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John Frieda Full Repair, Sugar & Spice
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I’m sure you guys know this, but I’m not a natural blonde.  I have naturally quite dark brunette hair, but for me it’s true what they say – blondes have more fun!  This means, however, that my hair is pretty damaged.  That’s where the John Frieda Full Repair range comes in!

I was recently sent a load of lovely John Frieda products suited to my hair type – 2 different ranges with some extras – and I gravitated towards the Full Repair goodies first.  I’ve been using these for around a month now, so what better time, than to tell you my thoughts?

John Frieda Full Repair, Sugar & Spice

The John Frieda Full Repair range is made up of 3 products – a shampoo, a conditioner and a deep conditioner/mask.  All 3 products contain Inca Inchi Oil (rich in Omega 3) and help to strengthen damaged hair by restoring the hair fibres and reducing the risk of further damage and split ends.

Full Repair Shampoo

John Frieda Full Repair, Sugar & Spice

The Full Repair shampoo from John Frieda promises to cleanse and strengthen hair weak brittle hair.  It does so gently, and without leaving hair feeling squeaky clean or loaded with oils.

I’ve absolutely loved using it so far, my hair feels lovely and clean, yet not stripped.  The scent is also lovely, yet light!  It’s perfect for anyone with dry and/or damaged hair, including those with colour or chemically treated hair.

Retails for R115.99 from Clicks.


Full Repair Conditioner

John Frieda Full Repair, Sugar & Spice

This conditioner is SUPERB!  It claims to protect your hair and reduce the risk of split ends and breakage, all without weighing your hair down.  As someone who has (a lot of) fine hair, finding a product that doesn’t leave my hair flat, yet still nourishes and protects it is not easy.

This conditioner smells lovely, feels thick and rich when squeezed out the tube, yet rinses out really well.  It leaves my hair soft, smooth and strong, yet bouncy and fresh.  Honestly my favourite of the three products!

Retails for R115.99 from Clicks.


Full Repair Deep Conditioner

John Frieda Full Repair, Sugar & Spice

I love a good mask, and very often I use hair masks in place of conditioner to try and keep my hair healthy.

This deep treatment is very rich, almost buttery in texture.  It feels incredible on the ends of my hair, and that’s where it should be applied – lengths and ends only, no roots!  You’ll end up feeling like a grease ball, which is far from cute.

The only time I’ve applied this to my whole head was when I applied it on my dry hair, left it on for a couple of hours and then shampooed and conditioned as per normal.  My hair felt insanely soft and smooth afterwards, so this is DEFINITELY something I want to do every 2 weeks or so.  In fact, tonight Hubs is out having drinks with a friend and I’m going to use that time to do some self care, including this John Frieda Full Repair Deep Treatment!

Retails for R115.99 from Clicks.


John Frieda Full Repair, Sugar & Spice

HIGHLY recommend this range from John Frieda, as after a month my hair is definitely feeling less damaged and stronger.  I know Clicks often has 3 for 2 specials as well, so that’s an amazing way to pick up all 3 products at a discounted price – I mean, they’re already a great price for such quality, but why not save where we can 😉 ?

*DISCLAIMER – these products were gifted to me from John Frieda, however my opinions are honest and my own.


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