and research.  The team behind the brand is made up of plastic surgeons, geneticists, chemists, biochemists and microbiologists.  They work exceptionally hard to create products that are full of highly concentrated and pure active ingredients, that are safe to use on the skin and provide results.  And results they indeed do provide – if you’ve read my post on the Optiphi Complexion Control, you’ll know this is my NUMBER 1 product from them, and while I’m about to finish my third bottle now, it’s a product I’ll continue to keep in my routine.

The brand is also grown from a group of medical companies that specialise in the manufacturing of medical devices – and these, as well as the Optiphi brand are sold globally!  Optiphi is now available in much of Europe (Austria, Germany, Italy, Ireland, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands), Namibia, Botswana and Australia!


What makes the brand unique?

Optiphi helps to provide tailored product recommendations through hands-on therapist consultations, and DNA testing – yes, they even have a number of DNA tests available, for skin, health, diet and hormones.  This takes a the custom skincare routine to a new level.

Optiphi also strive to improve on current products, rather than new releases.  While you will often see other brands pumping out new products (sometimes to the point where you feel dizzy), Optiphi will reformulate a current product, improving on it’s formula, it’s packaging and how efficient it is in providing the best results possible.

All Optiphi products are: –

♥ pH balanced at 5.5, similar to the natural pH of the skin

♥ Free from parabens, growth factors, nano-particles, soap and SLS

♥ Environmentally friendly, packaging is made of previously used and recycled packaging, and plastic tubes are made from sugarcane and plant-based plastics. There is a recycle incentive for customers – return 10 empty Optiphi containers and you’ll receive a complimentary facial cleanser.

♥ Packaging is airless and lightless, to improve the longevity and the quality of the active ingredients – your last pump will be as fresh and concentrated as the first.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free International APPROVED! Optiphi is an accredited brand by the Leaping Bunny initiative, and is committed to helping end animal testing.

Let’s chat products I’ve tried


Optiphi Complexion Control R1400 for 30ml

I have already reviewed this product in full HERE.

Complexion Control is a moisturiser designed to brighten skin, treat dark spots and uneven skin tone and fight stress from free radicals. It also helps to reduce the production of pigment in the skin, preventing further pigmentation.

It’s packed with wonderful actives such as Retinol (the powerhouse that brightens, targets pigmentation and dark spots, addresses UV damage and helps to control oil production), as well as a vitamin blend of C and B3 (to improve skin’s radiance, fight off free radicals and rebuild the structure of the skin).

I have suffered for years with pigmentation – hormonally-induced thanks to over a decade on the contraceptive pill (this was around my under-eye area like a mask), and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation thanks to terrible acne in my teen years.  Overall my skin just marks and scars badly and doesn’t heal itself like it should – so the Optiphi Complexion Control sounded like a dream product for me.


A dream product it is!  I have been putting it to the test now since 2019, and am happy to say that the reduction in my pigmentation is astoundingly good – PARTICULARLY as I’ve not undergone any technology facials that are designed to improve pigmentation, such as Dermapen or Microneedling.  I’ve only tried the very odd peel (and recently the new Optiphi Retinol Peel, which helped immensely as well), but that goes to show that if you use the CORRECT topical routine and products, it can be amazingly beneficial.

My pigmentation has faded dramatically, and I find that if I stick to using my Complexion Control at least twice a week, and spot treating areas when they need fading, my skin heals quicker too.  100% my top recommended product.


Optiphi Active Facial Cleanser R840 for 150ml

I’m on my second bottle of this glorious cleanser now, and I love it.

I’m not usually one for gel cleansers, as I find they leave my skin stripped and wanting.  This one, however, is an absolute beaut, and I’ve found with regular use (i.e. morning and night), I’ve even seen my skin look clearer, brighter and the barrier happier too.

The Active Facial Cleanser serves multiple functions – it can be used to remove makeup, cleanse, tone skin (as it’s formulated at pH 5.5, so it doesn’t mess with the balance of your skin), it gently exfoliates due to the salicylic acid, and it can also be used as a shaving medium and a spot treatment.  It’s also incredible gentle and soap-free, so you get none of that tight, squeaky feeling after cleansing.


