Optiphi Complexion Control

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Goodness me, this post has been a long time coming!  Ever since I attended the launch for the reformulated Optiphi Complexion Control, I feel like I spoke about the product…

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Empties January 2020

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I have a brand new Empties video for you - a load of beauty (and one non-beauty) products that I've finished up over the last while.  I love watching these…

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Optiphi Follow-Up Facial

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As I'm sure you know by now, I'm a big fan of the Optiphi brand.  I was introduced to it this year, and I have no idea why I was…

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July Favourites 2019

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I've done things a little differently this month with my July Favourites 2019 - I filmed them! Head on over to my latest video on my YouTube channel!  You can…

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June Favourites 2019

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My favourites posts are not on time guys, and I'm so sorry!  Life is manic, but at least this month is up earlier than the month before.  I spent June…

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