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Time has been getting away with me so badly, that it’s pretty much mid-September, and my August favourites are only now going up. I’m so sorry it’s going up late, but better late than never, no??

Without any further delay, let me get into it then!


Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Oil Elixir leave in conditioner

I needed something to detangle my knotty hair after washing and conditioning.  This was in Clicks and I figured that it was affordable enough to give a go.  I was worried that it might be a bit rich and heavy for my hair, but figured that with me going blonde again I could use the extra nourishment.

This product has been AMAZING – it’s rich enough to completely detangle my hair and give the ends and lengths a bit of extra TLC, yet it’s light enough that my hair isn’t weighed down.

I’ve so been enjoying using this, and wish I’d found it sooner!



Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder 

I have long been a firm fan of the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, and I still am.  But the lack of a mirror in it frustrates me no end.

This powder does the same thing, is also transparent/translucent and it comes in much better packaging with a compact mirror, for around the same price!

I’m on my second compact, and while it works very well, it’s not QUITE as good as my Rimmel powder.  But I’ll probably end up repurchasing this again and again because the packaging and mirror are so good.


Woolworths Milk moisturising hand cream

I love the soft vanilla-ry scent of this hand cream, and the fact that it really moisturises my hands without leaving them with a greasy film.  It’s a gentle enough scent in that it doesn’t compete with my perfume, but I can still smell it and it makes me super happy (I’m a sucker for anything that smells like vanilla, and this smells like vanilla ice cream to me!).

You can actually feel the difference with this cream – if I apply it on at night before bed, my hands feel super soft in the morning.

NUXE Rêve de Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm

My second jar of this beauty, I was using a number of other lip balms that I was enjoying.  I’ve just found my lips were still dry and slightly chapped after this dry winter, and a bit of a cold.

I apply this EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. before bed, and it’s the only thing that will really work to keep my lips soft and nourished come morning time.  Everything else wears off during the night.


As you can see, this has been quite the skincare month – half of my favourites are skincare related, and it’s because I’ve been trying to really sort out my skin once and for all.  It’s almost there and I’m so happy!

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% and B5 serum

Probably the biggest reason why my skin is less dehydrated and smoother and clearer is this gem.  Imported from overseas, the brand has been uber-hyped lately, and with just this single product I can see why!

This focuses purely on hydrating the skin, something my skin was really needed.  I can’t quite remember what I paid for it, as the site where I bought it seems to be down, but you can get it from Muse Beauty and Samika – they’re often out of stock as this is a holy grail skincare item for so many people.  Just pop the ladies at the stores a message to see when they will get more stock.  It’s totally worth the wait!

Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant

I’ve always been wary of Dermalogica products – I’ve often had bad reactions to them, and considering the price point of their products, it’s scary to spend that much and then end up looking like a monster with a rash all over your face.  I’ve never had an issue with their Precleanse, and now I seem to be good with this exfoliator!

This has both physical and chemical exfoliants, and it leaves my skin baby soft and smooth, ready for makeup.  It also feels warm when I start to exfoliate, but it doesn’t get hot or irritate my skin AT ALL!

This was a purchase of my mom’s but she prefers a much milder chemical exfoliator, and passed this on to me – WIN!

Nikel Nikelhidris Face Cream

I was introduced to the beautiful Croatian Nikel products through Beauty Worx (one of the spots where you can buy the brand online).

This hydrating face cream smells like sweet lemons and does a marvellous job at hydrating my skin without leaving it feeling greasy or sticky.  It sinks straight in, leaving my face hydrated and soft.  A superb product for combination skins or for summer time, especially in our humid and sticky Durban summers.

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Eye Cream

I’ve been on the hunt for a good eye cream for a while now, and it seems I’ve find my one!  This eye cream comes in a handy tube – so much more hygienic than dipping your fingers repeatedly into a pot.  It’s also packed with hyaluronic acid, the ingredient responsible for helping hydrate the skin, so it’s fantastic for the sensitive skin under your eyes.

This is light enough that my makeup sits on top beautifully, but nourishing enough to do the trick at night too.

The fine lines I have under my eyes are due to dehydration more than anything else, and they’ve virtually vanished since I’ve been using this cream!



What products have you been loving???


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  1. Simone Cameron

    I need that hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary. The leave in conditioner also sounds great! Great picks! I always like when there’s something more than makeup in a blogger’s monthly fave 😉

    1. Siobhan

      I always have so many damn favourites though. It’s hard to choose between all of my babies hahaha!

  2. Bronke

    i love Catrice products!! It’s my favorite brand, I never tried the Prime and fine, mattifying powder yet, but I am giong to give it a try!

    1. Siobhan

      It’s really good powder, just go gently as if you’re heavy handed it can leave a bit of a white caste! x

  3. Rayne

    Two products you featured are from favourite ranges from mine. The dermalogiaca Age Smart range and the Hyaluron Filler from Eucerin! I need to research both of those and see if they will suit me. The superfoliant from the Age Smart range and the day and night creams from the Hyaluron Filler range are such faves of mine!!


    1. Siobhan

      I’ve really become a Dermalogica convert, and that exfoliator is just amazing! I need one that has a bit of scrub in it, I want to feel like something is actually happening, and this one does that while still being gentle.
      That eye cream is just the best! I prefer it to some I’ve used from much more expensive, higher end brands!

  4. Trisha

    This is a great lineup. I have placed my ordinary order and I totally know what you mean by the hype! Looking forward to checking their offerings.

    1. Siobhan

      Thanks so much Trisha! I’m very keen to try out some more of The Ordinary products too!

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