Optiphi Pure Exfoliating Wash R480 for 150ml

This is the most stunning every-day exfoliator/cleanser combo!

Gentle enough for daily use, it’s fabulous for sensitive, reactive skin and even bearded skins, as it contains biodegradable micro-plastic free calming particles that offer the most gentle physical exfoliation, and release skin-calming vitamin B5.

On top of this, with the inclusion of malic acid, you also get a super gentle chemic exfoliation, and regular use will provide you with smoother skin, brighter skin and it even works slowly to improve pigmentation – so pair this with other products like the Complexion Control and it’s just a fabulous way of building up your results.

*mentioned in my Cleanser/Makeup Remover – SKINCARE SECRETS post HERE.*


Optiphi Ageless Active Gel R1750 for 30ml

I was first given a small sample bottle of this gel by Shana at M.E.G Skin & Body, after my first appointment with her, when my skin was CRAZY irritated and compromised.

Touted as an ‘anti-aging calming complex’, I couldn’t think of anything closer to the truth.

This gel is so soothing that it instantly calms irritation, sensitivity and redness – beautiful for post treatments, fabulous at change of seasons, and THE BEST when you have allergies or the sniffles, and are constantly blowing your nose.

The Optiphi Ageless Active Gel contains hesperidin and vitamin B3 to soothe irritation and help improve your skin tone, while Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) help to reduce damage from environmental aggressors like UV rays and pollution.  So while it’s calming your already irritated skin, it’s also helping to prevent further irritation!

Also described as an ideal aftershave treatment for men, I even used it a couple of times on my legs post shave, as I am prone to post-shaving rash.  Obviously with it being a smaller amount of product for a higher price, this is only something I’d do if it’s a particularly bad bout, but it works like an absolute charm and instantly.


Optiphi Eye Effect R930 for 15ml

Are you looking for the eye cream that does it all?  Well, look no further!

The Optiphi Eye Effect promises to improve firmness, fight puffiness, revive dull skin, provide hydration, improve fine lines and improve overall radiance.  I saw all of this and more – in fact, while I was using this eye cream, I was also using the Complexion Control frequently, and the pigmentation around my eye area was fading faster with the use of both products.

Honestly, I found this to be perfectly hydrating for a night-time eye cream, yet it was light enough to use during the day, and it allowed my makeup on top to play nicely too.

My eye area looked brighter, fresher, less puffy and it definitely looked firmer.  I looked like I was a lady of leisure, and getting a solid 10 hours of sleep a night!

Probably the BEST eye cream I’ve ever used, and trust me, I’ve used my fair share.


Optiphi Refine Foliant R820 for 30ml

I sound like a stuck record here, but when I tell you this is the most incredible exfoliator I’ve ever used, I swear I’m not exaggerating.  I’ve been through a full batch of the pretty glass bottles it originally came in, as well as 3 pump bottles like this.  And I am fearing I have only a couple of uses left in my current bottle and I NEED to get my hands on a new one.

This beautiful little bottle contains a gorgeous blend of aha’s, bha’s and vitamin C, yet it’s the most gentle exfoliator you’ll use – and don’t let ‘gentle’ put you off, thinking it’s less effective or takes longer to work!  It works so quickly, to leave you with baby-soft skin.

Using a blend of Ascorbic (vitamin C), Lactic (aha) and Salicylic (bha) acids, it’s seen as an ‘at-home peel’, and brightens your skin, softens and moisturises it all at once.  You’re left with stunningly-soft and clear skin, that will accept the other products you introduce to it even better than before.

If you’re looking to introduce your skin to just one product from Optiphi to begin with – this is my suggestion.

*mentioned in my Best of Skincare 2019 post AND my Exfoliators – SKINCARE SECRETS post, so you know it’s a goodie!*


Optiphi Hydra-Derm HA Masque R790 for 75ml

A really great hydrating mask can be hard to find – we’re blessed with so many great options on the market these days, but often some can be filled with fragrance, or end up leaving your skin thirstier than before.

The Optiphi Hydra-Derm HA Masque is a creamy little number that works crazy-hard to deliver maximum moisture to your skin in a non-greasy way.

