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So.  I completely missed out on September favourites!  Not like me at all – at the very least I always get them up late.  I’m so sorry!

Today, I have my September and October favourites combined.  All of the products I used throughout the two months, and loved.  There are quite a few, but I figured that it was two months worth after all!

So, without further ado (and without the whole ‘I can’t believe it’s November already’ nonsense), let me get started.



Johnson’s Vita-Rich Firming Body Oil with Red Berry Extract

I’ve already raved about this on my social media.  I was honestly dubious as to whether or not this oil would actually be ‘firming’ on my skin.

I’m almost finished the bottle, and it has definitely left my skin feeling smoother and firmer.  I’ve always been nervous to use a body oil, as I really hate feeling ‘greasy’.  I don’t mind if it’s oily at first as long as it sinks in, but I always assumed that oils would leave a lingering oiliness.  This sinks in within the first 10 minutes, and smells absolutely delicious.

I think I want to grab the Green Tea variant next, but first I must finish this up, and finish up at least two of my open body lotions and butters.

Dove Invisible Dry deodorant

This has always been my go to deodorant.  It doesn’t leave marks on black clothing and it doesn’t stain white clothing.

I recently tried another brand out, as it was slightly cheaper.  While it was ok at first, after a couple of weeks I started getting a bit of irritation from it (TMI, sorry!).

Since I’ve switched back to Dove, I’m happy and comfortable again!  I’m just going to stick to this one from now on, hence the bumper sized bottle!



Environ Debut moisturiser 

We were given this in our exceptionally generous bag of goodies at the KZN Blogger Meetup in August.  Since then I’ve been using this cream.  At first it was twice a day, and since then I’ve switched to only trying to use it once a day to make it last a little longer.  I’m using the other Environ moisturiser that I got given at night, but I haven’t been using it long enough to report back just yet.  It does everything my skin needs it to, and it isn’t oily or greasy.  Makeup sits well on it and it plays nicely with all my other skincare products.

Definitely going to be repurchasing this once it’s finished!


The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% and B5 serum

Well.  If you haven’t heard the hype about this brand yet, I think you might be living under a rock.

I have pretty dehydrated skin, particularly around my nose and chin.  If only I’d found this absolute gem around the time of my wedding, as it is just the best thing ever!

I actually had this product in my August favourites, and it deserves a second mention as I have used it every single day, twice a day since I bought it.

Since then I’ve purchased a second bottle (which I only just opened) and two more of their products.  I’ve held off on a post dedicated to this product, as I’d like to speak about other products from the brand at the same time.

I ordered my second bottle off Bay One, and while it took a while to arrive, the price was fantastic – R194 for such a miracle hydrating serum!!!  I plan on placing an order for a new bottle when I reach halfway on this one.  Which will be a while – using it generously twice a day for over 3 months, I only just finished up the first bottle.



Focallure Smokey eyeshadow palette number #4

I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of Focallure and other products by Smak Cosmetics a while ago.  While I enjoyed using their products for the most part, this eyeshadow palette has truly impressed me.

The shadows are super blendable and pigmented, and so so beautiful.  I can see myself taking this on holiday with me and being able to create a huge assortment of looks.  I like that you get both matte and shimmer shadows, and that each shade is fabulous.

Plus – for once in a palette, the matte black is BEAUTIFUL!  This palette is super well priced too – only R165 and you get 6 fantastic shades.




Pink Cosmetics Brush Cleaner – Strawberry Champagne

I feel like everyone has been raving about this brush and makeup sponge cleaner.  It truly is the best I’ve used, and it gets my brushes and my beauty sponges super duper clean and soft.  Plus – you can get them in a range of different scents, including Unicorn Dreams, that is up next for me!

This one, the Strawberry Champagne, smells edible.  Like, I want to dip my face in the jar edible.  Amazing product!



Too Faced Born This Way foundation in Ivory

I spoke about placing a Sephora order in this post HERE.  This foundation has been on my wishlist for absolute ages, and so I guessed on a shade for myself, and got it spot on.  Ivory is described as ‘fairest with golden undertones’.  To be honest I think they have launched some fairer shades but I find this is exactly warm enough for my skin tone, and once it’s blended out I don’t need to worry about it possibly needing a couple of lightening drops.

