Ellips – the fast path to FABULOUS hair!

Ellips – the fast path to FABULOUS hair!, Sugar & Spice

I’m sure you all know by now about my love affair with Ellips hair capsules.  These pretty little gems have captured many a beauty-lover’s heart, and with good reason.  So today, I’m going to talk to you all about these, and the other gorgeous products that Ellips has to offer!

The Ellips brand offers their infamous pretty little capsules, as well as a series of hair masks, a leave in conditioner and a cuticle serum.  Their products are all halaal, cruelty-free and the capsules are also biodegradable, as they are gelatine based – making them environmentally friendly too, the perfect travel companion!  The brand is originally from Indonesia, and made for all hair types, even ethnic hair.

Ellips – the fast path to FABULOUS hair!, Sugar & Spice

Let’s talk about the Ellips hair capsules

Ellips has become renowned for their jewel-toned capsules.  While they’re labelled as hair vitamins, they aren’t for oral consumption.  Each pretty capsule contains a single dose of gloriously rich hair serum that contains a base of argan oil, provitamin B5 and vitamins A and E.  They also contain heat protection, so you’re getting a multi-tasking product in that tiny little capsule!

The best part is that Ellips has a treatment for any hair concerns, and you can also alternate between treatment colours, depending on what your hair needs at the time.

Ellips – the fast path to FABULOUS hair!, Sugar & Spice

PINK – Hair Repair (pro-vitamin B5, vitamins A, C & E, jojoba oil, Moroccan oil)

Provides intensive moisture to hair, particularly hair that has been excessively heat styled and is damaged.  These capsules help repair hair rapidly, while providing intense nourishment, combating frizz and leaving you with smooth, shiny hair.  These are probably my favourite as my hair is damaged from heat and from highlighting.  I love the smooth finish to my hair, and I’ve found that over time, using them leaves me with less breakage.

Ellips – the fast path to FABULOUS hair!, Sugar & Spice

YELLOW – Smooth & Shiny (pro-vitamin B5, vitamins A & E, aloe vera, Moroccan Oil)

These capsules are formulated to fight frizz, as well as intensively moisturise and protect hair from the effects of the sun.  I’ve found these leave my hair the shiniest of the lot, and it’s incredibly smooth – I prefer to use these when I know I’m going to be straightening my hair, as I get the sleekest outcome.

Ellips – the fast path to FABULOUS hair!, Sugar & Spice

PURPLE – Nutri Colour (pro-vitamin B5, vitamins A & E, amino acids, Moroccan oil)

These pretty purple capsules are designed specifically for those of us with highlighted or coloured hair, as it keeps colour looking fresh and shiny, prevents fading and leaves hair super shiny and frizz-free.  I also really love these, as I find they really make my highlights super shiny and the colour just looks fresher.

Ellips – the fast path to FABULOUS hair!, Sugar & Spice

ORANGE – Hair Vitality (pro-vitamin B5, vitamins A & E, ginseng, honey, Moroccan oil)

Damaged, brittle and very dry strands?  These capsules are for you.  They help prevent breakage, strengthen the hair structure and replenish lost moisture.  Ideal for all of us during the drier, colder months for sure.

Ellips – the fast path to FABULOUS hair!, Sugar & Spice

BLACK – Shiny Black (pro-vitamin B5, vitamins A & E, candlenut oil, aloe vera, Moroccan oil)

While these say they’re for black hair, any hair colour can use them.  They’re designed very thick or dark hair, as they leave hair manageable, soft and super shiny.  While I’ve not tried these myself, having fine, highlighted hair, I do plan on trying one out as a once a month deep treatment, and leaving hair to air dry.  I can only imagine how much my dry ends will soak the serum up!

On top of these marvellous treatment capsules, Ellips also make a range of other hair treatments, all of which are just as fabulous.

Ellips – the fast path to FABULOUS hair!, Sugar & Spice

Milkshake Leave-In Conditioner

I’m actually about to go onto my second bottle of this pretty pink leave-in conditioner.  I love how incredible it is for detangling hair – with highlighting my hair, it gets incredibly knotty so quickly.

Milkshake helps to detangle, moisturise and add texture to hair, with the help of milk protein, wheat protein and provitamin B5.  It’s also suitable for use on kiddies (and with a name like Milkshake, they’ll love it)!

Another added bonus?  This will be a FAB product for the summer months, as it helps to seal in moisture when swimming, as well as prevent too much chlorine and sea water penetrating the hair.

Ellips – the fast path to FABULOUS hair!, Sugar & Spice

Hair Masks

Ellips have 3 variations in their mask range – Yellow Smooth & Shiny, Pink Hair Repair and Shiny Black.  They work in line with the same colour treatment capsules, so it’s a fab extra to use in conjunction with that capsule if you’re looking for a more intensive treatment for extra dry hair, or you just like that extra pamper.

I’ve used the Yellow and Pink masks and have enjoyed them both thoroughly – but I have to say the Yellow is my favourite.  It really leaves my hair so much smoother and SUPER duper shiny.  Plus, it smells divine!

Ellips – the fast path to FABULOUS hair!, Sugar & Spice

Cuticle Serum

I’m also onto my second little bottle of this cuticle serum.  It’s incredible for those of us with fine, thin hair (yes, it looks like I have thick hair, but I have fine hair – just a lot of it), who need a bit of extra moisture, particularly on the lengths.

This stuff is MAGIC at giving your hair that extra nourishment, and doesn’t weigh hair down in the slightest.  I’ve used this on damp hair (both when I’m blow drying and leaving it to air dry), dry hair post wash day to smooth, and to smooth hair when I’m styling it.

I love that the bottle is also little, so it’s very travel friendly, and you really only need the tiniest amount.

The best part about Ellips?

They are damn affordable!  Plus, if you shop on their site, they have a sale on – the treatment capsules are currently R150 for a tub of 50 capsules (INSANELY good price), R50 for a box of 12 and R45 for a tray of 6.  The Milkshake Leave-in Conditioner is R132, the Hair Masks are R85 and the Cuticle Serum is R63.

Ellips are also currently available at Takealot (the full range) and in-store at Clicks (select products and soon to have the full range of capsules).

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DISCLAIMER – while this post is in paid partnership with Ellips, all opinions are honest and my own.


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