You can use this for a quick moisture boost, but it’s designed to be left on overnight.  This way, it has your sleeping-hours to combat dehydration, pep up your skin and moisturise your skin intensely.  Containing the king of hydration – hyaluronic acid – as well as imperata cylindrica extract, the masque can actually keep your skin moisturised for up to 24 hours, and increase it’s ability to hold onto water.  PLUS there are wrinkle-fighting peptides involved too!

TOP TIP – I use this as a night cream once or twice a week, but I’ve also used it as a moisturiser under my SPF when my skin has felt irritated or just very dehydrated, and it works like a bomb!

*mentioned in my Best of Skincare 2019 post, and my Masks – SKINCARE SECRETS post*


Optiphi Solar Spritz SPF30 R480 for 150ml

This spritz bottle of sunscreen is for use on face and body – making it so much easier to ensure you’re always protected from the sun.

The texture is thin, so it’s not a thick paste you need to spread around, and makeup sits beautifully on top – no sliding, no greasiness and no white caste.

Image from

Optiphi Body Curve β-Body Wash Polishing Body Cleanser R290 for 250ml

It may seem ‘indulgent’ to buy a body wash from a skincare brand – but trust me, this is no ordinary body wash.

Thanks to the inclusion of lactic acid, the Optiphi β-Body Wash gently exfoliates your skin, improving the texture and tone, as well as helping to improve moisture in the skin.  This, plus salicylic acid (that will help prevent breakouts and excess oil), makes this a SUPERB body cleanser all year-round, but even more so in our hot, sticky Durban summers.

I loved that it helped with the little bumps on my upper arms, and overall my skin felt softer and smoother, and looked so much healthier.

*mentioned in my July Favourites 2019 video on YouTube and my Best of Body & Hair Care 2019 post*
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Optiphi Body Curve Sculpting Repair R750 for 100ml

This is a new product in my collection, and I’ve been testing it only for around a week or so, however Optiphi did have a similar brand that I completely finished a couple of years back, so I can chat about it anyway!

The Sculpting Repair helps to target the underlying causes of cellulite, as it assists in acting against the fat nodules that are responsible for the appearance of cellulite, as well as curbing the effects of trapped fluid.  It also helps the reduction of stubborn fat deposits, plus it contains retinol – the king of anti-agers.  The retinol helps to improve sun damage and the visible signs of aging.

Now – I’m sure you all well aware that a topical product is never going to turn you into a Victoria’s Secret model overnight, so please note I’m under no illusion here.  I most definitely don’t think I can chomp away on as many doughnuts as I like, apply this potion and BOOM – cellulite gone.

However, while using the previous product, I found that my skin just felt overall tighter and firmer.  The appearance was smoother and more even as well.  But the biggest improvement I found – my scars faded and fast!

The retinol in the Optiphi Sculpting Repair targeted the scars I had from a recent laparoscopic surgery for my endometriosis.  I unfortunately scar very easily and very badly so keloid scars are just a reality for me.  I’ve used tissue oils for years and while you find gradual improvement, it’s never been anything drastic.

My scars faded insanely fast, and flattened out so quickly, that even my hubby actually made a comment one day, around 2 and a half weeks after I’d been using it.  For this alone, I’d happily purchase this product, but the fact that my overall skin appearance and feel improved was an extra bonus.


Optiphi Adagio eau de toilette R900 for 50ml

The brand very generously gifted me with this fragrance in February, as a Valentine’s promotion (they also gave me a LOVELY discount code at the time, and I wish I’d nabbed a backup bottle for myself).

I’m incredibly fussy with fragrance, I like floral scents, sweet scents and fresh, clean scents, but I’m picky about the notes and how it reacts to my skin.

The Optiphi Adagio is beautifully balanced, with beautiful floral notes, a gentle sweetness and an underlying woodiness to it that makes it the most perfect every day fragrance.  When we travelled to the Cape in August, this was the only fragrance I took with me, and I’m often asked what fragrance I’m wearing if I’ve used this.

A gorgeous gift idea, especially with Christmas coming up!

*mentioned in my Valentine’s Day Must Haves YouTube video*

DISCLAIMER – While I am sent a great deal of Optiphi products for review, I do spend my own money on the brand, and I am happy to do so, so all opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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