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Optiphi Complexion Control, Sugar & Spice
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Goodness me, this post has been a long time coming!  Ever since I attended the launch for the reformulated Optiphi Complexion Control, I feel like I spoke about the product non-stop.  And rightly so – I am lucky enough to receive a lot of products to test and review, yet this is a product I’d happily spend my own money on, and repurchase.  The results just speak for themselves.  Aanndd, if you read to the bottom, you’ll find a SUPER GENEROUS discount code from the brand!

Optiphi Complexion Control, Sugar & Spice

What is Complexion Control?

Optiphi Complexion Control is an intense skin-brightening moisturiser that is formulated to target dark spots and uneven skin tone.  The product has the following benefits: –

• Reduces the production of pigment in the skin

• Helps to inhibit the enzymes that create pigmentation

• Targets age spots and pigmentation

• Addresses UV damage

• Brightens dull skin

• Fights free radicals

The Optiphi Complexion Control is basically a single product that will not only fight existing pigmentation, but will help you skin to not produce new pigmentation, all while brightening the skin, fixing sun damage and fighting free radicals.  Sounds like an absolute gem, right?

What’s even better is that the Optiphi Complexion Control fights different types of pigmentation.  It’ll help fade sun spots, melasma caused by hormonal changes and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (marks left behind from spots).

Optiphi Complexion Control, Sugar & Spice

How does Optiphi Complexion Control fight this?

The product has a selection of incredible active ingredients that fight to make your skin better and brighter than ever before!

• Vitamin A/Retinol (stimulates cell renewal, brightens, improves appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and sun damage)

• Resorcinol (reduces melanin production)

• Vitamin B3/Niacinamide (hinders transfer of melanin, encourages cellular lifespan, increases skin protein synthesis)

• Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid (boosts collagen production, smoothes and brightens skin, fights free radicals and UV damage)

(The blend of Vitamins B3 and C works together to decrease the appearance of blemished areas for a more even skin tone)

• Ellagic Acid (decreases melanin formation and delays new pigmentation formation)

• Spanish needle extract (anti ageing and boosts the effects of the Retinol)

• Resveratrol (boosts anti oxidant activity, fights hyperpigmentation, improves both uneven skin tone and texture, fights free radicals)



I suffer with quite a bit of pigmentation.  I was unfortunately a bit of a sun-worshipper in my youth, and so I do have a few freckles here and there.  However, sun damage can lie dormant in the skin, only to show up years later, causing you to age faster.

This is the least of my worries though.  I suffered with terrible acne in high school, and my skin shows the results of this.  I do have acne scarring on my left cheek that was helped by peels in my teen years, and which I’d like to address at some point with professional microneedling.  However, the acne (that does flare up from time to time) left dark marks behind.  Even now, when I get a pimple, the skin scars and I’m left with a red mark there that can last for months.  Nothing has ever faded them completely away.

Optiphi Complexion Control, Sugar & Spice
As you can see, I have some dark marks on my cheek that have been there since I was a teenager. Also I have dark pigmentation right under my eye and the outer edges of my under eye have wider patches of pigmentation that have spread over the years.


I also have melasma from a decade and a half on the contraceptive pill, as a way to combat my acne and my terrible monthlies.  It most definitely solved the acne problem, but when I was initially diagnosed with endometriosis, I came off the pill.  It was no longer helping the pain I had every month, and it seemed a bit drastic at the age of 30 to still be on the pill for acne.

Optiphi Complexion Control, Sugar & Spice
Apologies as you can’t see the full depth of the melasma around the outer edges of my eye area here, but if you look closely you can see.

The melasma is predominantly around my eyes – I have a darkness in the inner part that I always thought was just dark rings, a slight patch in the middle and from the middle and outwards wide patches of uneven skin.  These patches got bigger and darker over the years, and were varying shades of darkness.

Optiphi Complexion Control, Sugar & Spice
Here y ou can see the depth of the melasma around my eye area, and the general uneven tone of my skin.

More recently, I have (in the last year) been having breakouts on my neck.  I had no idea what this was from until I visited Shana at M.E.G. Skin and Body in Umhlanga for a couple of Optiphi facial treatments.  These are from stress and anxiety, and they’ll pop up but they leave red marks behind that linger.

Optiphi Complexion Control, Sugar & Spice
Here you can see the marks that the stress breakouts leave behind on my skin.

