TESTED: SKIN Functional Daily Moisturiser

TESTED: SKIN Functional Daily Moisturiser, Sugar & Spice

I love to try out different skincare brands and their products – this is no news to you guys. So when I learned about SKIN Functional – a local brand that is creating amazing AND affordable skincare products – I knew I had to get on that train and see what they were about.

SKIN Functional creates products that are cruelty free, non-toxic, alcohol-free and fragrance-free.  All you get is well made skincare from a local brand, that will deliver results!

TESTED: SKIN Functional Daily Moisturiser, Sugar & Spice

On 1 December 2020, a brand new product from SKIN Functional is being released, and I was one of a number of local bloggers and Instagrammers who received it ahead of time to test out.  So, without further ado, let’s chat about their product newbie, and what I think of it.


TESTED: SKIN Functional Daily Moisturiser, Sugar & Spice

The SKIN Functional Daily Moisturiser with 5% Black Ginseng + ATP Complex is the brand’s very first cream moisturiser – the do currently have a Liquid Moisturiser in their products list, but no cream product.

According to Kevin Khose from SKIN Functional, the new addition is “intended to provide customers with a holistic skincare offering.”  The fact that it is suitable for all skin types, and can be used both morning and night make it a lovely all-rounder product.


The SKIN Functional Daily Moisturiser with 5% Black Ginseng + ATP Complex.  A daily moisturiser for all skin types, that can be used as a day and night cream.


The SKIN Functional Daily Moisturiser is designed to protect the skin by significantly reducing collagenase – an enzyme which breaks down collagen and elastin.  We need collagen and elastin in our skin as they are what keep our skin looking and feeling young.

By combining Black Ginseng and ATP Complex, the Daily Moisturiser is a wonderful antioxidant for your skin, that will significantly enhance skin hydration by allowing more water to be held in the skin.

Black Ginseng boosts collagen production in the skin and aids the natural growth of cells to rebuild the skin.

The ATP Complex (created in the mitochondria) is what powers the batteries of skin cells.  As we age, we produce less ATP Complex, so the Daily Moisturiser helps to increase the function of skin cells.

TESTED: SKIN Functional Daily Moisturiser, Sugar & Spice


The SKIN Functional Daily Moisturiser has a lovely creamy consistency.  It spreads well across the skin, and absorbs nicely, without leaving a greasy film on the skin.


The SKIN Functional Daily Moisturiser will retail for R290 for a 50ml tube.


You will be able to purchase the SKIN Functional Daily Moisturiser from the SKIN Functional website HERE, as well as from the various other retailers that stock SKIN Functional – The Beautiful Store, Takealot, Retail Box and Sassy Chic.

The Daily Moisturiser will only be available for purchase from 1 December 2020.

TESTED: SKIN Functional Daily Moisturiser, Sugar & Spice


I really enjoyed how the product felt on my skin – not greasy, yet extremely hydrating.  It absorbed nicely into the skin, so played well with makeup, yet was nourishing enough for use at night too.

I used the Daily Moisturiser every day for about 2 weeks.  I either used it morning, night or both, to ensure I really got a feel for the product.

My skin definitely felt hydrated, it looked and felt plumped and fine lines appeared smoothed (due to the hydration of the cream) and I didn’t experience any breakouts – something I do often get when I switch up my skincare products.

I really enjoyed that it’s both a day and night cream, and designed for all skin types.  While I usually do use separate day and night creams, the convenience factor was a bonus for me. I also like how affordable it is, especially for cruelty free, scientific skincare.  I definitely recommend you check it out!

TESTED: SKIN Functional Daily Moisturiser, Sugar & Spice

Have you tried any products from SKIN Functional?


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