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I have to apologise to everyone – my favourites posts are usually more prompt than this, but I’ve been a bit backlogged this month.  So, even though it’s late, here are my June favourites!  Better late than never, right?!




Mixa Soothing Body Lotion R59.99 for 400ml (on 3 for 2 at Clicks until 22/07)

If you follow my social media, you’ll know I’ve been raving about this product already.  It is the only body lotion that has left my skin feeling hydrated and nourished all day long.  I also noticed that the bumps on my arms have all but faded away completely, which I can only assume is due to the soothing Oatmilk that is one of the ingredients.

I’ve managed to convert so many people to pick this up, and they’ve all raved to me about how much they’ve been enjoying it!  I love when I manage to find something that is so cost effective, yet works this well.  It’s far superior quality to my fancy fragranced lotions, and it does the job like nothing else.  Holy Grail body product!



The Body Shop Shea Body Mist R150

Do you know that I had never even picked up one of the Shea products at The Body Shop before this one?  Bizarre, right?!

This has the softest, most stunningly feminine scent to it.  It’s such a lovely fragrance that I can spritz on any day, and I’ve even started spritzing it on my freshly washed linen, so that my bed smells amazing when I climb into it.

I can’t even compare this scent to anything.  It’s just beautiful.




Missha Pong Dang Water sheet masks R275 for 30 masks

If you’re a sheet mask lover like me, this is such a fantastic way of getting bang for your buck.  It’s like a pack of makeup wipes, in that as you pull one out, the next one is queued up and ready for your next use.  They’re SOAKED in hydrating serum, not dry at all, yet I spritz some facial spray (like one of the two I’m currently using – Uriage Thermal Water Spray or Pink Cosmetics Facial Mist Spray) and then apply the mask.  I’m left with soft, plumped and hydrated skin each time.

I love these for more frequent use, and this winter I’ve been using at least one a week, if not more.  I’d love to add a pack to my pro-kit as well, as it’s such a nice extra touch for when I do someone’s makeup.  It’s packed with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, so I’m pretty sure it’s suitable for sensitive skins, and it has no real fragrance.

TOP TIP – keep the pack in a ziplock bag if possible, as there is absolutely NO CHANCE of it drying out then, even with the seal.



Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water (currently on special at Clicks until 22/07 for R71.95)

I love this oil-infused micellar water for winter when my skin needs a little something extra.  I also find it great to just use whenever you’ve applied heavy makeup.  You simply shake up the bottle and squirt some out onto a cotton pad – you barely even need to rub at your eyes, just hold it over your eye for a few seconds and then swipe away!

One thing I must say though – use this as a first cleanse and make sure you follow it up with your regular cleanser.  You might break out from the oil if your skin isn’t used to it.




Clarins SOS Primer in shade 01 Rose R400

This primer is a beautiful soft pearly pink (very much like the discontinued Catrice Beautifying Primer that I loved).  It minimises signs of fatigue and leaves your skin looking glowy and fresh.  Truly beautiful and amazing for drier skin types.

What I love the most about these SOS primers though, is that they’re also packed with skincare goodness.  They hydrate the skin for 24 hours, and contain the Clarins anti-pollution complex to protect skin all day long from environmental aggressors too.  I’ve truly noticed that my makeup applies better, and lasts longer with this primer as well.



Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Trivial R300

I’ve been dying to try the liquid lipsticks from Urban Decay ever since they launched.  I opted for a kind of everyday shade for my first one, as you really get to put the formula to the test then.

I love how comfortable this formula is – it’s super lightweight and dries down so that you barely even feel it on your lips.  The shade is opaque, so I only need one thin coat to get full coverage on my lips.  It doesn’t flake or crumble, and when it wears off, it does so very naturally – you’re never left with that terrible ring around the inside of your lips.

Definitely one to buy in a few more shades I think!



Colourpop Bronzer in Private Party $8

Described as ‘rich brown in a satin finish’, I love how pigmented this bronzer is.  You only need a small amount to get a gorgeous, sunkissed glow.  It also blends out very easily, so you’re never left with patchy, uneven colour on your face.  It’s also not super warm on my skin, so I can use it as a natural looking contour too.  It’s a ‘satin’ finish, so it isn’t a shimmery or glowy bronzer, yet it isn’t a flat matte finish.  Really lovely and natural.

The only negative I have about this product is that it gives a lot of kick-up.  There is so much powder that is lifted each time you use it, that I can foresee that’ll I’ll run out sooner than I’d like.


Colourpop Blush in To The 10 $8

A beautiful neutral, warm pink – exactly my kind of blush!  This one seems to give less kick-up, so I won’t run out of this as quickly as the bronzer, even if I use it daily.  I love that the Colourpop face products like this come with a nice big, good quality mirror too – amazing for popping into my makeup bag for on the go.

The formula is smooth, buttery and blends like a dream.

I’m so keen to get a few more shades of this blush.


Swatches from top: Colourpop Private Party Bronzer, Colourpop To The 10 Blusher, Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Trivial



What products did you love using during the month of June?


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  1. Rachael Williams

    I really like the idea of those sheet masks! They seem so well priced for 30 masks. And also that Clarins SOS primer looks amazing:) great post Siobhan:)

    1. Siobhan

      They really are, and I worried they’d arrive dry and not as good quality as individual masks, but they’re fab! Thank you lovely xx

  2. Simone Cameron

    The Urban Decay lipstick looks so opaque!

    I wish I could try some of the Colourpop goodies. Haven’t tried any of their newer stuff 🙁 The bronzer sounds great….minus the kick up of course.

    1. Siobhan

      It’s beautiful Simone!

      I was a little bummed with the amount of kick up, as I can already see that swirl of the pan at the bottom. The blush doesn’t seem AS bad, but still gives some kick up.
      They’re so affordable though.

  3. Nadiah

    Hey! Any idea on where to buy the sheet mask in Cape Town?

    1. Siobhan

      You can buy it online on https://glowtheory.co.za – if you click the link on the name of it, it should take you to their page. Otherwise, email them and see when it will be in stock again! xx

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