You can read about my FIRST TREATMENT HERE (before I began using the Optiphi Complexion Control) and my SECOND TREATMENT HERE (this one is particularly pertinent to this blog post, as Shana discussed how my skin was reacting to the Complexion Control).

You can also watch my vlog of my second treatment here, where Shana discusses how the Optiphi Complexion Control is working on my pigmentation after about a month of use – time stamp if you’d like a specific place is 5:25): –


You’ve seen my problem areas, you’ve read about the treatments I’ve been for to help them and you’ve seen my vlog and the thoughts of a professional on the Optiphi Complexion Control and how it works.  Ready for some news on how the product worked?

Optiphi Complexion Control, Sugar & Spice


I found (as you watched in the vlog of my second treatment with Shana at M.E.G Skin and Body) that after the first month, I experienced an initial fade of the pigmentation, and then all of a sudden the worst patches went MUCH darker.  This was all of that pigment coming to the surface from the lower layers of my skin, and it’s why exfoliation is such a key process.  I used my Optiphi Refine-Foliant once or twice a week, and if I only used it once a week, the second exfoliation was a gentle physical exfoliant.

Since I’ve finished up the whole 30ml container (airless pump in a light-proof bottle that lasted me 5 – 5 and a half months by the way), I’ve noticed a few really great improvements that you’ll see in the photos to follow.

Optiphi Complexion Control, Sugar & Spice
See how the pigmentation has faded and the general skin tone looks more even.

The intense post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on my left cheek cheek definitely faded a great deal.  I also found that the patches on the outer corners of my eyes that were the biggest faded away the most and evened out a lot.  The darkness on the inner part of my under eye area also lightened a lot.

Optiphi Complexion Control, Sugar & Spice
You can see here that the skin looks a lot more even in tone, and a lot of the pigmentation has faded. If you look at my neck where the breakouts were, they’re also gone.

The darkest patches in the centre of my under eye area came out much MUCH darker, faded away and then with more use they darkened again.  They’re still quite dark now as I ran out of my Complexion Control as they started to darken.  I do need to repurchase, but in the mean time with the countrywide Lockdown, I’m trying to up my use of Vitamin C products to keep my skin glowing and even.  I’m also using my exfoliators regularly and trying to ensure I focus on those patches to try and lighten them up as the dark cells buff away.

During the time I used the Optiphi Complexion Control, my skin just looked overall healthier.  It had more glow, it was much more even as a general rule and it was radiant and plump.  I do have a few patches of pigmentation that have darkened again since these photos were taken, but I plan on getting my hands on a fresh bottle of Complexion Control as soon as Lockdown is over, and from there I will make sure I budget and ALWAYS keep the product in my routine.

Optiphi Complexion Control, Sugar & Spice
General look at my skin – it looks healthier, glowier, generally more radiant and even, and the pigmentation has lightened.

Final thoughts?

I think that the Optiphi Complexion Control is the gold standard for why scientific products works BETTER.  You are paying a higher price for this product (it retails for R1310 here on Skin Miles), but you’re paying for exceptional quality and fabulous active ingredients in good dosages.

Since I’ve not been using the product (about 2 months now), the pigmentation that it faded has definitely stayed away.  Other patches have darkened a little towards the end of my bottle, and I will need to crack open another bottle to slowly fade them away.  The overall glow and health that the Optiphi Complexion Control gave to my skin was enough of a reason to use it, however the fact that it GENUINELY works at fading pigmentation and preventing it from coming back are the reason I’ll keep this one product in my routine.

For someone who trials a range of incredible brands and wonderful products, the fact that this is now a non-negotiable that I’ll continue to purchase and use is proof of how good it really is.  I used it every other night for just over 5 months, so you only need a small amount (proof of quality over quantity).

Well done Optiphi on such a superb product.  You’ve yet to let me down on any of the products I’ve tested, but this one takes the prize!

Fancy trying out the Optiphi Complexion Control for yourself?  Well, Optiphi have very kindly given me a 30% off discount code for this product!  Just head on over to the link below and you’ll score almost R400 off the product for yourself: –


Alternatively, on checking out with the Complexion Control on the Optiphi website, you can enter the code SUGAR&SPICECC2020 for your discount!



*DISCLAIMER – while the Optiphi Complexion Control was received as a gift in PR, the trial I put it to was entirely of my own doing, and my thoughts are 100% honest. The discount code is NOT an affiliate link.


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