This is a medium to full coverage foundation, but when applied with my dampened beauty sponge, I get a light to medium coverage from it.  I can go in with another layer to get full coverage and it builds beautifully.  However, what I particularly love is that while it evens out my skin and hides any imperfections, you can somehow still see my freckles through it.  So it looks (and definitely feels) like skin, yet beautiful skin.  It’s also oil free, yet infused with coconut water and hyaluronic acid, so fabulous for dehydrated skins!


Dupe Factorie brush

We received this in our goodie bag at the KZN Bloggers meetup.  I haven’t been able to find a link for it on their site, so I’m assuming it can be bought as part of a set of brushes.

I’ve been using this to apply my highlighter, as it gives the most beautiful glowy application.  It doesn’t leave a definite line of highlighter, it diffuses it beautifully and seamlessly.  Plus, it somehow makes the application a bit more intense, so I’ve been glowing amazingly!

Please excuse this brush – it’s so good that I only give it a super deep clean when I know the weather will dry it quickly.  Otherwise it’s a bit of alcohol spritzed on a couple of times and it’s swirled on an old face cloth.  I can’t do without it ever!


Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer in Candlelight

Another item I’ve raved about on social media, this serum is such a goodie!

You shake up the bottle, then apply a few drops of the liquid to your face and massage in.  It leaves you with an extra burst of hydration, and the most beautiful soft glow that somehow softens any imperfections and enlarged pores.

This is so good that I used about a third of the bottle up, in just a couple of weeks.  I think I’m going to have to grab some backup bottles, as I might cry if I run out of it.



Colourpop Aventurine Makeup Setting Spray

I placed an order for the My Little Pony eyeshadow palette that Colourpop just released, and couldn’t resist trying out one of their new setting sprays.

They have four variants of the setting sprays – Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Aquamarine and Aventurine – all of which contain a small amount of the crystal they’re named after.

I bought the Aventurine one, as it not only is considered the ‘luck’ stone, but it attracts positivity and good vibes.  Plus, it’s meant to soothe and hydrate skin, yet reduce oil production.  No chance of that greasy T-zone!

It contains the aforementioned Aventurine, Cucumber Water, Lemon Extract, Honey Extract and Coconut Water.

I’ve definitely noticed that this keeps my makeup sitting tight, the oiliness in my T zone seems to be decreased, and I love the fresh cucumber scent.  And at only $6, this is a definite repurchase.  Only problem is I have to order it directly myself, as the companies that have been importing the setting sprays have only been going for Amethyst and Rose Quartz.



Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy sculpting lipstick in Desirable 

This lipstick has been sitting in my collection for a while, and not been touched.  Yet recently I discovered how it’s such a beautiful soft pinky-nude that goes with so many makeup looks.

The formula is so comfortable to wear.  It’s incredibly hydrating and very rich in pigment.  This won’t be a matte finish lipstick, but it doesn’t look wet or glossy, so if you can handle a lippie that you don’t mind having to reapply every few hours, this formula is for you!  And with the beautiful packaging and magnetic closure, you really don’t mind whipping this out and reapplying 😉

I love this lipstick so much, and really want to try out a couple of other shades.




Sorbet BB Cream in 01 Light

I was a big fan of the Sorbet BB Creams before they launched a second light shade.  They give decent coverage, they leave your skin glowing and even-toned, and they offer SPF.

I bought this in 01 Light, as I’ve been exceptionally pale of late.  However, the original Light shade was a neutral to warm undertone, and this new lighter version is a cool to neutral undertone.  Meaning that I can tend to look a little ashy if I apply too much.

If I apply just enough, go in with a concealer to cover any imperfections and brush a warmer-toned setting powder over the top, I’m good to go.

I’ll definitely finish up using this and possibly buy the shade 02 Light next.  After you’ve blended it out it doesn’t look too dark on the skin and I can always add a drop or two of my lightening drops, but most importantly it’s a warmer undertone than this one.  The formula is just so gosh-darned good with these BB Creams!


Left to right:
Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer, Sorbet BB Cream in 01 Light and Too Faced Born This Way foundation in Ivory.

What products have you been loving lately?  


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