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My favourites posts are not on time guys, and I’m so sorry!  Life is manic, but at least this month is up earlier than the month before.  I spent June wearing a lot more makeup than usual, all thanks to an endless supply of parties and events – all lots of fun, but I’ve been so grateful this week for a break.  I’ve spent time catching up on my emails (slowly but surely) and social media, and watching TV without falling asleep after 15 minutes.

Does anyone else have crazy times like this, where it’s event and party and event, and then suddenly a deep lull?

On another note, while I have a quiet weekend ahead this coming one, the following week my sweet, darling Hubs is taking me away to St Lucia for my birthday!  I’m thrilled and so ready for a break away.

Throughout the month, I took notes of items I reached for a lot, and so here you have my June Favourites: –



Filorga Hydra-Hyal Intensive Hydrating Plumping Concentrate*

You know by now that I’m ALL about the hydrating hyaluronic acid serums.  I am always on the hunt for new ones to try, and new formulas to review.

I adore Filorga as a brand, and this power serum contains 4 types of hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin – something I need badly, particularly in winter.  I love how this is quite a thick, gel consistency, yet it absorbs into the skin leaving no trace other than a feeling of comfort, particularly around my nose (big time problem area).  A little goes a long way too – I’ve been using this for MONTHS and I still have half the bottle left!

I apply this after cleansing and toning every single morning, and some evenings when my skin is feeling a little extra-parched.

Another positive note – the packaging.  It is gorgeous, and so luxe, with a frosted glass bottle and dropper.


Optiphi Hydra-Derm HA Masque*

I ADORE a hydrating mask, so when I received this tube from Optiphi I was absolutely thrilled to bits.  I’ve used it overnight as a sleep mask and applied a generous layer pre-makeup for a quick hydration boost.  It works amazingly well, is soothing and not overly rich or greasy.

When I was treated by M.E.G. Skin & Body Experts to an Optiphi Classic facial, the lovely Shanna actually mentioned that I can even use it under makeup (wow guys, if you’re looking for a plump, beautiful glow, this gives it) and even as I would a serum, prior to my night cream.

With all the wonderful ways I can hydrate my skin with this one killer product, it’s understandable why it’s fast become one of my favourite products to reach for.  My skin looks soft, hydrated and feels so so happy since I incorporated this into my routine.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, as I’m doing a whole post on my facial at M.E.G. and my thoughts on the Optiphi products!

P.S. The tube is a generous 75ml and it’s filled right to the top, something a lot of places fail to do.  I’ve used this pretty much daily since I received it in PR and I can see I’ve barely taken about 2cm from the top.


Pixi Beauty pHenomenal Gel*

If you saw my Instagram Stories over the last few months, you’ll have seen my complete excitement when I was blessed enough to receive a press drop from the infamous Pixi Beauty.  An international brand that isn’t available in SA, I’ve loved their Glow Tonic (a gently exfoliating toner that contains 5% glycolic acid, and leaves you with radiant and glowing skin) and their Lip Icing (I bought the Chloe Morello collab called Cake, a shimmery rose gold gloss that smells like Terry’s Chocolate Orange).

While you can buy from Cult Beauty (they ship to SA), I’ve found a number of re-sellers in SA that do stock some of the Pixi products, they’ll just be marked up rather significantly.

This is a soothing and moisturising gel that helps to balance the skin’s pH levels, a fab addition to a range that contains AHAs!  I’ve been using it on mornings after I’ve used my retinol or my other Glow Tonic products from Pixi, and it’s a fab product to have to soothe skin post-facial peel.



Pixi Beauty On-The-Glow Multi-Use Moisture Stick*

Another item from my Pixi drop is this On-The-Glow stick.  I’ve seen Fleur de Force mention this, and actually had it on my wishlist of things to try from Pixi, so you can understand my excitement when it was included in the box of Glow goodies.

GUYS – this is amazing!  I’ve been keeping it next to my bed, and if my skin feels a little tight (it can in the early mornings), or I need a lip balm, I’ve been reaching for it.  I’ve even used it on my elbows and cuticles!  This little gem would be unbelievable to take travelling, as you can use it to moisturise any dry areas on a flight without taking different products or liquids.

I can see that this is definitely a product I’d repurchase!


L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Nourish Scrub*

I’m a big fan of exfoliating – possibly too big a fan!  I love a decent face scrub that doesn’t irritate my skin, yet feels scrubby enough to leave me with skin as soft as a baby’s butt.

