February Favourites 2019

February Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

I must apologise – I had 3 posts planned to go up this week, and I’m only getting one up, and on a FRIDAY!  We had no internet at work from last week late Thursday until Wednesday this week, and the internet at home was non-existent.  That time was spent trying NOT to use all of my data, doing odds and ends and filing I’ve been putting aside, and once our internet and whole office network was back up and running, I had catching up to do.  This February Favourites post was due to go live on Monday this week – so I’m 4 days late!



February Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber & Green Tea R275*

I’m a facial spray nut, but I’m also super fussy when it comes to finding one that I would repurchase.  And I’d buy any of the three offerings from Mario Badescu time and time again!

This Aloe, Cucumber & Green Tea one is refreshing, hydrating and cooling.  An ideal companion for any skincare lover in summer, it not only peps you up in the morning with a cooling blast that includes peppermint essential water, but it’s also great for when you’ve gotten a little too much sun – face or body!  This cools, soothes and hydrates any sunburned areas perfectly.

I find myself reaching for this after I’ve applied my makeup too – not to extend the wear of it, but to settle powders and cool my skin in the heat.

**You have until end of day 8 March (TODAY) to use my code Sugarspice10 to get yourself a discount on www.mariobadescu.co.za **

February Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Vichy UV Protect SPF 50 Anti-Shine Cream R230

I have a few different brands of SPF that I always turn back to – and this Vichy one is one of them.

Having combo/slightly oily skin, I can’t use a nourishing SPF, and always turn to mattifying, oil-free lotions.  Of all the brands I love and use (particularly in summer when I need to fight off midday shine), this is one I can use year round.  While it is definitely ‘anti-shine’ as the name suggests, it isn’t super mattifying and it doesn’t suck the hydration out of your skin.  In fact, it feels like a lightly hydrating moisturiser, while still not leaving my face feeling (and looking) like an oil slick.

It isn’t only an SPF – it contains antioxidants and works to prevent pollution entering your skin.  Basically a treatment and a sun protection product in one!

February Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Lush Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask

Sadly you can’t find this mask on the SA Lush site, as it’s a fresh mask – as these need to be kept refrigerated, you can’t buy them online here.  The mask is a beautiful natural pink shade, and has a very soft rose scent to it – from the Turkish rose oil.

Calamine helps to soothe and calm and Kaolin help to cleanse and very gently detox – while the Turkish rose oil nourishes and softens.  I use this whenever my skin is pink and/or irritated, and I always use it after my AHA & BHA peel mask from The Ordinary, as it instantly soothes the skin.

HOWEVER – I popped up with a massive pimple during February.  I swear these things sense when I have an event to attend, and grace me with their presence a day or two before.  Grrr!  I’d used some salicylic acid and my tea tree oil, nothing happened.  Some Benzac gel helped to shrink and dry it out a tiny bit, but it was still red and swollen and irritated.  I masked my whole face with this mask, and after removing it, left some of this on as a spot treatment overnight.  I dabbed a little on again the following morning and left it on for an hour.  And lo and behold – the calamine soothed the irritation, it calmed the redness of the pimple and it wasn’t left dried out at all!

Perhaps this trick won’t remove a pimple completely – but to calm and change the size and redness of a massive hormonal one, it did the trick for me amazingly well.  I figure it’d be a great add on too – pop some benzac gel on, leave it to dry and sink in, and then dab some of the Rosy Cheeks mask on top, and leave overnight.



February Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Filorga Flash-Nude Fluid Foundation in 01 R525 *

I’ve raved about this foundation on numerous occasions.  In fact, it’s made an appearance on a favourites post before (my October Favourites last year).

This beautiful foundation is like a mixture of a tinted moisturiser, a BB cream and a foundation.  It provides a light to medium coverage (I find it covers blemishes and evens out skin tone so well that I can’t say that it’s just light coverage), but it has so many anti-ageing skincare benefits too.  I love applying it and knowing my skin can breathe underneath, and that it’s being treated throughout the day.

I’m sadly nearing the end of this bottle, and even though it was sent to me, and I wasn’t too sure if I liked it in the beginning (I was worried it was too rich for me), I’m now completely and utterly in love.  I will be repurchasing it ASAP, as it’s the PERFECT foundation for winter, as it is a little more nourishing than a regular one!  Although, I’ve of course been loving it year round anyway.  All a combo skinned gal like myself needs to do is set it with a little powder, and hey presto – perfection!


February Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Urban Decay UD Pro Optical Blurring Brush F105 (R550)

Only in the last year have I truly embraced applying my foundation with a brush.  I hate using flat foundation brushes, and I’ve only ever used a densely-packed flat-top brush and been happy.

I decided to give this slightly rounded (but very dense) blurring brush a try though – Urban Decay know their stuff when it comes to brushes, and on the site it states that this is suitable for any product you want a ‘soft-focus finish’ from.

The brush basically takes your chosen product (usually foundation for me) and blurs it out across your skin.  I’m left with full coverage that is seamless, natural and looks airbrushed!  I do still go over gently with a damp beauty sponge, as it soaks up any excess product and softens any areas that may look a little streaky, but this brush is the best I’ve ever used, and any streakiness is seriously minimal.  I get complimented on how my foundation looks constantly – and even when I’ve used different products, the only thing in common is this brush.  A miracle face brush if ever I saw one!

I now need to buy a selection of other Urban Decay brushes to put to the test.

February Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Essence Brighten Up! Banana Powder R65

I’ve never liked banana powders (used for brightening under the eye or setting highlighted areas on the face), as they’ve always been too darkly yellow.  They left me looking more like I had a case of hepatitis than bright and fresh and awake.

My friend and fellow Instafam Collabs member Justine (check her out on @justinejuzmakeup for some FIERCE makeup looks) swears by this, and she has pretty fair skin, so I decided to finally give it a try.  See how I’ve hit pan on this powder?  I only use this under my eyes (very occasionally on my chin and centre of my forehead) and I’ve only had the product for a couple of months.  I use it EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY.

This banana powder isn’t that actual banana peel shade of yellow – it’s more of a creamy pastel yellow that really and truly adds brightness to the under eye area.  I’m obsessed and need to repurchase and stock up a few more, just in case Essence discontinues – they played me that way with their Luminous Matte Bronzer and it left me devastated.


February Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Simple Truth Skinny Dipped Almonds (Mint flavoured) 

If you haven’t heard about Simple Truth, the new range of health and eco friendly products in Checkers, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, UNDER A ROCK?  There are adverts on TV and all of social media has been abuzz with the gorgeously packaged, healthy and (best of all) affordable products.

Personally, the snacks all have my vote, and as far as I know they’re all under R20, or slightly over (I have tried so many and can’t remember them all).  Healthy choices usually come with a heftier price tag, so I’ve really been enjoying buying a selection of their snacks and keeping them in my cupboard for when needed.

The Skinny Dipped Almonds are definitely my favourite.  Roasted almonds covered in the thinnest layer of dark Belgian chocolate, they come in an assortment of flavours – original, Raspberry, Salted Caramel and Mint.  The Mint are definitely my favourite of the bunch, and I even noticed that they’re vegan too.


February Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Skout’s Honor Probiotic Deodorizer R118.99

I mentioned this in an Instagram post HERE.

We were advised to not ‘over-wash’ our precious furry bundle of joy, as it can strip the lipid layer of her coat, leaving her prone to skin irritations and very dry fur.  We now try to give her a good wash every couple of months, or when necessary.  Instead, we wipe her down once a week with sensitive wet wipes, and spray some of this on her coat, massaging and/or brushing it in.  She loves the whole process and it leaves her coat soft and shiny.

The spray is packed with conditioning omega 3s and probiotics, all designed to maintain her coat and her skin.  It’s paraben, sulfate and cruelty free, vegan friendly, and ph-balanced.  Plus, it smells delicious!


February Favourites 2019, Sugar & Spice

Pedigree Dentastix (large breed 25kg+) +- R54

In another bid to ensure that our precious Luna stays healthy and happy, we like to ensure she gets something daily (or at least every other day) to keep her teeth clean and breath fresh.  We’ve tried a few different brands of these products, but ultimately her favourite has been the Dentastix from Pedigree.

They don’t smell like they’ll freshen breath – in fact they smell rather meaty – but trust me, these work!  They can help to reduce tartar build up by up to 80% and they’re low fat and sugar free.  Plus, they clearly taste good, as Luna now knows where I keep them, and she really makes sure I don’t forget about them.  She likes to stare at the drawer where they’re kept and cry!

I like that these serve a dual purpose as a healthy treat for her, and a dental treatment for her beautiful, white puppy teeth.


*PR Sample/sent for review





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