L’Oreal recently released their 3 new Smooth Sugars scrubs, and while the Glow Scrub has topped my list (it was in my May Favourites post HERE), I found I kept reaching for this specific one – the Nourish Scrub – all throughout June.

It contains cocoa butter as well as the signature blend of 3 fine sugars, and while it’s gently buffing your skin, it’s also moisturising your skin.  The PERFECT product for dry winter skin!

I only started using this scrub on my lips as well during June and I will never look back – one product that is budget-friendly and scrubs both face and lips?  Amazing.



Ellips Cuticle Serum for hair*

Another brand that made it onto both May and June Favourites is Ellips – last month I raved about their treatment capsules, and only in the middle of June did I crack into the Cuticle Serum.

Designed for fine or thin hair that is prone to dryness, this serum isn’t heavy at all.  I use a tiny amount from mid-lengths to ends on towel-dried hair and then I either leave it to dry naturally or just rough dry the majority of water out and leave the rest to air dry.

What’s left?  Soft, super shiny strands that are so manageable it’s crazy.  Definitely one I’ll repurchase!




Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer in 020 Light Beige

This concealer is an old favourite.  I’ve worked my way through countless tubes in many shades, and I always come back to it.

It provides fabulous coverage with no caking or creasing, is easy to blend out and is just all-round amazing.  Plus, it’s SUPER affordable – the only negative is the limited shade range.

Have you tried it yet?


Essence Hey Cheeks face palette

MULTIPLE friends influenced me to make this purchase, and boy am I glad they did.  This little palette is super travel friendly and all the shades are just beautiful.


I do find the bronzers to be on the warmer side, so if that’s not your thing then maybe swatch before you buy.  The blush shades are beautiful though, both on their own and blended together, and the highlight is soft, pretty and natural.

Definitely a must have if you love Essence, although it might have been nice for the brand to offer it in a darker skin tone version too.


MAC D for Danger and Ruby Woo

I am a MAC lippie fanatic, and own way too many, and yet I more often than not just reach for my Velvet Teddy as it goes with pretty much any makeup look and outfit.  Lately though, I’ve been getting really into red lips!  Previously I was too self conscious to rock a red lip, yet now it’s usually all you’ll see me wearing if I’m at a function.

I love both of these shades equally – Ruby Woo is a worldwide favourite and is a bright pop of classic red that lasts so well on the lips, and is beautifully eye-catching.  D for Danger I bought originally for my wedding day, decided it was too red at my makeup trial and then had huge regrets on not actually wearing it on the day.  It’s described as a brick red, but to me it’s more of a berry-hued red, deeper and more wine-like in colour.


Admittedly I do reach for D for Danger more often, as Ruby Woo is a lot brighter and makes much more of a statement, where I find D for Danger to be more of a sophisticated staple.

What red lippies do you love?


Makeup Revolution Velvet Rose palette

Can you even believe these eyeshadow palettes retail for R130?????  It blows my mind!

One of my purchased from my trip to Johannesburg, this palette is basically all I’ve been reaching for when it comes to eyeshadow.  It’s versatile enough to use for work makeup, yet I can reach for it for a glam and smokey look for an event.  It’s also fool-proof – I know it doesn’t crease, smudge or fade away even with no eyeshadow primer, and I have a solid 3 shades I reach for to create a sultry smokey brown eye.

The shadows are soft and blendable, and the metallics are buttery and so pigmented.  A total killer, and one every makeup addict should try!

Some swatches of my favourite shades from the MUR Velvet Rose palette – the top two with a lighter brown are my trick for sultry, smokey eyes.



Mustard tassel earrings from YDE

I obviously can’t find a link to these, even though YDE does have an online store now.  There was a time when big earrings were all I’d wear.  Then I grew up and started an office job, and answering phones when you’re wearing enormous earrings just isn’t fun.  Nowadays, during the work day you’ll seldom find me wearing anything in my ears.

When I go out, however, I bring out the accessories.  These gorgeous tassel earrings from YDE have been worn so many times through out the month of June, and are the ONLY way I can pull off mustard yellow (in clothing it makes me look poorly, but this small splash of colour works).

My latest style trick is to add a pair of colourful earrings to an all-black outfit.  I wear a lot of black and adding a fun pair of earrings like this adds a pop of colour that brightens up my whole look.


*Received in PR


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